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    In game name: Girthful Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this ban appeal. I was ip banned for trying to trade my super donator account to another player for in-game wealth. I an appealing this ban for several reasons: 1. I assumed that trading for RS gold, IRL money, or other rsps wealth was against the rules, but I was unaware of in-game trades. 2. The server never actually forces players to read all of the rules before playing the game... simply putting a server message that states: “::rules to see the server rules” is not an effective way to make players follow rules. 3. The admin that teleported me, told me to read the rules. So I did. Then he states to me that even he is unsure if trading an account for in-game wealth is against the rules. I believe he had me read the rules so that I would become liable for my mistake, which is deceiving to me and I am sure to other players in the past. He then teleports away from me, saying nothing, and I am then disconnected and banned. I own up to my mistake as a player. I should have read the rules... even though it is never forced to do. I would like to think the administrators of this server would own up to their mistake as well and appeal my ban.