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  1. Daddy Evak

    Due to the high volume of giveaways we should make a pvm team, people who farm drops for give away's, such as (ele pieces, shadow pieces, soulflares, ect.) not people who are trying to make cash for themselves but to help with the givaways. altho your generosity will be rewarded. Also like you mentioned Bob, have a event on certain days where the person to upgrade the most items with proof wins a cash price, (also a way to flood out items in the eco :D ) many teams should be formed. (pvm team) (recruitment team) (staff team) (forum team) these are my suggestions, #BOBSPLAN
  2. Daddy Evak

    AWESOME event man, love the content!!! ill see you all there :D Central time zone
  3. Daddy Evak

    nice accurate list man, way to put mad description in it aswell!
  4. thanks for all the hard guys. the emotes on the executive cape is out of this world!!!!!
  5. LOVING the buy x option K3. thanks for the work @staffteam
  6. Daddy Evak

    accurate awards, great job!
  7. Daddy Evak

    nice event! goodluck to all!