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  1. Ninfin1

    Bugs 1. logging while spectating logs you back in 1 square west of person, letting you jump walls and doors 2. turmoil prayer does 15% str instead of 23% + level 3. pacman pet does not give damage bonus 4. cannot tele from exec zone to ownercape zone on occasion 5. corp drop table does not list all drops Quality of Life 1. save quick prayers for each spell book so you don't need to reset on every switch 2. allow sending x ds coins to pouch instead of sending all and then taking out what you want Improvement (300 words max) 1. make melee not awful, make it at least on par with the other 2 combat styles, right now its low defense so dies easily, and low accuracy making late game bosses like hades slow kills due to constant 0s, the accuracy is such a problem that thanos is higher dps for melee than the $500 shadow pet I bought.
  2. Ninfin1

    mele has been lagging behind in the combat triangle since the time i joined until now, everyone agrees mele is weak, adding some aoe could help get it to a more balanced area, also yes the ele katana does look aoe already.
  3. Ninfin1

    sure ill join IGN: ninfin1

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