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  1. Hide Your Ip

    I vouch for these changes. I've purchased a handful of items by mistake since then changes to marketplace.
  2. Hide Your Ip

    Not really a "page". But, I think that ALL drop tables and drop rates should be added for each monster, boss, and raid. Hidden drop rates obfuscate the importance of Luck boosting and drop boosting items.
  3. Hide Your Ip

    ::drops is what I use personally. But, @Australia did make a good point that some "Extremely rare" items are worthless.
  4. Hide Your Ip

    Yes, voting is down temporarily as the team works on fixing a defect. Please be patient. The team knows how important voting is for the server and it's players.
  5. Hide Your Ip

    I used to play back when blackjack tables were brand new.
  6. Hide Your Ip

    I want to start of by saying that I am making this post for the love of the server and with no disrespect to it. Second, all of the following feedback is purely my opinion and is open to any and all interpretation. That being said, lets begin. TOPIC #1: My entry point to this feedback will start with the Donation Store. For most veteran players its clearly apparent what I am about to get into but for new players, (I'M TALKING TO YOU) you are most immediately affected by this. Today, 31 May 2018. If you take a look at the donation store you can see copious amounts of what are effectively "JUNK" Items within the donation store. "What are these items?" you might say. I will list them below, "JUNK" Donation Store Items: ITEM #1: In-Game Price: 255B. ITEM #2: In-Game Price: 190B. ITEM #3: In-Game Price: 12B. ITEM #4: In-Game Price: 2T. ITEM #5: In-Game Price: 40T. ITEM #6: In-Game Price: Less than 250B. I can keep going on and on about the donation store items but I think I would hit my Image limit for this post so I wont bore you with more. But as you can see, the real world price of these items are completely irrespective of their in-game value. This is miss leading to new players who could be uninformed about the in-game economy. I am unsure if placing these items within the donation store are an attempt to make the store feel more "Full" with things to buy or an attempt to prey on uninformed players. (NOT THAT THE DREAMSCAPE TEAM WOULD EVER.) I feel that it would be in the communities interest to remove many of these items from the story thus making it easier for new players to decide on what to purchase as well as protect the new players investment into such a great server. TOPIC #2: The second point of discussion will be PvM. Many players consistently complain about the servers lack of drops for players. I have not inside knowledge into this servers drop rate mechanics but I suspect that my speculation is not far off from what the server is implementing today. Before I start getting plastered with comments/replies saying "YOU STUPID NOOB, YOU JUST DONT LIKE THE GRIND FOR RARE DROPS!!! GET GOOD!" etc... etc... That is your opinion and you are free to express that view. Quite frankly, I love grinding for rare drops and getting the euphoric feeling of getting one after hours an hours of grinding mobs. Anyways, What I suspect happened to this server is as follows, One hitter items. With the introduction of custom donations which allow users to incinerate NPC's click by click, this may have made the server a lot of money in the short term IE: BIG DONATIONS. But, this backed the dev team/ ownership into a corner. The rapid inflation that these items created in the economy forced the team to make a choice. Option #1: "Stop allowing custom item donations." or Option #2: "Decrease the rare+ drop rate table to mitigate the inflation." My suspicion is that the team went with option #2. This is completely viable and not a bad choice at all by the team but, this affects all users not just those using the custom items. Once they recognized this having an affect on the player base they began introducing "DROP RATE BOOSTING" items into the game, such as gear, pets, potions, etc... Which has in turn created a vicious circle that ultimately leads back to players donating for boosted drop rate items such as "Pets" specifically. Thus, the inflation of the economy continues and we are back at square one. Soo, at this point you might ask, "What can be done to fix this!?!?". Well, that is a difficult question to ask and I am sure that the team has been wrestling with this for quite some time as the economy gets worse and worse. My opinion of a solution is two things, #1: Remove custom donation and 1 hitter items from the donation store, leaving only overpowered high price items left. The overpowered items are equally contributing to this inflation but, we cant get rid of everything. #2: Make all of the custom donation items / 1 hitter items inflict a lessened drop rate on the user given that the kill rate that user get from these items will essentially make the item equal to an overpowered high value items such as the Khiones Staff for example. A proper statistical analysis would have to be conducted to determine the best solution for this. In closing, Regarding topic #2: How does the community feel about this issue? Am I the only one see this? A large majority of us are donators or have a stake in this server one way or another. What other ways can we prevent the destruction of the in-game economy aside from this? Let us put our minds together to build a longer lasting "eternal" Dreamscape for all of us.
  7. Hide Your Ip

    Sup nerds, Just got tired of another RSPS thought i would mix it up with a hyper customized one like this. The community has been super nice to my brother and I with questions regarding gear and its value / power. This server has quite the learning curve! Look forward to becoming the richest ingame player ever. Take care, Hide your ip
  8. Hide Your Ip

    Soo im new and was wondering how these things work. People donate 50 bucks for them and make money off of them??? Anyone care to explain? Thanks, Hide your ip

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