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  1. CylorV

    Vouch Very kind person and I don't see you outside of dicezone often.
  2. CylorV

    I don't want lamp drops from every boss personally, devalues some things. But more of the existing best way would be lovely.
  3. CylorV

    I love the eagle pet change, would be fantastic. Also the new trees have been packed since release and definitely need more of em in my eyes. Support from me
  4. CylorV

    Your luck is rather insane haha. Nice work on the grind
  5. You need to be patient and wait for it to be responded to, asking for it to be replied to or posting on forums won't speed up the process.
  6. CylorV

    @I Willy I Is fish
  7. CylorV

    Willy, vouch
  8. CylorV

    I would like to see skilling become better but I do not think giving money for skilling is the answer. I'd rather see some unique things come out then just blanket cash, cause even then I doubt people would do it. Also 120 capes are a thing, they just don't have any bonuses.
  9. CylorV

    I would love to see a 3D printer print a Chaos Elemental Jr pet. Think it'd be really neat to see.
  10. CylorV

    Hey man thanks for applying. I would like to see more payouts with different people, as Willy said. Also you don't meet the requirements to apply for this role, which can be found here: So for me it is gonna be a No vouch. Good luck on your application.
  11. CylorV

    Anything to make my typing shorter whenever people ask what it does. (Also really like the idea) Support
  12. CylorV

    I'd like it aslong as if your invent was full it went to your bank, but if they couldn't do that then I don't think it'd be worth adding it to the game.
  13. CylorV

    This still going, eh?
  14. CylorV

    I like the idea but I don't think there would be enough people doing this, as most pets from bosses are not the best money and what not.
  15. CylorV

    This is lacking effort + information. I personally believe anyone going for a position should put a lot of thought into this part of it, it may not mean a lot in the long run but it shows me that your willing to do things that go out of your way to get the things you want. Thanks for applying and don't let this discourage you, just my thoughts. No vouch