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  1. Hc chong

    @808raptor right?! 😮 very nice month we had 😛 @Anti imma pm you later a sick drop for this month, something never before seen in ds
  2. Hc chong

    Hmm how about we make that somehow a perk to be aquired through diglett grind? Let say diglett could drop something considered a diglett untradeable currency let say its a diglett nose, the shop selling the lantern would have a new item let say the diglett gps, woukd cost like 250-500 diglett noses and those nose arent too rare but nit coommon every drop either
  3. Hc chong

    808 is right, should make all bosses in exec raid count toward slayer and put either killcounters for every raidboss or for the exec raid itself, about the others i greatly vouch aswell, corp kc only being broken since 2-3 updates stryke and trinity never even having one and same goes with arcade
  4. Hc chong

    Vouch, already talked about that subject ingame with some peeps and we were all agreeing on something like a right click option or a ::checkcc (cc=code chest) command giving kinda the same interface as dbox and dscratch cards
  5. Hc chong

    Ayyy nice glgl to contestant! Ign hc chong
  6. Hc chong

    Vouch, we need some way to reduce the big elos losses, either by maiing this milestone system a thing or to make it so we only loose 1% per missed day not the whole streak
  7. Hc chong

    AND think about the abuses possible, to get in zones that arent made for your donator rank, no vouch for that reason
  8. Hc chong

    I support that!
  9. Hc chong

    Sugvested it to drax as soon as i became exec and he said its possible cause they did it for spons zone so im pretty sure we will get that really soon 😛 hughuge +1 for me
  10. Hc chong

  11. Hc chong

    Meh, another rich get richer scheme -1 no support here
  12. Hc chong

    +1 id be glad to get daily different boxes instead of the possible super mbox from extreme and the other ext rewards