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  1. What's the current issue? --clue scrolls-- What's your suggested way of fixing it? --rather than getting the reward straight up from the last step, i propose the reward be given to you as a casket just like real runescape-- How will this benefit player/server? --I think it would be cool to be able to stack up clues and be able to open them all for a rush of serotonin.-- How could this be expanded in future? --I Have some ideas involving upgrades. like say you finish 10 easy clues you can combine them into 1 of the next tier or rather 5 into the next tier. and
  2. So i use to do Youtube back in the day, I want to start fresh and make a really long series. Something that'll keep me moving on this server. Was wondering what's something I can do, that you guys would watch? I know I'm not huge like eggy or didy, but I do have an interest in doing something to promote this server, as well as keeping the community entertained. let me hear your thoughts! or even shoot me a message in game as we can talk!
  3. I just wish that clue scroll rewards came in a casket for their tier and were stackable. would be nice to be able to open them all at once especially since the rewards have been improved!
  4. im down ign: ansity timezone: mst (AZ U.S.A) UTC -7
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