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  1. HC Jinx

    I haven't played much in recent days, but I can't understand why they would have been removed to begin with 🤷‍♂️. Definitely a vouch.
  2. HC Jinx

    Sounds like a cool opportunity with a great reap of benefits for all, even those not participating. Keep up the good work team
  3. HC Jinx

    Definitely something that should be in the game, VOUCH!
  4. HC Jinx

    I've been playing on and off for about 2 years now. Been about 6 months since I've really put any effort in, but I pop up every now and then 😂
  5. HC Jinx

    I don't really do slayer other than sire, but I agree that this would be a much needed item 😄
  6. HC Jinx

    Believe it or not, nothing. I would literally just grind and gamble. (Does having YouTube open on my second screen playing the wiggles for my daughter count?) Because if so, then that's what I do 😂😂
  7. HC Jinx

    The collector's necklace already has a chat option to show you what has been picked up by it,
  8. HC Jinx

    I'm all for it! However, anyone with one hit items could go to Corp and prestige all but prayer in like 15 Kills 😛 would need to be heavily balanced
  9. I'm not even platinum and I'm extremely disappointed in this crate.. I get that the more plat partners we have, the more freebies given out, but c'mon that's the perks.. Live up to the standards.
  10. HC Jinx

    While the cumulative value is indeed higher at Tier10, the drop rate decreases significantly after Tier3. But I suppose if you think of it as time spent, you would need 19 sets of Tier3 before making the same amount of points as one grind to Tier10. So potato, potato I guess. All in all, amazing guide! Would love to see more of these! Keep up the great work 😄
  11. HC Jinx

    Let's not forget the ELO change. I've completely quit the server with this update, not to mention players have previously bought ELO back over 100% after missing a day and plats that have been given ELO as a bonus from crates is utterly useless?? I'll continue to browse forums and discord, but aside from that I'm done.
  12. HC Jinx

    This would be an awesome idea! Big Vouch 😄 Easier to keep track of merchanting in game or even a to do list for gear/drops.
  13. Wish I could make it, good luck to all!!
  14. HC Jinx

    Big Vouch! Maybe a helicopter > Thanos as well Upgrades definitely Needs a revamp in some way.
  15. HC Jinx

    Super juicy loots my dude! Keep up the hard work, I love seeing your progress! 😄

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