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    Really nice guy, always active within the gambling community, i Approve! 😄 gl.
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    Good to see people streaming, i'd suggest looking at this guide on Streamlabs setup.
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  7. IGN: Host Dean Timezone : GMT+1
  8. Welcome to my Introduction or Beginners guide to setting up Streamlabs OBS To begin with you will want to download the Windows installer found on the Streamlabs OBS website. Website Link: Once the download has finished, find the Streamlabs OBS launch icon on the Desktop. FIRST STEP - SIGN IN WITH Step 1 - Changing the Stream Output and Video Settings To find these settings press the Settings button within the editor tab Personally my settings are different to what i'm showing, this is because i'm keeping this guide simple and within limits to people that may have lower bandwidth. Here's what you should change the settings to. Output Settings: Video Bitrate: 1600 Encoder: Software (x264) Audio Bitrate: 320 Video Settings 720p/1080p Setup: Base Resolution: 1280x720 OR 1920x1080 Output Resolution: 1280x720 OR 1920x1080 Take note that the output resolution will be what's displayed on stream. Setting the base resolution higher will make the output render look sharper. Downscale Filter: Bicubic Common FPS Values: 30 Step 2 - Themes/Overlays (Optional) Themes can be added as an optional feature to make the display of your live stream look a bit more professional To add a new theme, locate the THEMES tab along the top navigation bar. Once you are on this tab you can view Hundreds of different themes to spice up your live stream. When you find a theme you like, Press Install Overlay Wait a few minutes for the Theme to install and it should automatically send you to the Editor Tab It may also be worth while to delete some of the additional sources that the overlay has added to such as chat boxes or donation tickers. You can delete these unwanted sources by right clicking over the selected source and pressing remove OR by selecting the source and pressing the Delete Key. Here's an example of my final overlay in the Editor Tab Please don't be scared to play around with the Themes, getting a theme that works well with you can be a long process so take your time with this! Trial and Error is important. Step 3 - Adding DreamScape to the Source Launch DreamScape Once DreamScape has finished loading, locate the + Button along side the sources panel. This will open a window, Press Window Capture then Add Source. In the Window Tab, Select [java.exe]: DreamScape and then Press Done. When you can see the DreamScape Launcher in the Editor, Select the Window Capture layer and Drag it all the way down to the bottom of the list. This is to ensure that the Theme overlays will be displayed on top of the DreamScape Client. To cut the borders from the DreamScape Client you can hold down Alt and drag the borders. Finally, Right click the Dreamscape Client within the Editor, Hover over Transform then press Stretch to Screen. THE FINAL RESULT Additional Features within the Streamlabs OBS Can be added within the editor panel, add another source as you would with the DreamScape Launcher. A list of Essential Sources are listed, such as Donation/Subscribe tickers, Comment displays, view count user interface and many more! Follow the instructions provided within Streamlabs. I Hope this guide has helped, if there's anything I've missed or if you need additional help with setting up Steamlabs OBS, feel free to pm me or any of the Youtubers/Media Team.
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    Great first video on box opening, i'd suggest zooming in on some of the rare loots. Can't wait for the video's with commentary! keep me updated brother. If you need any help let me know! :D
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    IGN : Host Dean Timezone GMT+1.
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