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    Chuck (Owner) Even though it looks like you aren't that active within the community I can't imagine how much blood, sweat and tears you put in to this server, and you surely amazes everyone on the server, not just the players but the staff also. You are the root of the server, the dad that keep the server safe from unnecessary things. Even tho I haven't had any calls or chats with you, I believe that you surely won't stop grow, and that you will come up with some huge ideas in the future. So simply said, just keep up the amazing work you put in and never stop of what you are dreaming of! #DSGANG! CjBear (Co-Owner) Oh CJ my G, I remember you when you was a EXEC on this server, and when you got promoted to helper, even tho you live in a different time zone of us, you still put in the important hours, dedicating your life for this, and putting everything you got on the line for us. Like everyone here had their ups and downs, but in the end I am fairly sure you are an amazing guy, I had some minor chats and calls with you, and I could hear it in your voice that you were dedicated for this server. So my feedback for you, would be that, never stop what you are doing now, just keep up the amazing grind and job, but also try to be more calm, because sometimes it feels like you are in a rush, when people just want a simple conversation! With the rank you obtained, remember that bonds are very important also, not just following the rules! #DSGANG! Manager(s) Feeds (Server Manager) Well Feeds, I don't think there is a day, where I haven't seen you online, you are surely an amazing Server Manger, aswell as an admin, the bonds you have with community, and being part of it, is just simply amazing. For every goodiebag you were doing, and responding to everyone with respect and calmness is just amazing. Even tho I haven't had any calls or chats with you, I am pretty sure you are just as an amazing guy in the real life, like you are on Dreamscape. So basically said I dont have any specific feedback for you, just keep up the amazing work and hours you put in to the server! #DSGANG! Lt Limes (Head Support) I will say same here as I said for Feeds, you are bonding great with the community from what I have seen, and doing some amazing deals and just communicating with the players. I cannot imagine how many Pm:s you are getting every single day, and thats what makes you one of a kind, that you take your time and trying to answer every single of them, even though it can be the same ones over and over. My little feedback for you could be that, try to do some more events and try to chat more with the community, of course you are a high ranked administrator, and you have to act with profesionalism, but remember a simple chat won't hurt anyone! #DSGANG! Administrator(s) Jason (Administrator) Ayy my man Jason, whenever I have any problems, with server or anything you surely are the one to go, for me atleast, I am pretty sure that you have never let me down, or something. Always trying to help, whatever the problem could be, taking your time to read through the problem and coming up with a solution, and even bonding with community is just what makes you a perfect Administrator, Regardless if it would be a job or something, you always wanna help everyone out, no matter what. We cannot forget the goodiebags you are doing, the events and even more, you are just simply an amazing person in real life, like you are on dreamscape! So simply said here, I dont have any further feedback for you my man, just keep up the amazing work! #DSGANG! Australia (Administrator) The best quality you have Australia is that you are creating bonds, and that you are active with the community, and that is very, ( very ) important as an administrator, Same as for CJBear, is that you could try to be more chill,sometimes it seems like you are feeling rushy, of course it is hard, because you still have to professional as an admin, but have that in mind! Otherwise you are surely an amazing guy, and you fit in perfectly into the team, as an staff and person! #DSGANG! Bodhi (Forum Administrator, Server Support) Bodhi, if I could describe you with one word, it would be: Professional, because you are so knowledgeable of almost everything on the server, and you are very active. The posts you do on forums just simply amazes us every single time, I dont think anyone has ever been dissapoionted of the work you put in to the server, so my advice would also be, that try not be so serious with everything, when there is a troll or something, otherwise you are simply the best Forum Administrator I have ever met in my whole life! Just keep up the amazing grind my man! #DSGANG! Moderator(s) Regis (In-Game Moderator) From what I know, is that you are an amazing guy, and the effort you have put in to the server and wiki will never be forgotten, even tho I haven't seen you online ( maybe different time zones ) I feel really sorry that you are resigning because you have been an amazing moderator, and the work you have done was so amazing, We all hope, that everything will go just as fine it can for you in the future! #DSGANG! Server Support(s) Jota (Server Support) Jota, before you got promoted to Server Support, I could always see you in the help cc trying to help everyone out, even if the same question has been asked 5-20 times a day, you still stood your ground and responded to it, and that what makes a amazing Server Support you've become. Simply said just keep up the amazing work you do, and never stop helping people, cuz thats what you best quality is. Second thing is that you are an mature and amazing person in real life for sure, even tho I haven't had any calls or chats with you, I can just feel the energy from you, that you want to share with everyone! Simply said I dont have any further feedback for you my man! #DSGANG! Afade (Server Support) Always when there are new players ariving to the server, Afade is the first one to greet them warmly with an welcome, and that is just amazing as it gets, cuz just that one word can make the player feel so happy and etc. Otherwise talking about your pros is that you never stop helping anyone, i see you always active in the help cc trying to help everyone, even in the Yell chat, where you advertise different threads or just simply bonding and acting with the community, and that is what makes you an amazing Server Support, my little feedback for you could be that, if you could be a little more active ( maybe my time zone is different from afade's ) otherwise, you are an amazing person and never stop the grind and work my man! #DSGANG! What do you think of the Server? Is there something you'd like to see change? Well there is so much good to say about the server, that my fingers would fell of if I were supposed to type everything, but I will mention some amazing thing, that this is my favourite game, it started from a little server to be the top 1 custom server out there, it was a hobby of mine to play it back then, but now i entirely endure my time being on dreamscape, I've surely made some new friends, enwided my bonds, and surely learnt some life lessons, otherwise if there is something I would like to be changed is that, it should be a little more early/mid game friendly, cuz there are still players thinking it's very hard to make some $ What do you think of our latest updates? On what should we focused at? If we start with the dreamland update, that was an amazing idea from the staff members out there! It made the f2p even more wider and maybe simplier to make money, of course it depends on who you ask, but otherwise an amazing update. And if take the latest update, the christmas one, is just an amazing one, bringing back the world boss, and replacing it with santa was an 300iq play right there, cuz it brings the community together trying to slay that fatty santa overthere, not mentioning the amazing rewards... and psst the, BAZOOOOOKA! Cheers Smells Hard #DSGANG!

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