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  1. I Willy I

  2. I Willy I

    500 is pointless as well in my opinion due to the fact the kills per hour in the sponsor/exec zone is over 3,000 an hour. So limiting sponsor+ to 10 minutes of access isn’t really a solution either.
  3. I Willy I

    Vouch. Knowledgable enough about the game and the team needs active members
  4. I Willy I

    Heavy support
  5. I Willy I

    Very cool, nice work.
  6. I Willy I

    I like the kill count limitations on new content, although 100 kc would be essentially pointless. It seems you tend to agree with all of my points but must have misunderstood what I was saying because you essentially repeated what I was trying to say in a different way. I feel like there needs to be ways to obtain end game gear without donation based methods (boxes, buying donations, donating, grab bags, etc.) I just want there to be legitimate ways of acquiring items, iron man mode included, that are useful in the end game. Raids are great and all but those drop rates are also ridiculously high. The items in the raids aren’t even BiS and they take insane KC to get one piece for the upgrade chest which will most likely fail. I just find it’s hard to maintain a steady returning player base in the current format. The amount the server is advertised and promoted on all of the RSPS websites and all of the amazing content the server has, you’d think we would have a larger player base and growing but it seems to be going the opposite direction. I agree with your response, I’m also rambling.
  7. I Willy I

    As many have read and replied to the post suggesting an eco reset, we can almost all agree that is something that isn’t going to work. An eco reset isn’t the answer to help make dreamscape better. I, personally, do not have a suggestion to help but I’d like to share my opinion and hear yours about how we could try and advance dreamscape as I’ve found it has grown quite stale and I personally feel like our player base has been on a decline. In my opinion, dreamscape has basically peaked. As every update is either an item to kill things a little faster for non-sponsor, that are almost always donation based items costing $200+. Nothing in the game is difficult to do but more so difficult to acquire. Everything is click and wait or, for sponsors, spam clicking. Otherwise, new npc’s that come out that drop “juicy” items diminish in value faster than they took to code into the game because of being able to one-hit them for us sponsor+ players. Our capes limit the growth of the server because bumping up drop rates will only make things worse as sponsors can kill 1,000+ npc’s an hour. The game has reached a complete pay2win format except nobody is really winning anymore as nothing is really worth doing because most of the items worth having are in the donation store. Most of the end-game items are extremely unreasonable to acquire. I really enjoy the content/community that this server has, the items, bosses, raids, etc. but I feel like the gameplay itself is stale. I know my opinion is quite negative but that’s just how I feel. I’d like to hear how you guys feel about the current state of DS.
  8. I Willy I

    Congrats! I knew this day would be coming soon, I told Drax that he should give you a statue at home ?
  9. I Willy I

    Hey DSGang, I am creating this post to communicate with everyone I know here on DS all at once. I am going to be taking an extended break from playing DS and will be stepping away from the forums drastically. I appreciate you all and hope y’all keep grinding towards your in-game goals. Everything in my life outside of DS is going smoothly but I’ve grown a bit tired of the game and I just need to step away. I am hoping that when i do come back it is a bit of a fresh breath. The staff and development team are doing a great job communicating and accepting the suggestions of the player base and I believe that will keep DS going strong. Goodbye for now
  10. I Willy I

    I’m jealous of the double seers. Good luck on the grind
  11. I Willy I

    Support. easy to do as well
  12. I Willy I

    Nope, you’re an Ironman for a reason.
  13. I Willy I

  14. I Willy I

    I like this idea. 250,000 points is too high for the cape in my opinion but I think it would be cool to have.
  15. I Willy I

    I like your ring idea that gives 2x points per kill. That would be a fun addition to the super donor area.