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  3. ign:hcwhy i want to make another suggestion too "extreme zone" for me personally the extreme donator zone command doesn't work and i know a few more people that it doesn't work for and also the shop its kinda broken i can claim the daily but when i try to buy something it doesn't let me even tho i have enough extreme donator points to buy it please fix
  4. i think that the duo slayer glitch should be fixed you can get a task normally but lets say you don't like that task so you reset it and you invite your friend to another duo slayer task and when you got press "accept" "decline or "ignore" it wont let you and you both have to re-log in order to carry on doing duo slayer and it gets quite annoying as my and my friend "hc s2s" had to re-log about 20 times before getting a decent task
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