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  1. Welcome Mason. Thank you for all the kind feedback and that your enjoying your time here with us. If you ever have any questions feel free to message me.
  2. Please Make a support ticket here https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/support/
  3. Almost Thanksgiving. Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday. 

  4. Welcome to the server. Hope your enjoying your time here. Hope to see some work from you.
  5. Another month down on the DSGrind and another member of the month! It's been a great month packed with community events, updates and juicy DS action. The votes are in and this month we are naming the member of the month of November! @Hchy Just wanna say Congratulations to Everyone who was Nominated
  6. Birthday in 5 days :O 

  7. Some nice goals to go for, I know you can do it.
  8. Thank you for kind feedback. Means alot to us.
  9. The time has once again come to vote on the member of the month for November. The following players were nominated for member of the month by staff based on 3 categories! - Most active - Most Friendly - Known in the Community - Most Helpful & other skills Congratulations to all nominees! Click on the poll option at the top of this thread to vote for who you think deserves member of the month November. 1. @PoonSlayerツ 2. @Hchy 3. @Hephaistos aka Iron Heph Good luck everyone! Please note: Do
  10. Sorry to see ya go man. Wish you nothing but the best. Hope to see you around sometimes.
  11. Congratulations mate. I bet this made you excited. Can't wait to see more.
  12. Happy Halloween Everyone. 

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