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  1. Easily one of the best content updates, thanks and can't wait to collect the pets!
  2. RaigoVI

    Good luck man, hopefully you achieve all this as well as expand on this.
  3. RaigoVI

    Hard to read at first but eventually liked it once i thought about it :P
  4. Welcome back to the server, add me ingame "Raigoo" and i can try and help you out!
  5. RaigoVI

    Enjoyed the video man and i gotta say, sick intro!
  6. That RNGJesus on ur side bro, good job and keep up the content and good work!
  7. RaigoVI


    Welcome to the community, i hope you enjoy the server man. Don't hesitate to pm me ingame, "Raigoo" and ill see what i can do to help you out as well as potentially new gear.
  8. RaigoVI

    I really like this one and i do admit the one we have now had been around a little bit too long. Also the one we have right now looks like a proper mess in terms of clutter.
  9. RaigoVI

    Thanks a lot Beal! That is exactly what i was aiming for :D
  10. RaigoVI

    Hey man, 10k or 5k, still a nice guy doing a giveaway, thanks and good luck :D
  11. Great videos as usual man, good luck in the future!
  12. RaigoVI

    Atleast it didnt get into the eco honestly, its already so fucked
  13. Congratz on the cape and good luck on the grind as well as the drops! So far so good :D
  14. Keep up the entertaining content my dude!
  15. RaigoVI

    Thanks for that, honestly as disappointed as it may sound, i probably won't be going in that deep unless i change my mind later. But excellent feedback and ill try to incorporate some of the things you have said. Although i don't want this to be a guide, so there are certain things i just won't include, its not meant to be one. I did want this to be a rough estimate of drops but i respect what you have said and will try to incorporate it.