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    I’m sorry. I couldn’t get the image to fit so it’s bad quality. It was bugged and wouldn’t change. However, in hell I said “Test” and it shows the super status.
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    Fashionscape is my forté
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  5. Hardcore Biceps

    This is the main point here. New players vote for a few days to get some money, then once they come acrossed it, voting isn’t a top priority. I understand where everybody is coming from. The main thing I’d like to see is rewards that are a little more intriguing. Possibly throw in an item or two that is an Ultra-Rare and is worth some money, other than a Katana worth 4t.
  6. Hardcore Biceps

    I would personally love to see a revamp, or even a store added for vote points. Others may get the rewards figured out from the vote tokens, but in terms of the store, there could be all kinds of ideas. I vouch for the title idea. I personally like the thought of the shop having rares in it, such as other custom partyhats, etc. The other weapons may go as far as an Assault Rifle, to maybe a Golden AK for a handful of points, as believed. The store and points would be another incentive for others to vote, and just another buff I feel the server would appreciate.
  7. Hardcore Biceps

    I agree with this post. I feel like it needs to be a little more generalized. I personally feel like there should be points given to players who vote. For Example, a vote point for each ticket you open. With this said, then there would be a voting rewards shop with maybea new pet, boxes, etc. the items were revamped recently and are better than before. However, I agree, my first priority is not voting at the moment due to the lack of reward.
  8. Hardcore Biceps

    This is Dope
  9. Hardcore Biceps

    I respect all the ideas. I like the “customizable” idea. It would be an incentive to skill, as not many players are into it at the moment.
  10. Hardcore Biceps

    Great patches Mate. The world boss message standing out More is a game changer. I can’t tel you the amount of times I’ve been ready for the boss but didn’t notice the message and missed it