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    1. Artamzu the Lifemelter - combat 138 Hp: 25000 Drops: Kurohomura Katana (kurohomura = blackflame in japanese) 250 melee accuracy 250 melee strength Kurohomura platebody/legs/helm stats per piece 400 in all defences 0 attack/str/mage str/ranged str/accuracy Set Effect: Blackflame (inflicts burn damage aka second typeless hitsplat) 2. Eterna The Hypnotized Hp: 25000 Drops: Eternal Hypnotism Staff 250 Mage accuracy 12% Mage damage Hypnotic Robe set: effect (inflicts damage back to opponent via casting the veng spell automaticall every 5 seconds) 1% mage damage per piece + 0 accuracy 3. Samuel the Sinner hp: 35000 Drops: Sinful Longbow 500 ranged strength 500 ranged accuracy 1,000 ranged str with unholy lava arrows. 1,500 ranged str wth unholy dream arrows. Sinful Armor set: 400 in each defence/no offence set effect: Sinners Dont Pray (Prayer points are drained instead of hitpoints if below 25% health/Can only use curses not prayers) Saraphine the Masochist hp: 25000 Drops: Wand of massochism 150 magic accuracy 8% magic damage Orb of Massochism 100 magic accuracy 4% magic damage Massochist set effect: (hits have a 25% chance to deal x3 damage at the cost of 25% of your hp.) no stats. Dexxie the Deathtouched hp:50,000 Drops: Maul of Eternal death 500 Melee strength 1000 crush Deathtouched set 150 str bonus Set bonus: 1% chance to 1 shot kill the npc you are fighting. Vax The Sunbringer hp: 50,000 Drops: two handed SunBringer 500 Melee Strength 500 Slash SunBringer Chainset 150 str bonus Set bonus: 5% chance to refill 50% of your prayer every swing. Common Tables: Soul of Sin 50-100 (used to repair armor pieces when they degrade) 1000 per piece to repair. Unholy Arrow Tips 1-1000 (can be fletched with dream/lava logs to create unholy Arrows of dreams or unholy arrows of lava) simply just use the barrows mountains as a location for the minigame 😛 This zone is also great as if it was made owner/exec legal it wouldnt be that overpowered due to having to dig in each hill seperately before killing each brother even if you 1 hit them.
  2. Ring Of Sponsors Uses: Provides access to a separate sponsor (Rare drop table) while worn at the cost of 1 sponsor point per npc killed. since items are 1 hit killed anyways with oc, restrictions aren't nessesary. Rate 1/10,000 (Easyish droprate is because it costs sponsor points) Ring Of Sponsors- Statless Ring with access to the owner RDT (1 sponsor point per kill cost) Owner Whip Of Souls- High Damage output whip that can be used at any npc ingame. Owner Partyhat- A cosmetic owner color themed partyhat Owner Jordans- Decent raids legal boots that look badass. Owners Cape (R)- A raids legal owner cape with heavily reduced stats. Owner Key- Opens a chest Containing a random owner item! Owners Demonblood Spiritshield- Raids Legal melee shield with high strength! Owners Elftear SpiritShield- Raids Legal Ranged Shield with high Ranged bonus! Owners Angelblood SpiritShield- Raids Legal Magic Shield with high Magic Bonus! Owners Bulwark Shield- Raids legal shield with 9,999 in each defence! Owners Bloodreaper- A scythe that hits everything within 1 step of you at the same time -Degradeable+turns to a broken state after 10,000 charges (repairable for 10,000 sponsor points) Owners Fancy Fedora- Sexy innit <3 Owners Master Cape- A Cosmetic variant of the owner cape which some players may find more appealing + imagine this with the fedora and cane... <3 Owners Cane of Wonders- A high level raids legal magic weapon and a high level raids legal ranged weapon at the same time, right click it to switch between magic or ranged projectiles! (essentially a sfu + gmg in 1 item) Note: These items would be UNTRADEABLE meaning eventhough each item is 1/10,000 it would on average take 120,000 kills (not counting the key) to receive all 12 of them which is an average of 120,000 sponsor points! The idea is that since owner cape is restricted at raids it would be cool to be able to work towards potential raids legal items that aren't as op as owner cape but still good enough to compete with other people at that boss. The 1/10,000 is justified by the sponsor point cost and the cost of getting owner cape to begin with on top of the fact they are untradeable... these items shouldn't be that terribly hard to obtain but not terribly easy either. Potential Tradeable potions Update: -Dropped From all bosses ingame at a static droprate Elfs Wish: A better version of a ranged potion Angels Blessing: A better version of a magic potion Demons Will: A better version of the a Strength Potion SoulCrash Potion: Made by combining the other 3 basically a stronger version of the overload that takes hp away after it runs out rather than before. -Lasts 10 minutes -After it runs out you take 50 Points of damage! (half your hp bar)