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  1. akarev2

    Neutral for now. I know you are in discord alot, so i know reasons why you are not ingame as much as now. But one, do what willy said, and try and help out as a mm, dont make your self only come if people ask. Try and stay in dicezone, and say "open mm up to 10q" more often. goodluck on your application. - akare.
  2. akarev2

    ign akareplays. tz est
  3. akarev2

    Hey man, pm me on discord, @akare#8219 you need some work on this application, i will help you with it, first of all, you need the layout correction, so for now im at a NO VOUCH. please pm me on discord as soon as possible and i will change my answer.
  4. akarev2

    taking a break from ds, ive been on 12+ hours a day and its time to take a break, i will be on discord though cya in 1-2 weeks
  5. akarev2

    welcome back, i would help you ingame if u need it but uhm
  6. akarev2

    ^ Splitrunner, please explain why you are going to vouch an application, Anyways, VOUCH from me, you are active af in dicezone, a good guy to talk to, and you have a really good mindset over all. I feel like you would be a great asset to the TD team overall. Goodluck with your application - Akare.
  7. this is FUCKING insane brotha! K3 for making this for me
  8. damn! this looks sexy asf
  9. akarev2

  10. akarev2

  11. Hello, Dreamers. I have some improvements, that I think could be useful for the new "Dice" rank system. Now that they have added auto ranks in dice cc, so you dont have to full out tickets to get ranks, I feel like it is unbalanced. If people could now buy ranks without making tickets, that could cause some problems ingame. People can now buy ranks ingame, and go scam people, I feel like that the way the new system works is very bad, and could use some improvements. How the system would work You would walk up to the bot, and ask for a rank purchase, before you buy your rank, however much the rank is, it will stall the amount of money the rank costs, and then it would bring up a interface, such as the help request interface ingame. You would put in 2-3 sentences on why you are purchasing the rank. Once the rank ticket has been sent in, a helper/td gets a notification on that request, most likely a td that will answer it because they are usually the ones in dicezone such as the helpers, then the td will answer the ticket in a short sentence such as "I see you active alot in dicezone, ticket accepted". Then the ticket will appear in collection chests. I am excited to see your feedback, please notice that I will read ALL comments so please make sure to add what you think below thanks. - Akare.
  12. akarev2

    pkant18 is gay
  13. akarev2

    pkant for gambling manager
  14. akarev2