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  1. HC Jinx

    Let's not forget the ELO change. I've completely quit the server with this update, not to mention players have previously bought ELO back over 100% after missing a day and plats that have been given ELO as a bonus from crates is utterly useless?? I'll continue to browse forums and discord, but aside from that I'm done.
  2. HC Jinx

    This would be an awesome idea! Big Vouch 😄 Easier to keep track of merchanting in game or even a to do list for gear/drops.
  3. Wish I could make it, good luck to all!!
  4. HC Jinx

    Big Vouch! Maybe a helicopter > Thanos as well Upgrades definitely Needs a revamp in some way.
  5. HC Jinx

    Super juicy loots my dude! Keep up the hard work, I love seeing your progress! 😄
  6. Amazing QOL! Glad to see my Xebos stack suggestion in game, and the BFGU is fixed! Good work team 😄
  7. HC Jinx

    All these arts look incredible! Star Guardian Jinx request 😄
  8. HC Jinx

    Really good to see some new guides going up!! My only suggestion for this thread to make it pop is, you already added a good starting picture at the top, maybe separate the paragraphs a little more, throw some colour in and make it 2-4 sizes bigger 😄 keep up the good work! Hope to see more in the future from you Edit: Hey that's much more like it! More pictures to follow, I love it 😄
  9. HC Jinx

    What's the current issue? Xebos invitations can currently be used incorrectly and cause the player to lose multiple invitations whilst doing bulk runs. Whilst doing a bulk run of anything, the most important thing is muscle memory with mouse clicks. These memory techniques however can be easily messed up, for example my rotation for bulk running Xebos is this: Use invitation, spam click Xebos followed by spam clicking attack, whilst killing xebos open my teleports panel and hover my mouse over "HOME", once his HP hits 0 click home, click last Xebos invitation in inventory as it uses first one anyway for better memory for mouse clicks. One of two main issues I have come across and I'm sure many other bulk runners have as well, is that when you click the last one in your inventory if you're tired or not 100% focused your "muscle memory" might kick in for spamming talk/attack. When this happens, you use multiple invitations but only gain access once and you just lost 1.5M instantly. The other issue I've found is if you click the home teleport too early as his HP reaches 0, you have a chance of not receiving an Event Box and again that's an instant loss of 1.5M. A smaller thing that isn't a current "issue" per say is that the "talk to" option should be removed once the Karma access has been granted to the account to save time. Both can obviously be avoided if your focus is high, but these days most people play with two monitors with YouTube or Netflix in the background, or in my case have children running around distracting your every move ^-^ , hence it simply being a QOL improvement if these were fixed. This next suggestion is completely "OPTIONAL" when taken into account of approval. Should Xebos invitations be stackable in your inventory, along with the Event Box being added to your inventory as a noted item, thus eliminating the need to bank, thus shaving off a few seconds per inventory? Could I ask players when they respond to the thread in it's entirety please add a secondary vouch or no vouch to this separately to see what you all think on this alone as well as answering the poll above. What's your suggested way of fixing it? To fix the first issue; When using the Xebos invitation it could be changed to a teleport animation like any other in the game instead of it's current instant arrival within the instance. During this animation if you do accidentally click a second invitation you will be prompted with a message of "You cannot use this item while teleporting", thus removing the risk entirely of losing an extra invitation. To fix the second, you could reverse engineer the first issue to make sure that it doesn't actually add time to the total time it takes to complete a kill. Adding the first method would make it so once you click teleport home, you wouldn't be able to initiate the next invitation until your animation completes, which would in turn add 2-3 seconds per run. (doesn't sound like a lot but when you're bulk running, every second added is multiplied by 100-1000 times depending on how many invitations you have saved). Let me elaborate on reverse engineer the first amended issue; remember the Christmas event of 2018 when you killed the elven king and the instant his HP hit 0 you were instantly teleported home + you had the daily raffle ticket added to your inventory? Exactly the same thing should be added with Xebos, so the new time it takes to teleport in is taken into account to save time PLUS it would eliminate the need to click your home teleport yourself and risk the chance of missing the Event Box entirely. The third issue is fairly self explanatory, remove the option to talk to Xebos so you can just start attacking. This again comes down to saving 2-3 seconds per run as a small QOL. How will this benefit player/server? I feel as if this update would eliminate the risk of losing an invitation entirely as well as increase the a players rate of intent to complete the runs themselves rather than out sourcing to an external runner/trading invites for event boxes as it simplifies the process of the run in general as well. How could this be expanded in future? I don't believe this is applicable to this suggestion as it's a QOL extension on a current event within the game. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Fixing the current issues wouldn't change the economy at all, the same number of invites come in at the same rate they get used. This also includes the potential stackable invites and noted Event Boxes I mentioned at the start of the thread, the same numbers go in and out; just at a slightly quicker rate to increase efficiency.
  10. HC Jinx

    Me likey the Jinx one 😄 Amazing work all round though!
  11. HC Jinx

    Quick update: lost my elo by 20 seconds 😂 ahh well one day I’ll rebuild it. Appreciate the support guys, I’ll still browse forums and discord but my in game days are done for now.
  12. HC Jinx

    Ofc Ceej! I’ll still be active on forums and discord 😄
  13. HC Jinx

    Hey DSGANG! It’s a sad day for me to announce that I will be ceasing my gameplay on DreamScape for the next 6-12 months. With 4 kids and a full time job, there’s not really much to enjoy for me currently on the server, unfortunately with having low amount of time on my PC I’d prefer to invest my time into League of Legends or Overwatch 😞 I’m not leaving for good, and I will attempt to keep my elo up since it’s at 150 Days and I know I will return with a good update or when the mood strikes. I just want to say thank you to the amazing players that helped me along the way in my adventure; Max (couldn’t find your tag buddy but I know you’ll see this) thanks for being such a mad lad to chat with and muck around with, @Feedsyou’ve always had my back and had my best interest in mind and I couldn’t appreciate that more, @Werwg One day we’ll catch up IRL man, you’ve always been a great friend to me on here and answered every question I had and did what you could to unleash my true potential on here. And finally, @808raptor, one of the main reasons I got so far on DS was to this lad right here, He’s honestly been the biggest help to me here and I can’t thank him enough for his efforts in helping. TTFN lads, Much Love, Jinx
  14. HC Jinx

    Welcome to the family Kait! I mostly hang out at ::dicezone when I’m on, feel free to add me if you need any advice or help Pro Tip: Follow the newest guide on the forums by @Cjbear and you’ll do great!!
  15. HC Jinx

    I couldn’t agree more, this RSPS has been our home and we are a family. The staff team that we have, have made us the luckiest players we could have ever hoped for. We got knocked to the bottom, and in less than 3 days you amazing people flipped it back around and have made it better than ever! I’m so greatful to be apart of this family, look forward to many more close years to come!! Special shoutout to @Feeds, @Werwg and C1(couldn’t find your tag D:) for helping my support ticket personally. And the biggest shoutout to @DRAX for holding his head high, admitting the mistakes and fixing them beyond anything we could have imagined. Thank you lads
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