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  1. HC Jinx

    A collect all button would be amazing!! Vouch on that!
  2. HC Jinx

    😜Do we get any for first response! Good luck everyone!
  3. HC Jinx

    I also agree with this, even as a sponsor I still have a hard time collecting cash with the low amount of time I’m able to put in each week with 4 kids. If there was something low tier that could help me achieve even 5Q to get a MiniGun to do raids would be possible quicker. That being said, I think there should be a daily limit on how many NPC kills one could gain in a day for monsters that have 250-1000 HP each, so the need for a grind is still plausible moving forwards.
  4. HC Jinx

    I agree that as a “rare” pet it should include some bonuses, I’m not too sure about the amounts however. 5% drop rate should be more than sufficient for its early game help to newcomers and Ironman/competitive accounts. However, adding a 5% double drop rate to it would be a little too overpowered for its early game status and would be less of an immediate upgrade moving forwards in your progress. I do also like the idea that it boosts drop rate of the mystery boxes themselves though! vouch
  5. HC Jinx

    Apon the emperors ring’s release it was stated that more would be added to its equippable stats/passives. I for one would love to see this added! +1 Vouch
  6. HC Jinx

    Username: HC Jinx Rank In-Game: Sponsor Proof (screenshot): Special Footnote: Raptor Is Still Newb. :3
  7. HC Jinx

    Love the idea of this event! Way to go DSGANG! I've never been apart of an RSPS community that really looks after, and accepts as many suggestions as you do. But to make a suggestion event for a specific area of the game, especially on one that was already new content and almost flawless is a credit to our community. Well done! I wish everyone luck with their suggestions, and would love to be able to read them all and upvote a few!
  8. HC Jinx

    Love the feedback lads! Very good suggestion additions to it PS: Will edit the coulors xD
  9. What is the content called NPC Rare Drop Log How does it work? Part1: The Rare Drop Log will work as an interface people can view on their account in game to view all the custom NPC's within DreamScape. This interface would have all custom NPC's added to it as a list on the left much like the teleport list, however it will include things like Pikachu and Sonic etc from ::Train to count your total 1B Tickets from that NPC if you wanted to show you've wasted a lot of time (^-^). When you click on a certain NPC for example "Chaos Elemental" it will show a panel on the right that show's all unique drops including NPC Souls from the "Chaos Elemental" whilst showing your total kill count for that NPC in the top left/right hand corner. All items shown will be grey'd out to start with until you collect each unique drop from that NPC, so with the Chaos Elemental it will show; Chaos Ele Soul, Pink Whip, Elemental Helm, Elemental Platebody, Elemental Platelegs, Elemental Boots, Elemental Kiteshield, Elemental Brutal Whip, Chaos Elemental Jr. As mentioned, each of these items will be grey'd out until you receive said item as a drop. Once you have collected an Item for example: Elemental Helm, that item will light up and have a little "1" in the bottom corner of that displayed item to show how many total you have received. For each item, you can click on it within the panel and see what kill count that item dropped for you for the first time. For items such as NPC Souls and 1B tickets, they will be counted 1:1 so you can see exactly how many you have collected from that NPC. Example; Diglet COMMON 87,345 1B Tickets, Rare 2,500 1B Tickets, ULTRA RARE 0 1B Tickets. This would be the same for souls for each NPC. There should also be an NPC/Object in game that you can search any players drop log so you can see just how lucky or unlucky some players really are and compare logs with friends. Part2: This is a much more simple suggestion in regards to rare items dropped. We should remove global announcements for some items such as "Duel Haloswords", "Bandos Spear" & "Primal Maul(b)" because they're way too common, and let's be honest; not important to the server at all. For when a player does receive a drop however, maybe the announcement could be worded a little differently to show the players kill count for that particular NPC; "HC JINX HAS JUST RECEIVED A DOUBLE DROP OF CHAOS ELEMENTAL JR. FROM CHAOS ELEMENTAL AT KILL COUNT 12,768!". What rewards does it give? For each NPC, a reward could be given when you receive every rare drop on that table at least once, ten times, one hundred times etc.. For receiving every Chaos Elemental drop at least once you will be given let's say 2 Dynamic Mystery Boxes or $10 worth of Grand-lottery entries. For receiving every Chaos Elemental drop at least 10 times, the reward will be much more worth your while; 15 Dynamic Mystery Boxes or $50 worth of Grand-lottery entries. Keep in mind, not all NPC's will have a reward system and not all rewards will be the same. For completing a set of Chaos Ele will be more beneficial then completing Barrelchest due to the amount of rare drops. NPC's such as the ones at ::Train will only be used as a kill log and drop counter. If a player finished EVERY rare drop at least once, they may receive a $500 in-store credit to spend on whatever they wanted. This would take such a long time to achieve even with the help of drop rate boosters and ownercape/executive. This could only be claimed once per account regardless of how many times you completed every item after that. I'm not 100% sure what the rewards should be if any at all. We could just have the simple ability to show off and gloat, we can discuss this at a later stage of development if it's accepted. How will it benefit server/players? I think this will benefit the players with incentive and motivation to kill more of a variety of NPC's rather than just sticking to one NPC for 100k kills stacking up on those juicy drops for faster farming methods as 99% of players do (including myself if you haven't noticed the Chaos Elemental theme going on xD). How could it be expanded in the future? Maybe once a week the admins could run an event through everyone's panel. The event would show what NPC everyone needed to kill to collect the drops from and what the reward would be. This could have a time limit and the winner could be whoever had the most drops in that time, or it could be limitless and go for as long as it needs to for it to be completed. Example: Current Event Chaos Elemental, time remaining: 6 Days, 23 Hours, 59 Seconds. Reward: Golden Minigun. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Assuming we don't use a reward system, this wouldn't really change the amount of items injected into the game as it's still exactly as it is currently drop wise. If we did use a reward system, it would ultimately depend on what the rewards were. But remember, not all NPC's will give amazing rewards if any at all + It would be an extremely long grind. ::PLEASE NOTE:: Every player will have a clean slate! This means all previous drops will not count! You cannot use the item from your inventory on the panel to show you have received the drop because you could have bought it!! I realise some players would have already received a large amount of these drops; but that's the fun in it! (IRONMEN CAN USE THE ITEM ON THE PANEL TO SHOW THEY RECEIVED THE DROP!)