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  2. Hey thanks, I'm currently brainstorming ideas for new guides, so if you have any recommendations, you can help me out. I'm looking to try and cover some of the more complex stuff on the server, and things that don't already have a good guide on the subject.
  3. If you'd prefer not to watch the video, you can also read my text version of the guide, but it's definitely less in-depth than if you watched the video. Low tier recommended setup: Soulsplit and Turmoil Flame Pernix Set < Elite Pernix Set Vanguard Boots and Gloves Amulet of Fury (or) and Archers' Ring (i) Scoped Rifle < Ascension Crossbow set (This setup will average wave 5-13 of the arcade) Mid tier recommended setup: Soulsplit and Turmoil American Virtus Set < Inga Set Shadow Boots < Elemental Boots Red/Blue Boxing Gloves < American Boxing Gloves Yix Amulet < Trix Amulet Epic Seers' Ring Soulflare(U) (This setup will average around wave 20 of the arcade) High Tier recommended setup: Soulsplit and Turmoil American Pernix Set < Devious Set Elemental Boots American Boxing Gloves Trix Amulet Epic Archers' Ring Minigun < Golden Minigun (This setup will average up to wave 37 of the arcade) God Tier recommended setup: Soulsplit and Turmoil Necromancer Pet < Diablo Pet Avery's Ring Elemental Boots American Boxing Gloves Trix Amulet Eternal Khiones Staff (This set is capable of clearing the arcade) Common Gear To Avoid Using: Golden Ak-47 Soulflare (non-upgraded) Elder Wand (A lot of this gear is a noob trap, where they aren't actually all that big of an upgrade, they're inconsistent, don't hit fast enough to out-heal damage done to you, or are just plain bad compared to cheaper weapons) Once you've picked a gear setup, you're ready to start farming the arcade. It's as simple as entering the arcade, turning on your prayers, and then doing something else until you die. After that you just repeat the process. The next tricky part begins once it comes to decide which items to purchase. There are a few items which are generally good contenders for the most efficient money, so I'm going to highlight them now. Golden Scratch Card - 2000 tokens Rare Scratch Card - 2500 tokens Super Mystery Box - 750 tokens Dynamic Mystery Box - 3000 tokens To figure out which one is the best, you're going to have to figure out the best items yourself. Start off by heading to ::market and finding the lowest price for each of these items. Write it down because you're going to need to do some math. First take the lowest price of each item and divide it by the price of tokens, this will show you how many bil tickets you're getting per token (ex: 225000 % 2500 = 90 bil tickets per token). Write this down and continue to find the ticket per token of each of the items. After you're done, whichever one is the highest will be the most money efficient item to sell. BUT there are more factors you need to taken into account. Not all of the items have amazing supply and demand, it may take a couple days for a rare scratch card to sell, while a super mystery box could sell within a few hours, you're also much more likely to be quickly undercut on a super mystery box, while not many people undercut on the golden scratch card but they are infrequently bought out. Meanwhile dynamic mystery boxes are frequently bought out but are also frequently listed by people taking advantage of the BOGOF (Buy one get one free) Bonanza events for donators and sold on the marketplace afterwards. Take all of this into account and remember to not put all of your eggs in one basket and figure out the supply and demand of the market by yourself. If you're too lazy to figure all of that out, my recommendation is to buy Super Mystery Boxes and sell at lowest price. I've covered pretty much everything now, so that's going to be all for this guide. Thanks for reading, and I hope you make lots of money in the arcade. If you have any feedback, feel free to leave it down below, I'd also appreciate if you went through and liked my video if you enjoyed the guide, and subscribe if you want to see more like it. If you have any questions, you can message me in-game, "Nivalen" is my name, message me on Discord at Kinomori#0094 (nickname Nivalen on the Dreamscape discord server), or post a comment down below.
  4. Both RuneScape 3 and Oldschool RuneScape have recently implemented similar but somewhat different ways of allowing people to hold onto more than one clue. RuneScape 3 now allows you to hold up to 25 clues of each kind, a great system in my opinion, allows me to farm for clues and then bang them all out in one go when I'm in the mood for doing clues. Also means that I don't have to stop what I'm doing to go do the clue or else I feel like I'm wasting potential. While Oldschool RuneScape lets you hold onto one of each type of clue, a decent compromise but in my opinion not the best, I still feel pressured to do an elite clue when I get one. I think one of these two systems should definitely come to DreamScape, currently whenever I get a clue I feel really pressured to do it immediately, and this means less farming of whatever I'm doing, even if it wasn't for clues. Personally I really like how RuneScape 3 deals with clues, but if it's deemed too OP, I'm willing to compromise with how Oldschool RuneScape does it. I don't see many cons for this, you still need to put effort into solving the clues, and you also still have to put the effort into farming the clues, it just means that I get to separate my PvM time and my clue solving time, instead of mashing them together.
  5. kinomori

    The ::donorboss area is small and cramped, not to mention the mobs are spread very thin due to how cramped it is. Can we please have these moved somewhere else more open where the mobs are very close to each other, and then possibly add floors to it? Right now if you show up to the area, and someone else is there, you're better off leaving unless you want to share mobs inefficiently.
  6. World bosses are a great idea, but I don't agree with the execution. What's the point of this top damage stuff? This only serves to make the rich richer, so a new player like me who only has a few hundred tril to his name will never have a chance to get absolutely anything. I've already stopped going because I know I'll never get close to top 5.