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  1. I have to agree with CJ here 😮 I for one would love to know how to obtain 😄 Amazing update! So in love with the new DScoin tiers!!
  2. HC Jinx

    Hey guys! So, I've been apart fo the #DSGANG for about a year now and I never made one of these . In game I go by "HC Jinx" but my normal gaming name is "Jinxstalock", back when I started DS I made a normal account with this name, not realising how important HC accounts were at the time 😛. My real name is "Sam", please feel free to call me either of the previously stated 😄, I'm 24 years old and live in Queensland Australia. I also have 4 beautiful children who I devote most of my time and attention towards, so being online isn't always an easy option unfortunately ^-^ I've been playing Runescape since I was 6 years old (Yes, I've been playing the same game for 18 years xD). I still play RS3 > OSRS to this day since it's what I know best and I have a maxed account. I grew up playing basketball when I was a kid, started out playing in a normal local club as every kid does moving up to playing representative basketball on a state scale. I actually haven't grown at all since I was 12 years old (PS: I'm 6FT 4" ^-^). With my height as an advantage, I was picked up by a scout at the age of 14 to play semi-professional basketball as apart of a practice team for the professional NBL teams between games (Australia's version on NBA lol). After my third paid game (this was not a high amount FYI xD), it was apparent to me that this wasn't the road I wanted to take in life so I opted out of the program and scholarship I was offered and went back to being be a normal kid who sat in his room all night playing RuneScape ^-^ Not really much else to say about me I don't think, but I do have one more thing to add; Raptor Is Noob ^-^-^
  3. HC Jinx

    Lads, the suggestion section of these forums is intended for one to share their ideas, followed by the community sharing their opinion weather it’s supported or unsupported, nothing more. No ones having a go at you mate, they were just simply explaining why it’s not a good idea, as per this sections intention. Firing backwards and forwards at eachother isn’t going to change ones opinion on the matter no matter how hard you try to push it. Announcing your confusion is all you need to do to gain a more elaborated understanding so you can try and see it from others point of view too. Alas; along with the others above, I agree this should not be implemented as the risk for reward at higher scavenger levels is intended to be harder to achieve. If the rules of this section can not be followed, the thread will be closed. Sincerely, Jinx
  4. HC Jinx

    Brisbane here lads 😄 would be cool if we could do an IRL meet up at the bunker!
  5. HC Jinx

    What’s League of Legends? Never heard of it, the “champions” look lame... You know what would be a cool character though? A character named “Jinx”! Lolol, I’m on OCE too my dude! I don’t play ranked anymore but I was a diamond mid/adc main back in S2/3. My reflexes are a bit shot now since I’ve had 4 kids and my play time has reduced drastically, but I still enjoy playing norms! My main love is URF though 😄
  6. HC Jinx

    Vouch!! i agree this should be updated in some way, it’s dead content currently.
  7. HC Jinx

    I’m going to have to disagree with this suggestion for a few reasons; There are things in place so the PVMer can protect themselves against the PKers like the Scroll of Protection. Yes, it’s an expensive piece to try to obtain, and not everyone will be able to. But that’s the whole idea of the system. Changing the prices of the rewards for purchasing isn’t really going to do much, nor will there be a bigger influx of totems. The entire cave is completely camped out pretty much 100% of the time, disallowing PKers from the area isn’t going to change the influx drastically. Other people have suggested we add we add more levels to the caves in the past and I don’t see the point. That would only increase the prices required to buy, and still lower the price of the items in the economy. Maybe instead, a “grace period” where once you’ve been killed by another player you gain a 5 minute grace period where you can’t be attacked again by players. But any more then 5 minutes sort of makes the Scroll of Protection redundant. I’m going to have to No Vouch sorry 😞 But please make more suggestions in the future!!
  8. Amazing work team!! Keep it up! PS: I’m gonna have to make a suggestion thread for an off-hand setting for BFG
  9. HC Jinx

    I like the idea of another skilling method to gain clue scrolls, but I don’t think dragon implings should have amazing loot per say. Maybe add add a level 120 or 150 impling that acts as an event box in sorts, but you’re limited to catching 2 per day or something.
  10. While I don’t even have the cape from the normal arcade, I assumed that this was already a thing because it makes so much sense. Big Vouch!!
  11. HC Jinx

    I’m going to have to agree with everyone above, very well put. if the rates were easier, it would diminish hardcore account skilling achievements. No Vouch I’m afraid 😞
  12. HC Jinx

    I’d have to agree on this for mystery boxes since they’re stackable, birds nests are stackable and they do exactly this when opening them. VOUCH!!
  13. HC Jinx

    Some of these have been said; but none the less I’d love to see them! Rank: Sponsor suggestion 1: Move certain NPC’s closer together, we have 11 Olaf’s right next to each other which is great. But then we have 9 magegrays and 8 necro’s which we can’t even one hit 😛 would make sense to have every npc have it’s own area like chaos ele’s are in 4 different spots for example. suggestion 2: Move donor boss to one corner and make that corner only a multi combat zone, not the whole floor because that would make executive almost redundant. Suggestion 3: Speaking of Magegray and Necro’s, they should at least be one-hittable whilst within Ownercape zones. Chaos elemental can’t be one hit outside the zone, but can within. Something similar for those two would be great . Even if one hitting them is too broken; make the max hit on them 1,000(10,000 for those who play on x10) so it still requires more time to kill them persay, but at least it would be more consistent.
  14. HC Jinx

    I’m gonna have to say no vouch on this one my dude 😞. Glock is intended as a starter range weapon and is quite easy to obtain; for normal accounts it’s not even really an upgrade from the dual Barretta’s you start off with. From there an Assault rifle and Scoped Rifle (u) aren’t too hard to obtain and they’re pretty decent until you can work on golden AK and from there you’re pretty much flying. I could agree on the Desert Eagle being implemented, however not really for an early game stasis. Maybe a mid tier with +1000 ranged strength (400 more then golden AK) but it’s attack speed would have to be the same as other slower weapons in the game such as bazooka. I love the thought though for early game users and non-donors! Keep the suggestions coming
  15. HC Jinx

    😜Do we get any for first response! Good luck everyone!