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  1. Arcade shop revamp with some sets taken away like link set and few upto date once added like dream sets
  2. DC Raids (good Gear) Sire (mid Gear high Karma lvl) Mbox for clue (Low gear) Events if u dnt like pvm GAMBLE if u feel lucky
  3. I see no problem with owner or exe cape... just could do with the mobs being updated with some new ones some are out-dated and the drops are worthless.
  4. TRying to find teh color text thread 

    1. Englog


      Here ya go ❤️


  5. This is great and the prices was fair ! 100% would back this
  6. I am looking for a Avatar and Signature I Would love one like Dice Billys or something Runescape/dicezone related on the signature plz and like to be surprised with the avatar
  7. GL To all ALL worth player on the month
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