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  1. Alieni

    Last time when I was rich I got cleaned by @hc b0wer
  2. Alieni

    Imo it would be better if bank interface had this implemented so you dont have to take them all out individually. Either way VOUCH
  3. Alieni

    Hello fellow DSGANG members. As you can see from the title it is the time for another person to leave the community at least for now. I first joined DS on 29th of May 2018 and have been addicted ever since. First I climbed up the donation ranks up to executive and from there to TD, staff team even up to Gambling Manager. It has been a very enjoyable journey and I have no regrets! I would like to thank all of yous who has been playing with me during this year but more importantly @Chuck For giving me the opportunity be part of this fantastic team & being a great life coach 😄 @DRAX Big poppa! ❤️ Teaching me the ropes of being staff @Feeds <-- JUST FOR BEING FEEDS WHO DOESN'T LOVE THIS GUY?! ❤️❤️ @Current Trusted Host team - For being totally awesome! @And the past staff members who sadly are no longer with us. ❤️ And a special mention to the whole server! You make DSGANG as awesome of a community as it is! As the title suggests I have indeed resigned from the staff team and my activity will drop quite a bit, as I will be focusing more on IRL instead. However, I will still be hopping on from time to time on my new(old) main Oma Torva JR, so see you at the dicezone!


    1. Alieni


      Your argument is invalid because:

      1. No

      2. You

  5. Alieni

    Hi, you can appeal your ban with the button on top right corner of the website. (Support)
  6. Alieni

    Whats up DICERS!? As you all know, you've always needed either a middleman, or a dice rank to hold pots while flower pokering. And sometimes there are times when a TD/staff member is unable to come hold a pot for you, and we do agree this can be frustrating. So today with a bunch of other improvements & additions coming in with the update we will be revamping the dice cc ranks for all of you interested in gambling! These changes should help you have more fun experience at dicezone and allow more frequent gambling. Previously, The ranks went as follows: Recruit 450K Corporal 1M Sergeant 2.5M Lieutenant 5M Captain 10m General Trusted Dicers (can hold any pot) Now with the update: Recruit 1.35m Corporal 3m Sergeant 7.5m Lieutenant 15m Captain 30M General Trusted Dicers (can hold any pot) Please note that this will also change the rank costs in the dice ranks shop of ::dicezone ! Anyone who obtained their ranks before will get to enjoy the new benefits free of charge! + ALWAYS RECORD YOUR GAMBLES
  8. Alieni

    Ranks added! Gz on upgrades
  9. Alieni

    Hey Dicers! Here I have compiled the dicezone rules for easy access for players new to the gambling side of Dreamscape. These can also be found by typing ::rules in-game. All players must accept the dicezone rules before gambling and these must be followed without exception. Players of the DreamScape community are not allowed to engage in any actions that will result in planting flower's when another ongoing flower poker on around them. Unless you're Flower Pokering someone. Also you are not allowed to Stand on another's flower when people are Flower Pokering. You Also may Not Spam Another if they tell you please Refrain From Dice Dueling or trying to Continue to Flower Poker after Multiple time's telling the person they don't want to. Pots must be specified before gambling to avoid confusion. You are not allowed to plant/gamble for others. Always confirm FP pots in trade (Each player has to show what they are offering.) You are not allowed to place bets over the middleman's dice cc rank.
  10. Alieni

    Gz on the upgrade!
  11. Alieni

    Welcome to the server man!
  12. Introduction Hey hey hey! It’s your new gambling manager, Alieni/Oma Torva (whatever suits the best). In this Thread, you will get to know some information about being a TD, and why YOU want to become one! But Why? 1. You get monthly perks such as Events & Bonuses, nothing but the best to those who show motivation to the server and gain the trust of the community. 2. Being a TD can be demanding, not only you have a responsibility to watch over the Dicezone, but also to regulate the Dreamscape Rules. Because, of these huge responsibilities, Trusted Dicers will be awarded by the server to show our gratitude for the hard work you put in! 3. Being a Trusted Host, you will be able to attend TD-only events to win exclusive rewards! Such as the Full TD outfit showed below! Trusted Host's responsibilities? 1. You will be hand picked by the community, you have people's trust, don't lose it. 2. TD's responsibility is to make sure the server & gambling rules are followed 3. Middlemanning (MM) 4. Basically, you are the regulator of the Dicezone. What are the requirements/application rules? 1. You are to not advertise your application to anyone (including on Discord or Skype) 2. You are to be known around the dice zone and dicing community. 3.Must be knowledgeable about Flower Poker and Hot and Cold rules as well as 55x2, Blackjack, and DDing Rules! 4. Be active on our discord and on the forums 5. Must know how to properly take care of a situation in a calm manner and not to use offensive language 6. Must have no punishments linked to your account 7. Must have 25 forum posts 8. Must have 10 days In-game! 9. Must have a rank of Captain(10q) in the Dice CC 10. Must be payouts and NOT Trust Trades! 11. Do not post on other applications if you have an active app posted How can I apply? 1. Copy the format shown below Username: Total In-Game Time: Timezone: Payouts (Screenshots): Bank (Screenshots): Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host: If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation: So, what are you waiting for?
  13. Alieni

    Congratulations on your upgrades!
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