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  1. borntogame

    +1 Would really be nice being able to buy the different difficulties of clue scrolls, or just being able to buy a clue scroll and its random witch one you get when u buy it, so you can either get a normal clue scroll or a dream clue scroll, and so on.
  2. borntogame

    +1 Makes it alot more worth trying to upgrade it.
  3. borntogame

    It would be great if it had a setting where you could choose if you want the items sent to bank or inventory.
  4. borntogame

    Great idea, vouch !
  5. borntogame

    I agree ! would be nice to actually see someone using melee in raids.
  6. borntogame

    Love the idea, hate it when places get to crowded !
  7. borntogame

    Big vouch !
  8. borntogame

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  9. borntogame

    Vouch from me ! would be nice to get some new sets to buy from the arcade !
  10. borntogame

    Definetly a good idea, vouch from me !
  11. borntogame