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    Reuirement are not met and I've seen you being disrespectful towards other members of the community, therefore: NO VOUCH
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    Cow space program with @Robin026 ( I'm not interested in the rewards, just wanted to share the pic 😄 )
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    Hey DSgang! So recently there's been a lot of people having issues with the player owned shops at ::market Main issue being not being able to complete a search for an item within the shop interface, which leads into crashing the game. But don't you worry! I have come up with a solution for this. I've talked with some of these people who have had same issues(listed above) and checked their crash report; all having same error: game runs out of memory. Turns out these people have 32-bit version of Java installed instead of the more powerful 64-bit version. Now for the easy way to fix this; Head on to and click on the highlighted box to download & install the 64 bit version of java. (You have to run the installer after downloading) (Picture of the installation progress, once this is finished -> move on to the next step) After installation, press windows key and search for Configure Java; Open the program that shows up in the search bar and a window like this should pop up: Head on to the Java page, and click on View... The window that pops up should look like this: Now make sure it says x86_64, instead of just x86. If it look's just like in the picture; you are good to go. Game should be running perfect again. Now if there is more than one line of text shown in the picture above, make sure you disable the java version that says just x86 and enable the one with x86_64. After that game should be running perfectly fine and you can use the player owned shops again!
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    another member of the team gone 😭 come back
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    Another one!
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    Damn that is some beautiful graphics gj dood!
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    Hi everyone, I believe I have forgotten to say Hi, so Hi all.