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  1. CylorV

    I don't think this is needed as we have a wiki with updated drop tables for every monster, and you can find whats inside every box if you go under box deals on the ::deals page. So with there already being an easy way for people to find the information, to me there is no use for the commands.
  2. CylorV

    Good luck everyone! Definitely deserved for all involved!
  3. CylorV

    Very nice looking. transitions are smooth. Good work Man.
  4. CylorV

    Hey man! Always glad to see old players coming back, hope you enjoy all the sweet new content! Hope to see you around the game.
  5. CylorV

    Back again
  6. CylorV

  7. CylorV

    Haha thanks everyone for the votes. And congratulations to all the other winners.
  8. CylorV

    Congrats to the winners! Always good to see community efforts noticed and rewarded.
  9. CylorV

    Staff can't be in market cc because they need to be in help cc. Also people don't ask for yells on anything and everything but a ton of people will sell everything they can in help cc if allowed. Just my insight, not sure if thats the reason.
  10. CylorV

    Beautifully done as always. Incredible work.
  11. CylorV

    Gotta love both sides of this hahaha. Incredible.
  12. CylorV

    Thanks everyone! And congrats to Mono and Inject who have been killing it, like always!
  13. Oof gz on admin 

  14. Gratz on admin bro completely skipped mod that's an achievement. You deserve man, was my favorite mod now you're my fave admin. Bless bro.