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  1. oma torva

    hi again
  2. oma torva

    You guys are aware it takes 10 seconds to make ::olaf command?* Ofc this would be a nice quality of life improvement. I'd like this for all bosses tbh xD *point being it wouldn't hurt anyone to have the command in; why not just support? 😛
  3. oma torva

    happen to need some flame pernix sets? XD
  4. oma torva

  5. oma torva

    type 1 if the earth is flat
  6. oma torva

  7. oma torva

  8. oma torva

    that'd be annoying
  9. oma torva

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  12. oma torva

    Next person to post below this is a confirmed weeb
  13. oma torva

    Don't think that's how it works m8
  14. oma torva

    I support this 100% specially super donator dungeon needs a revamp, theres literally no1 doing anything there.
  15. oma torva

    Any admin/mod please delete this topic, as it's no longer needed!