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  1. It has been long awaited.... but Dreamscape HD is OFFICIALLY HERE! Before: After: Mac users with integrated GPU will see performance issues with OpenGL. (you may want to disable this option in settings) Upon launch we may see some performance issues arise as we have only been able to test on our own personal software that may vary from yours, we will continue to work at a rapid pace to work through all OpenGL related bugs if they occur. It was finally time to launch our ne
  2. Check out the starter guide by typing ::info in-game Welcome to DS!
  3. As some of you may know, at the beginning of this year we started Dreamscape's Platinum Partnership! https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/22975-dreamscpe-platinum-partnership/ One of the perks of being a part of this highly exclusive VIP club is a monthly loot box. Today we release more details on the contents of this loot box! As part of the platinum partnership, you will be eligible for monthly loot crates (equivalent of 12 total). E.g. If you become eligible for the platinum partnership in March 2018, you will receive 12 loot
  4. Willy


    Welcome Cheetah! I hope you enjoy your time here on DS
  5. Willy


    Welcome to Dreamscape I hope you enjoy your time here and have some fun with all of the custom content you can find here. If you ever need anything, feel free to reach out
  6. Welcome! I strongly suggest checking out the wiki as we do have some RuneScape things, but we have a ton of custom content that you won’t find anywhere else and you can find information about it there See you around!
  7. Welcome to the gang, enjoy your time here and feel free to reach out if you need anything!
  8. Will you come to the BBQ Willy? @peripheral is joining

    1. Willy


      Yes, I will bring the hot dogs that peri likes.

    2. Hephaistos


      Good, now all we need is good company and we're set

    3. peripheral


      You know I love me some glizzys @Willy

  9. This sounds pretty fun. I will bring this up in our development meeting Thank you for taking the time to make this suggestion!
  10. Hi Gilly, Im willy! πŸ˜„ Look forward to seeing you around in-game!
  11. This was extremely powerful to read. I’m at a bit of a loss for words but I am glad we, as a community, were able to shine a light into your life that was filled with darkness. I hope you continue this fight against mental illness and am thrilled to have you apart of our family here on DS. Please feel free to lean on the DSGANG as you continue your battle and with time we can work together to make your time on earth more enjoyable. If you ever need to speak with someone, I am available to you 24/7. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and I look forward to getting to know you.
  12. Another DS UPDATE coming in the next 24-48 hours! LETS GO

  13. Welcome back Good time to come back with all of the new updates that have been dropping!
  14. Congrats @Hephaistos! Your feedback is always appreciated.
  15. Happy New Year DSGANG! We look forward to another great year on Dreamscape, we are excited to be able bring more exciting updates and more of the custom content the community craves. We have much to come to the live game and we are excited to bring it to you but we also want to take time and hear out the DSGANG on what they want to see in Dreamscape! We actively read all of the bug reports, update feedback, and suggestions on a daily basis and thank you all for being so helpful to our development team over the years and with that being said... As of 1/07, We will be
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