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  1. TheMackrill

    If it possible we can do Hot n Cold Events like back then where people announce if its going to be a HOT : Red , Yellow, Orange or COLD : Blue, Purple, Pastel and rainbow would be auto loss and white/black would be a replant or a special prize or pass to next round but will be a bit more time consuming but will lead to more intense game when a few players are left or a quick game of Hide N Seek depending on set of difficulty on prize placed on or what seems fit and helps players learn new places or commands that they never knew existed. OR Fashion event best outfit or best blends win or set theme could be set as a monthly event or once every week and prizes could be based on theme or how big the event becomes and how many compete, it will also help players know Custom items that other servers don't have or find a interesting item within Runescape.
  2. Good luck everyone!! ING Themackrill
  3. TheMackrill

    cant wait for this event!!! IGN TheMackrill

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