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  1. Sorry, for not being around. Was in hospital. 

    1. Grimson


      damm dude are you alright now? 

    2. Maikul


      The important is that you're doing fine (I hope?)

    3. sk1l


      take care brother!

  2. Vaider

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  3. Congratulations on Global man.

  4. Vaider

    rank given
  5. Vaider

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  6. Vaider

    I need a different proof pic
  7. Vaider

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  8. Vaider

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  9. Vaider

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  10. Vaider

    Rank given, and bowwow does Td
  11. Congrats man! You deserve it!

  12. Gz on Global Admin. That is a great achievement!

  13. Vaider

    Nice man, good job on thumbnails. Can't wait to see the rest. Keep up the good work.
  14. this is going to be cute post


    But I want to congratulate vaider for finally achieving Global Admin!!! 

    When we were in ::Lockdown thinking about our future ranks what we want to work for and where we will be to now

    Gratz!!!! On GLOBAL 

  15. Vaider

    Congratulations to everyone, well deserved.