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  1. Willy

    DSGANG, we hear you and know you all are craving more variety in our daily events! As we move forward, our team is diligently looking to create some more events but would love to hear your feedback on what you would like to see in the future! if you have any ideas that you care to share with our team please post below and follow the format provided. Event Name: How does it work?: How many players would be declared winners?: How many players do you think are required to make this a fun event?: (Optional) Why do you think this is a fun idea?: I look forward to reading your response! We will look to implement these ideas immediately.
  2. Willy

    Welcome back! Cool to see your name again
  3. Almost the weekend!!

  4. DSGANG! Have a great week

  5. Willy

    We could definitely look to add the casket. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Willy

    Hi Jon, thanks for the suggestion. Theatre of Blood is something we will definitely be looking to readdress once again.
  7. Willy

    I’m so sorry this is happening to you and it saddens me to hear this. I wish you and your family the best during this difficult time.
  8. Willy

    Gene does a wonderful job, I’m glad you are enjoying the events!
  9. Glad we were able to get this live! More things to come DSGANG!!
  10. Willy

    10 out of 10 sir. Great job and I am excited to see more of your videos.
  11. Willy

    We can definitely look into this as a future event. I know you guys crave variety.
  12. Willy

    Welcome back brother! I always enjoy the conversations we have had and I look forward to more of your insight going forward!
  13. Willy

    I’ve chatted with you a few times in-game so I’d like to give you a welcome back to the forums side of things! PMs are always open
  14. Willy

    While I don't necessarily think the details are where they need to be, i do love the concept and look forward to discussing this with our development team. Thank you for creating this thread and I am excited to see what our community thinks about this.

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