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  1. very neat addition, cant wait to see peoples creations! 😄
  2. w0w, best of luck to every donators!@!
  3. great update as always thanks to the devs for all the great content!
  4. Hc chong

    ill give a vouch for this as its a great idea but it will require the combine all option to take in count hm keys it will make and then multiply by scav xp per key made, but overall sounds do-able and a nice quality of life revamp
  5. Hc chong

    congratz alieni and bodhi! 😄 thanx bodhi ❤️ as bodhi said its been a truly successful month with all the community events, constant updates etc lets continue to even greater heights 😄
  6. Hc chong

    congratzzz bby!! well deserved for the grind you putted in it 😄
  7. ohhh damnn i thaught i was entered in early comments lmfao lucky me i checked XDDD gl everyone ign:hc chong timezone: est
  8. Ayyyy nice!!! Gl everyone!@! Ign: hc chong Timezone: montreal timezone Edit: i suck with timezones
  9. Hc chong

    Dayuuum dat loot was insanely easy to grab XD grtz to whoever openned all those boxes
  10. nice new additions to DS:GO! cant wait to see players get them in game! 😄
  11. Hc chong

    ty everyone k3 cant wait to do more with yall ingame :3
  12. Hc chong

    nice goals mate :p cant wait to see that droplog k3
  13. second lul, great update man cant wait to see peoples loots
  14. Hc chong

    damnnnn those prizes are nutty, better get your fashion scape out dreamers! glgl!@! :D:D
  15. nice bugfix update and overall graphical update k3

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