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  1. im bad bruh

    as a person who participated but quit due to circumstances i will def suggest things
  2. im bad bruh

    wait i thought achievements auto claimed already ? i guess not but i +1 this is a really good suggestion tbh
  3. im bad bruh

    i had several people pm me i just ignore them and only buy when staff is online to middle man
  4. im bad bruh

    hell yeah glad i told you about the competitive mode drop rates @DRAX
  5. im bad bruh

    welcome to server if you need help feel free 2 pm me ingame
  6. im bad bruh

    legit donating doesn't help on skilling and compete gems lol
  7. im bad bruh

    yeah but donating doesnt help you at all l0l
  8. im bad bruh

    congrats homie well deserved partnership also thanks for donations to keep ds alive 😄
  9. im bad bruh

    time to grind 😄 even though i had an ironman but i dont mind start over again since i barely started it would be nice to see peoples training methods gl everyone
  10. im bad bruh

    holy s***t good job nice grinding curious if you have the strykwyrm set already ? @808raptor
  11. im bad bruh

    +1 i dont even find skilling enjoyable on this server shit takes 2 long and donor boss is dead content since lamp nerfed one lamp gives me like 2k exp lol at least make it buff to 10k exp on all skills will be better therefore 10 lamps = 100k
  12. im bad bruh

    i think castle wars could be re-vived if the players only join saradomin team and the zamorak team is npcs like in falador massacre minigame and we gotta compete vs them in a last man standing
  13. im bad bruh

    shoutout @Jason the dudes really friendly and works hard on wiki wish 2 see the updated zulrah and raids guides soon
  14. im bad bruh

    @Bodhi wanna be b0aty ?!?! lol