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  1. hilbilydelux

    very keen for the new season its going to be a struggle with out the boxes and might rely heavily on donating if people can afford to
  2. hilbilydelux

    im not 100% sure how it would be monitored but yeah something needs to b done
  3. This is my first time playing competitive mode and i am really enjoying it i've been putting in a lot of hours only to find numerous amounts of comp accounts botting skills. It doesn't really make it a competition if we are competing with bots? Its a huge disadvantage to people who play the game legitimately. I think that anyone caught botting should b removed from the comp?
  4. ign:hilbilydelux if i am awake would love to join but all the dicing events are always around 3-4am for me =/ goodluck all that enters
  5. hilbilydelux

  6. hilbilydelux

    too prestige comp account do we need all 99 but gamble, also does the achievements reset? and your bank gets wiped?
  7. hilbilydelux

    goodluck everyone
  8. ign: hilbilydelux timezone: AEST
  9. hilbilydelux

    doesnt have to be double was just a basic sort of outline like it definitly wouldnt be x2 but you get the sorta thing i was aiming for
  10. hilbilydelux

    Okay so i was thinking during the week we could have addition bonus's on certain days. Monday- Minigame Madness All mini games reward players with double the points per game. This would include Castle wars, Battlegrounds, avengers and Arcade. This would make alot more people play the mini games and everyone would be doing it on this day making it easier to find games. Tuesday- Two up Tuesdays Trivia points doubled, vote books doubled, Double nest drops from trees and double cash from theiving. Wednesday-Wild wednesdays All souls from npcs would be doubled. Thursday- Thirsty Thursday x2 Slayer Points, x2 Extreme and ownercape/sponsor zone Points. Friday- Friendly fridays x2 skilling xp all day for all skills
  11. He could also bring you random chest that contains items/cash and maybe as ultra rare you can get leprechaun armour peices which could be a new hybrid armour with dr% and ddr? "your leprechaun has been treasure hunting and has bought back a chest for you"
  12. hilbilydelux

    ign: hilbilydelux timezone: AEST Love these events always alot of fun to b part of
  13. hilbilydelux

    ign: hilbilydelux timezone: aest
  14. hilbilydelux

    ign: hilbilydelux timezone: Australia AEST