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  1. akarev2

    im communist so we share this land, this fourms, this fourms post, and this #1 victory royale, please, surrender the win to me, and we all get a piece of the prize
  2. akarev2

    helper _ admin kappa
  3. akarev2

    ive known this was coming, i knew everything in advance. love you outbreak, prayers with you and your family. i hope to see you soon homie. love ya pce - akare
  4. akarev2


    3 years of dreamscape, hella quits and breaks, but whats been happening to me ingame is my last straw, i cant stand this game anymore, love most of the td team and a few on the staff team. my discord is @akare#8219 add me on there ill make sure to add most of u back. idk if ill be coming back to ds because i have to pay for an unmute. cya. - akare.
  5. akarev2

    ign akareplays. tz est
  6. akarev2

    taking a break from ds, ive been on 12+ hours a day and its time to take a break, i will be on discord though cya in 1-2 weeks
  7. akarev2

    welcome back, i would help you ingame if u need it but uhm
  8. this is FUCKING insane brotha! K3 for making this for me
  9. damn! this looks sexy asf
  10. akarev2

  11. akarev2

    pkant18 is gay
  12. akarev2

    pkant for gambling manager
  13. akarev2

  14. resident sleeper. another tourney, that regular donators and super donators can participate. ign :akareplays tz : est
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