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  1. I Willy I

    How? All these items are in goodie boxes constantly. Also, it would be like a $300 bundle... They’ll probably add this box to the shop, or something similar.
  2. I Willy I

    Go Chong go
  3. I Willy I

    Sure, that could be a way that works. But the way things go here, those shards would be equivalent of getting 3 sets of crystal from Raiden. making it so players would just buy the donation version until they eventually just toss the pvm shards into a $50+ goodie bag or something or create a shards bundle for $125 .
  4. I Willy I

    I’d say there’s about a 5% chance these would be achievable via PVM. I’m sure they’d be $30 or so in the donation store. Everything goes straight to the donation store 🙄
  5. I Willy I

    These are definitely things that shouldn’t need suggesting. Good post. I support the ELO
  6. I Willy I

    If you want a perk, they’re just gonna put it in the donation store.
  7. I Willy I

    I like the format and all the eye-catching colors but I think it's weird you included 3 interviews of 3 players that are no longer in the Dreamscape community. It's also weird you included the goals/achievements of a player that has also quit. Either way, I do enjoy the monthly posts and checking out all the cool drops people got.
  8. I Willy I

    Yep, vouch for me.
  9. I Willy I

    100% support. This would be extremely effective in reducing the amount of support ticket questions.
  10. I Willy I

    You do
  11. I Willy I

    Yeah you do
  12. I Willy I

  13. I Willy I

  14. I Willy I

    How would this be beneficial? I understand it’s something that should work regardless but is it worth the time to fix?
  15. I Willy I

    I’m telling you now- you won’t win.