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  2. Finally an update for the noobies. Seems like that will help their integration into the game. Cool update- nice to see one that isn’t donation hype.
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    Go Chong go
  4. I Willy I

    I like the format and all the eye-catching colors but I think it's weird you included 3 interviews of 3 players that are no longer in the Dreamscape community. It's also weird you included the goals/achievements of a player that has also quit. Either way, I do enjoy the monthly posts and checking out all the cool drops people got.
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    Yep, vouch for me.
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    You do
  7. I Willy I

    Yeah you do
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  10. I Willy I

    I’m telling you now- you won’t win.
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    Boop x2
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    You’ll lose. Im telling you now
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    500 is pointless as well in my opinion due to the fact the kills per hour in the sponsor/exec zone is over 3,000 an hour. So limiting sponsor+ to 10 minutes of access isn’t really a solution either.