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  1. Having recently had to go through this server's support structure, there is no way to check on a ticket once it has been created. I can see if there is a response but there is no clear path of escalation should i have issues in regards to turn around time or quality of answers provided. My suggestion is to lay out a way we can have someone in game as well as a clear point of contact on the forums in order to get status updates.
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    I call this one...... The Dark Adjudicator!
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    1. I'd like the Sponsor zone bosses to ALL be one-shotable with the oc cape (Maybe just severely reduce the amount of necros, etc.) 2. I'd like the ability, for like 2.147B sponsor points, to buy an exec totem (for those that can't spend money) 3. Instanced mbox zone that is for Extreme+ so they can camp their own set of pengs for clues (LOOKING AT YOU TRIVIA GOD LOLOLOL) IGN: Blackblade54 Rank: Sponsor
  4. Hot damn these are some spicy updates!!!! GREAT JOB TEAM!!
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    Username: Blackblade54 In-Game Rank: Sponsor
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  7. mfw when i have to train my skills now instead of farming Raiden LOL