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  1. CylorV

    Congratulations! Well deserved everyone!
  2. CylorV

    Even if it is, you went to 0 effort as you have no new screenshots, and you aren't known now. So it doesn't change anything.
  3. CylorV

    All your screenshots are from April, you have no reason to wanting to be TD other then you were one. I don't see you active in the community much. No vouch
  4. CylorV

    I'm gonna No vouch this idea personally, Meda manager should be more then capable of handling graphics designers, as they don't need to know how to do graphics themselves. Adding another manager position when one isn't needed is just counter productive to me. Having knowledge of how to do graphics shouldn't be needed as anyone with the rank should know how to do what they need to do anyways. I like the idea of a graphics of the week though, would be fun to see.
  5. CylorV

    Congrats everyone, and thanks for the votes guys.
  6. CylorV

    263, By the way you dont get post count from this.
  7. CylorV

    Good luck everyone, free money always good.
  8. CylorV

    I like the design of it quite a lot, nicely done.
  9. CylorV

    Great people picked this month! Congrats on the nominations guys, well deserved. May the best man win!
  10. CylorV

    Oof, never lucky for you. Time for another 1000?
  11. CylorV

    If you wait a couple seconds after teleporting the doors should let you go through, it worked fine when I did it on my alt after the upodate.
  12. CylorV

    220, second time dark did that hehehe