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  2. I Willy I

    Welcome, enjoy the new content brother.
  3. I Willy I

    Market system does need revamping. It’s glitchy, no buy offers, and unorganized. A trading post would be much more beneficial. You’d be able to find items for sale, sell items, and see recently added items.
  4. I Willy I

  5. I Willy I

    Well, I made it 15 days without you shlubs commenting.
  6. I Willy I

    This has been suggested before, I’m not sure if it’s still in the suggestions or if it has been moved to the archive. Regardless, I still like this idea and you explained it better than the other person did. I don’t think there really has to be a risk to lose these items but instead could require a cost to transmute, like diablo 3. Example: Shadow Platelegs transmute would cost 1,000 shadow king souls. Support. (love diablo 3 btw)
  7. I Willy I

    Just add the mystery box rewards to squeel of fortune, except the pet, and that would suffice.
  8. I Willy I

    I mean, the arcade nerf basically just proved how many alts were logged in instead of individual players. I do think there needs to be more incentive when voting. Currently the rewards are basically only good for new players and when you have end-game gear there’s nearly no incentive other than wanting server growth. What do do you suggest they should do to buff the rewards?
  9. I Willy I

    *fart noise* Most world bosses can be killed under 10 minutes if someone has an exec/owner cape. If multiple people have the cape then it’s going to die even faster which in turn will not let non-sponsors get drops as they will rarely ever have time to hit the minimum damage threshold.
  10. I Willy I

    Still not going to play but I like to poke my head into forums and see what’s up
  11. I Willy I

    Good luck boys!
  12. I Willy I

  13. I Willy I

    Finally someone responded
  14. I Willy I

    It’ll never die, too much investment
  15. I Willy I

    Thanks for committing the time to updating the wiki!