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    I suggested things like this to the donator zones already, so yh I agree, however there there busy due to people botting them all day every day, leaving there pc on to wc for them all day, come back to 200 nests plus, that's why its so busy, more trees would not fix this issue a lot, due to more people would just bot. however if they ban botting, then this would help a lot, due to more trees.however this is just my opinion
  3. dunte11

    recently I am starting to see a huge issue with, bots at dream and lava wood cutting area, every time I go there, I can not wood cut one tree for a second before it gets cut down, due to the fact people are on two accounts botting dream and lava trees, getting hulk rings ect that making them bank, not even playing a game, I also hear a guy saying he got two hulk rings botting, ie around 60q at the time, not even playing the game, this is unfair to everyone who wants to wood cut, as there is not a lot of trees to begin with, also players are selling this bot for 10q in game, crating a market for making bots, this will also slowly spread to pvm bosses ect, I know its against the rules, but many bosses ect, people don't talk so how would you know there botting them. this botting is getting out of hand, and I think it should be against the rules, this is the only server that botting is allowed on, and due to the latest update, woodcutting is worth doing and botting, its best money maker in game at the moment and it can be botted all day. people can go bed on 2 accs and wc, and come back with 100 nests on each account. this allows 100 chances of a ring, 3 rings each one worth 1q plus each, just my opinion but its getting crazy now, people making fresh account just to wood cut. thanks for reading dunte
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    good simple guide
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