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  1. HC Jinx

    Quick update: lost my elo by 20 seconds 😂 ahh well one day I’ll rebuild it. Appreciate the support guys, I’ll still browse forums and discord but my in game days are done for now.
  2. HC Jinx

    Ofc Ceej! I’ll still be active on forums and discord 😄
  3. HC Jinx

    Hey DSGANG! It’s a sad day for me to announce that I will be ceasing my gameplay on DreamScape for the next 6-12 months. With 4 kids and a full time job, there’s not really much to enjoy for me currently on the server, unfortunately with having low amount of time on my PC I’d prefer to invest my time into League of Legends or Overwatch 😞 I’m not leaving for good, and I will attempt to keep my elo up since it’s at 150 Days and I know I will return with a good update or when the mood strikes. I just want to say thank you to the amazing players that helped me along the way in my adventure; Max (couldn’t find your tag buddy but I know you’ll see this) thanks for being such a mad lad to chat with and muck around with, @Feedsyou’ve always had my back and had my best interest in mind and I couldn’t appreciate that more, @Werwg One day we’ll catch up IRL man, you’ve always been a great friend to me on here and answered every question I had and did what you could to unleash my true potential on here. And finally, @808raptor, one of the main reasons I got so far on DS was to this lad right here, He’s honestly been the biggest help to me here and I can’t thank him enough for his efforts in helping. TTFN lads, Much Love, Jinx
  4. HC Jinx

    Welcome to the family Kait! I mostly hang out at ::dicezone when I’m on, feel free to add me if you need any advice or help Pro Tip: Follow the newest guide on the forums by @Cjbear and you’ll do great!!
  5. HC Jinx

    I couldn’t agree more, this RSPS has been our home and we are a family. The staff team that we have, have made us the luckiest players we could have ever hoped for. We got knocked to the bottom, and in less than 3 days you amazing people flipped it back around and have made it better than ever! I’m so greatful to be apart of this family, look forward to many more close years to come!! Special shoutout to @Feeds, @Werwg and C1(couldn’t find your tag D:) for helping my support ticket personally. And the biggest shoutout to @DRAX for holding his head high, admitting the mistakes and fixing them beyond anything we could have imagined. Thank you lads
  6. HC Jinx

    I like this just as a QOL improvement, but It's also something I could live without and I'm sure others would agree. +1 Vouch from me
  7. HC Jinx

    I don’t really see a need for this, plus there’s like 7 different revs within the caves, so you’d have 7 different counters. The only way I could see a number being added to any form of rev instance is the paid instance for 1,000 kills letting you know 900 remaning, 800,700,600 Etc.. No support sorry 😞 but keep the suggestions coming 😄
  8. HC Jinx

    I for one love this idea, it seemed so strange when they released only one combat stone into the game for the arrow slot. Big Vouch from me!
  9. HC Jinx

    I think it was intended for different tiers of rewards, but that’s pointless due to the lack of items. I agree with this 100% +1
  10. HC Jinx

    I’m going to have to no Vouch this I’m afraid, even if they set up a registered email to retrieve passwords sending a bank pin via email wouldn’t work. The item log is also a bad idea, someone would probably find a way to manipulate it. i understand waiting for said actions can be daunting, but some things are better to be left to be handled by the support team.
  11. Amazing update guys! I just had had a few questions, the thumper; what is it’s drop rate, double drop, luck, 1/5 X max hit, attack speed etc? A simple picture of the stats doesn’t help 😛 (THAT AOE IS AMAZING!) Again with the dream armour tiers; I know the stats get changed to a maximum of 2.5, does this effect the drop rate and double drop rates? keep up the great work! Good Job Platinum partners for giving us some juicy updates!
  12. HC Jinx

    Good to hear you’re back on track Filth, very nice efforts my man. A very warn warm welcome back 😄
  13. HC Jinx

    Gratz to the winners!! Also: “First ever drop event”? 😂
  14. Amazing efforts to the dev team as always!! Thought for sure with the gap month in competitive seasons we would get results for the suggestion event, but alas! The waiting shall continue ^-^
  15. HC Jinx

    Love the effort Ceej, I just have a few concerns 😮 if we were to use lamps on an “X” based figure, what happens when you level up? For example: using a full invent on a level 70 skill at 7k per lamp, you’re going to get 196K exp as aposed to getting 7,100 XP for half of said lamps. It’s a huge deal breaker, but xp is xp. I for one also don’t see a need for a shortcut to bank, it’s not that long a text to type out and majority of gamers have keyboards and mice with macro keys, I for one have M5 on my keyboard set to type ::bank followed by pressing enter so it just opens instantly. I can however see it being a pain whilst buying drygores or doing crafting etc. I’m going to have to say NEUTRAL my dude. But keep the suggestions coming!!