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  1. Alieni

    Welcome to The server! Definetly Made The right choice coming here
  2. Big one, good job GANG! This should bring a lot of challenge
  3. Sigh the current situation is really starting to build up... Wish it would just be over by now

  4. Stay strong #DsGang

  5. Another nightshift feelsbadman

  6. Alieni

    Those are some juicy rewards.gg news team
  7. Alieni

    Trophies went for the best contestants for sure!
  8. Appreciate all of yous voting for the true RSPS!

  9. Definetly an upgrade over the past system, #DSGANG staying strong
  10. Wow, theres definetly some bang for the buck with these!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  11. Good morning gang!

  12. Alieni

    Bulldog torva Set For sure 👌
  13. Just one More Day to go For some Time off work 👌 #dsgang

  14. Alieni

    Been playing for a bout 2 years and still going 😄
  15. Alieni

    Huge GZ to babytracer!

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