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  1. CylorV

    Im gonna move this to accepted as it is in the game. sooooo Accepted!
  2. CylorV

    Welcome everyone to the beginning of a series of events I plan to run taking inspiration from a type of joke! For this event it will be the Knock Knock joke, a very simple event so that everyone can win some prizes! Rules for this event: 1. All submission must follow and obey all Dreamscape Rules. 2. The Jokes can not be focused on a member of staff or individual player. Jokes focused on Dreamscape as a whole are fine. 3. At any point I hold the right to remove you from the competition based off how you act in the Ds community. How to enter: 1. Post your joke in lines and not in one jumbled mess. Ie: knock knock Whos Theres 2. Post your Ingame name that you wish to claim your possible prizes on. Prizes to be won: 1. American Pernix (U) Set + GMG 2. Oblivion Armour Set + Oblivion Scythe 3. Infernal Armour Set + Frostbite Staff Static Prize: Two Event Boxes This event will run for 15 days and end on January 26th! Prizes will be announced that day in a separate thread. PM me ingame once winners announced to claim all your prizes and I hope you guys enjoy the event!
  3. Dear Dreamscape Community, We hosted the monthly voting event, where people had to fill in a specific format. In this format, they had to fill in their top member on several roles/positions. This can vary from best staff member to best pvm'er. THE RESULTS: Most Kind @CylorV Best Dicer @HC Kai Best PVM'er @Athene Best Newcomer @kavraka Best GFX-Designer @Filth Best Youtuber @didyscape Best Livestreamer @didyscape Most Respected Non-Staff Member @HC Kai Most Active on Discord @CylorV  Best Ironman @Acidfreak2 Most Potential Shown @sk1l Best Event Host @CylorV Best Wiki Editor @K 0 X D Most Respected Trusted Host @HC Kai Most Active In-game @CylorV Most Active Forums @CylorV Most Active Overall @CylorV Best Helper @K 0 X D Best Administrator+ @CylorV Most Respected Staff Member @CylorV Best Staff Member @CylorV Congratulations all winners! To collect your prizes please PM me (Cylorv) In-Game!
  4. Another month down on the DSGrind and another member of the month! It's been a great month packed with community events, updates and juicy DS action. The votes are in and this month we are naming @HC Kai the member of the month! Keep up the good work! A massive shout out to the other nominees: @Cooni @Acidfreak2 Thank you all for voting and taking part once again in the Member of the Month process!
  5. CylorV

    Welcome to the new Upgradable Items List! In this topic you will find info about what items upgrade into and the chance of upgrading items. Both for the upgrade chest and the Wizard Shug NPC for Auras Current Upgradable Items! There is currently a total of 43 items that you can upgrade in the chest as of making this thread. The left side will be the original item, and the right will be the upgraded version. If you wish to know the stats of anything on this list and the bonuses please use ::gearviewer or the Dreamscape Wiki. These items will be colour coded by chance of upgrading. Easy will be Green, Medium will be Yellow, Hard will be Red, Dream will be purple. These items include: Virtus Mask - Elite Virtus Mask Virtus Robe Top - Elite Virtus Robe Top Virtus Robe Legs - Elite virtus Robe Legs Dragonbone Full Helm - Dragonbone Helm (u) Dragonbone Platebody - Dragonbone Body (u) Dragonbone Platelegs - Dragonbone Legs (u) American Torva Helm - American Torva Helm (u) American Torva Body - American Torva Body (u) American Torva Platelegs - American Torva Legs (u) American Virtus Mask - American Virtus Helm (u) American Virtus Robe Top - American Virtus Body (u) American Virtus Robe Legs - American Virtus Legs (u) American Pernix Cowl - American Pernix Helm (u) American Pernix Body - American Pernix Body (u) American Pernix Chaps - American Pernix Legs (u) Drygore Offhand - Drygore Offhand (u) Royal Sicle - Royal Sicle (u) Ice Katana - Golden Katana Assault Rifle - Scoped Rifle Soulflare - Soulflare (u) Spacejam Sword - Space Jam (u) Gold Chain - Nocturnal Chain Gold Chain (Megadonator) - Nocturnal Chain Silver Chain - Black Chain Shadow Helm - Shadow Torva Helm (u) Shadow Platebody - Shadow Torva Body (u) Shadow Platelegs - Shadow Torva Legs (u) Elemental Helm - Chaos Helm Elemental Platebody - Chaos Body Elemental Platelegs - Chaos Legs Fallen Death Cape - Fallen Death Cape (u) Pikachu - Thunderstone Collectors Necklace - Blood Necklace Ring of Wealth (i) - Ring Of Fortune Golden Ak-47 - Platinum AK-47 Ice Offhand - Golden Offhand Khiones Staff - Eternal Khiones Staff Crystal Helm - Eternal Crystal Helm Crystal Platebody - Eternal Crystal Body Crystal Platelegs - Eternal Crystal LEgs Minigun - Golden Mingun Golden Minigun - M4A4 Asiimov Electronic Katana - Ultimate Dream Katana For Wizard Shug, who is just to the east of the upgrade chest, he only upgrades auras. All auras have the same chance of upgrading, which is easy. You may upgrade auras from Level 1 to Level 3, depending on the aura. These Auras Include: Fortune Level 1 - Fortune Level 2 - Fortune level 3 Lucky Stars Level 1 - Lucky Stars Level 2 - Lucky Stars Level 3 Augury Level 1 - Augury Level 2 - Augury Level 3 Mystic Level 1 - Mystic Level 2 - Mystic Level 3 Berserker Level 1 - Berserker Level 2 - Berserker Level 3 Thick Skin - Steel Skin - Platinum Skin Trinity Level 1 - Trinity Level 2 - Trinity Level 3 Godsend Level 1 - Godsend Level 2 - Godsend Level 3 Fortunate Favour Level 1 - Fortunate Favour Level 2 - Fortunate Favour Level 3 Thank you for taking the time to read this, hopefully it helps some of you with some knowledge. Will keep this updated as new additions are made and things are updated.
  6. The time has once again come to vote on the member of the month for December!! The following players were nominated for member of the month by staff based on 3 categories! - Most active - Most Friendly - Most Helpful & other skills. Congratulations to all nominees! Click on the poll option at the top of this thread to vote for who you think deserves member of the month December! 1. Hc Cooni 2. Hc Kai 3. Acidfreak4 Good luck everyone! Please note: Do not ask others to vote for you, it will result your votes being removed.
  7. MONTHLY VOTING DECEMBER!! Dear Dreamscape Community, Every month we choose our top members in various skills & positions! ! YOU 'CANNOT' VOTE FOR YOURSELF! By voting you will recieve 100t cash - after the results are posted! Further, there will be 3 random winners who all receive 500T in pure cash. I will choose the winners after this event, and they can claim their prize in-game at CYLORV!! TO VOTE CLICK THE LINK BELOW: FORMAT: Most Kind Best Dicer Best PVM'er Best Newcomer Most Respected Non-Staff Member Most Potential Shown Best GFX-Designer Best Youtuber Best Live Streamer Most Active on Discord Best Ironman Best Event Host Best Wiki Editor Most Respected Trusted Host Most Active In-game Most Active Forums Most Active Overall Best Helper Best Moderator (Including Forums) Best Administrator (Including Forums) Most Respected Staff Member Best Staff Member ********PLEASE NOTE: ONCE 5 DAYS PASSES WE WILL CLOSE VOTING AND POST THE RESULTS THE NEXT DAY!******** THE PARTICIPATION REWARD OF 100T WILL BE REWARDED AFTER THE EVENT IS OVER! Thanks in advance, we appreciate every single participant!
  8. Thank you everyone who participated in the Christmas Fashionscape Event! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a good new year, be safe and all. But without further ado, here are your winners! First place Winner: Goten Christmas Icon + Christmas Stocking Second Place Winner: HC Epic Black Sled + Christmas Stocking Third Place Winner: Blackheart V2 Christmas Stocking Static Prize for Everyone Who Enters: Christmas Cracker To claim your prizes please PM me in-game (Cylorv). If you do not PM me you will not receive your prize. Congrats tot the winners!
  9. Thank you all for participating! Will be announcing the winners shortly!
  10. Welcome to the Dreamscape Christmas Meme Event winners! First off I'd like to say there was a ton of amazing memes submitted! Lots of creativity and different formats went into it and I would like to thank everyone who made a meme, whether it was for the fun or for the box. The Winners are as follows: First Place and winner of an M4A4 Asiimov: @Cinematic Second Place and winner of Oblivion Scythe: @Maikul Third Place and the Winner of a Minigun: @HcB0wer Please contact me in game for event boxes for entering and prizes for winners!
  11. Thank you all for entering, reviewing memes now then winner thread will be going up!
  12. CylorV

    Very well done guide tyvm for making it! Love the event!
  13. Welcome to the Winner Thread for the Community Survey 2018! As said in the updates we posted on the original thread, we did not expect as many entries as we received! In Total we had a whopping 288 entries in the survey! All of which provided some incredible feedback on how you think we're doing now and how we can improve in the future, also tons of ideas on new content you would personally like to see in the future! In total it took us 4 days of 5-10 hours a day just to get through them all! As we got nearly 3 times as many entries we have decided to have honourable mentions along with the top 3 winners! All the honourable mentions will receive an additional 1Q cash on top of the 3 Event boxes or 250t Cash everyone who filled out the survey will get! All the hourable mentions are as followed: Hc Usayhi Colt Magnum 808Raptor Swaggypete Love Nutella Skillking11 Iron Testes Rangezeze Purel0rd0wns Asleepdemon Only The Tip I Willy I Cxllum K 0 X D Squidlin Stromy Bodhi Now for the Top 3 Winners! These were chosen based on overall feedback, whether positive or negative, and the effort we feel were put into each question! FIRST PLACE AND THE WINNER OF AN ICY GLAIVE Horse Tuna SECOND PLACE AND THE WINNER OF A SCYTHE OF VITUR Vegetable THIRD PLACE AND THE WINNER OF A DIABLO JR Kavraka Thanks again everyone for doing the survey! Just a reminder if you didn't win doesn't mean we didn't take your feedback in to consideration! In the next week or so I will be releasing a thread summarizing all the feedback we got and what we plan on doing with it! REMEMBER IF YOU NEED REWARDS TO PM ME IN GAME TO CLAIM THEM!
  14. CylorV

    We are done reviewing all entrants in the survey! Thank you everyone who made one and gave us good feedback to work on! Tomorrow we will be announcing winners and making a thread about things we will be doing with all this new feedback from you guys! Hope you all enjoyed the survey and are excited for the future of DS Content!
  15. CylorV

    UPDATE: Another day down, up to 200 done! Thanks everyone for doing the survey and we are truly enjoying reading it all! Tons of good stuff that we can't wait to tell you about! Should finish the initial review in 1-2 days and then will announce winners! Good luck on the Glaive!