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  1. itll be ready before then? Last 3-4 updates all took 1 month+..
  2. Hc chong

    Great suggestion, i greatly vouch for that!
  3. Hc chong

    Hc chong
  4. Omfg welcome to hc chong leaderboard/monthly event😏😎😈😈😈
  5. Nahh range...lets all agree with cyberr, botting have been going for awhile and too many newcolers comes up with the same question g: is botting allowed? And instead of always responding : yes only for skilling. or whatever complicated answer we can come up with, we(if botting becomes against rules) only will have to answer no... #letsmakedsgreatagain #fucka50%botsplayeronlinecount #letsgetthingsstraight
  6. We all agree here, skilling botting mivht have been a thing for the past years but if were to have awesome custom skilling, why allow to bot it?
  7. Hc chong

    If i recall correctly i think drax have said on the other placeholder suggestion that wmit would reqhire the devs to make a new item icon for eveything ingame in a lighter shade just to have placeholder wich woukd be a huge waste of energy counting how many customs we have lelel
  8. Hc chong

    Woah thanx yall for the support, ill continue brainstorm some other sick ideas like this one, but before, ill need a forum teacher to put in sum colors sometimes to accentuate certain points in my future posts 😅😅
  9. Hey all, hc cheech&chong here with another sick suggestion. Since were on a custom skilling spree(skilling pets with custom benefits, mystic woods) i had an idea since awhile and i guess its time for the cat to get out the bag... I wanna present yall the herblore DREAM POTION MAKING custom skilling, with custom empty vials(4 hours in super donator shop, 8 hours in extreme 24 in sponsor and maybe new 48 hours dream potions from our executive players) and the items required to make dream xp, str, magic, range, droprate and double droprate, one item for each dream potion in super donor shop, the vials being untradeable and items to make potions tradeable so super donators can have a moneymaker from grinding donator points in the super dungeon. Looking forward your opinions on that one
  10. Hc chong

    Hmmm possible an arcade friday x1.5 tokens or something like that, a pvm day aswell where spons ext and just overall points from pvming sources are doubled, for now a pking day is useless till a pking rework, pretty much all i think of rn Edit: on pvm day maybe there could be 1-2-3 wgatever the number, nore souls dropped depending on donor rank so let say avg olaf souls drop per kill is 3-8 then with basic dono itd be 4-9 and so on till exec, 1-2-3-4-5 are just basic numbers it could be 3-4-5-6-7 aswell 😛
  11. Hc chong

    Definitely not double arcade pts and souls, tbh all the systtem is bad, i once saw that type of daily benefits on another gane and since not rs related i wont be scared to namedrop but TROVE, it have that type of system and legit there is only 2-3 important days worth logging in and the rest of the week its lretty dead, we dont want to have people playin 1-2-3 days a week only for daily benefits to end up somehoaw leaving cause benefits gets useless overtime, big fat NO VOUCH over here
  12. Hc chong

    Existing Content Name:hulk ring Content type (e.g. boss/minigame/skill/donation perk etc):equipment rework Current Problems with Content:my problem with hulk ring(idk about others) is that its 40q ish for a morphing rign that only have one morph to it Explanation of proposed revamps (please give as much detail as possible):either completely switch hulk ring to a new ring called avengers ring, giving the other npcs from avengers raid as options to morph into beside those that have costumes or armors(spiderman, ironman, cap america) and possibly rework the stats to make avenger ring a viable ring to use in combat for 40q AND/OR give the easy upgrade option in upgrade chest to hulk rings with the idea above as result What is required to be added (npc’s/objects/items/areas):avengers ring, avengers raids npc's morph options Added rewards/benefits to players from Revamp:it would give a better life to hulk ring and fashionscape instead of always seeing people sell the hulk ring they get cause it have only one use and possibly that a stat rework on avengers ring would make it a more wanted item
  13. Hc chong

    Existing Content Name:hylian shield Content type (e.g. boss/minigame/skill/donation perk etc):equipement Current Problems with Content:its stats are pretty much trash in nowadays meta Explanation of proposed revamps (please give as much detail as possible):we could make hylian become upgradeable to become the dark hylian shield, a darker verion of the shield with good stats for the current meta, but it has to be hard or dream level updrade since there is a load of em ingame What is required to be added (npc’s/objects/items/areas):hylian shield to upgrade chest with hard/dream difficulty for the dark hylian shield result and its strong stats Added rewards/benefits to players from Revamp:a brand new offhand option that will fit link set(mostly used when bossing) aswell as sinking hylian shields and giving them value for new players instead of telling them "50b hylian shield"
  14. Hc chong

    Hc chong Est