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  1. Jmart

    Agree with the suggestion point. Also, a Squeal of fortune revamp would be great! I know the prestige boys like Wicca would love it. Vouch
  2. Jmart

    Hi Everyone, So, Range and Mage have both gotten HUGE updates with the Asiimov weapons, Khione's staff, and oblivion scythe. But, the love has not been passed on to the melee side of the game. We have great melee armor sets that look great and have great stats and perks. However, unless you have 40q/$300 to buy a longclaw, high-level armor like Olaf's is essentially useless. So, I thought of what I think is a good idea for a revamp or new weapons for the melee focus. I don't know what it would be called or look like. However, a melee weapon with comparable stats to the oblivion scythe or Khione's would be really cool. Now I hear you all saying to yourself. Well Jmart, the longclaw is precisely that. To that I say: What if we made an AOE melee weapon, something like the gif provided below that attacks multiple enemies at once. These aoe weapons are really popular with a lot of players for the great new updates like arcade, and I think it would be awesome for melee get in on the action. In addition, this would incentivize a wider range of donations and new donations for awesome melee weapons and armour sets.
  3. Jmart

    Hi everyone, You may or may not know but I collect brutal whips of all kinds and find it difficult to buy them in bulk. So, I was looking to buy all brutal whips from anyone that I don't normally see in-game. If anyone has bulk brutal whips (regular, elemental, shadow, gold, icy, shasta and blue) I would be happy to take them off of your hands. HMU in-game (Jmart) Discord (Jmart) or pm me on here. Best, Jmart
  4. Jmart

    Username: JmartRank In-game: Extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):
  5. Jmart

    I've never played Zelda but this sounds cool, I think there are a few NPC models that would work already. So, it should be fairly easy to implement. However, I do not know how development works. I'll vouch though.
  6. Jmart

    This guide is great, something that would be cool would be like a max wave with certain gear. Like if you have inga and an SFU you can get to X which is x amount of points.
  7. Jmart

    Huge vouch, we talked about this in discord before suggestion and it sounds just like the charged crystal. I'd also be in favor of something like the upgrade chest, seeing as the avery ring is also a donation item. Vouch
  8. Jmart

    I think this would be pretty cool if it worked so that you could actually change from weapon to weapon and use them. I have no idea why that would be useful but I think it would be pretty cool. I don't know what to put for the rest, I also agree with Chilladin on the untradeable aspect. Neutral
  9. Jmart

    It only makes sense with such a large donation, I mean ::dh has a POS. I'm in favor of this suggestion, however, I have never seen OC zone so I'm going to stay Neutral.
  10. Jmart

    To me, this sounds kind of like a mix of arcade and soulroom? Could you go into some further explanation?
  11. Jmart

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if on the new client in the market tab if we could have the items be sorted by their price. I can't really tell how they are currently being sorted but it makes it hard to look up prices. In addition, It would be helpful if you put the quantity how it is on the pos in game. With the quantity shown without having to hover over it. For me, if I'm buying in bulk this helps a lot. Thanks for reading, Joseph
  12. Hi everyone, I love the new slayer update and revamp and it has been really helpful in my time in the game. One suggestion I have is with donator you get the slayer anyway button and the perks of the slayer master everywhere you go. However, this perk is still coded/queued to the old slayer master. I was wondering if we could extend the slater master update to the anywhere slayer function for donators.
  13. Jmart

    Hi Thizy Great to see you on the forums! We love to have you in discord!
  14. New Dicezone is great! Will we be able to walk over the bridge soon?
  15. This content is amazing! I love the avenger's raid and the Hulk ring is my new goal!