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  1. Jmart

    This guide is great, something that would be cool would be like a max wave with certain gear. Like if you have inga and an SFU you can get to X which is x amount of points.
  2. Hi everyone, I love the new slayer update and revamp and it has been really helpful in my time in the game. One suggestion I have is with donator you get the slayer anyway button and the perks of the slayer master everywhere you go. However, this perk is still coded/queued to the old slayer master. I was wondering if we could extend the slater master update to the anywhere slayer function for donators.
  3. Jmart

    Hi Thizy Great to see you on the forums! We love to have you in discord!
  4. New Dicezone is great! Will we be able to walk over the bridge soon?
  5. This content is amazing! I love the avenger's raid and the Hulk ring is my new goal!