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    Existing Content Name: prestigeing Content type (e.g. boss/minigame/skill/donation perk etc): prestige system Current Problems with Content: there is not many reasons for prestigeing Explanation of proposed revamps (please give as much detail as possible): maybe more benefits for each prestige, for example prestige 10 you can go to starter prestige area, prestige 50 go to elite prestige zone prestige 100 gives u ability to go to masters prestige area, in these areas, would have items that could help with skills, for example better pickaxe non tradable, training areas that give more xp, more xp each zone, gives you a increased drop rate and luck each prestige, skilling could give skill points, with these points you could buy, boxes, or skilling armour or gear, prestige 100 zone, would give another area for some bosses, custom boss just for people who got to 100 prestige, custom cape to show off/title things like that, golden net, gives double chance to catch imp, could add a construction table, use planks on it to give xp, most simple way of doing construction. planks u can buy from windmill. most items in these areas would be non tradable due to the fact you have to earn to go there. skillers cape, prestige master cape ect What is required to be added (npc’s/objects/items/areas): npcs would have to be added like shops,/ bunch of objects such as fishing spots bank things like that/ items like golden net, primal pick axe, ect, 3 different small zones, just specially for people who got to that prestige. Added rewards/benefits to players from Revamp: this would give skillers something and players alike, due to the drop% and luck % bonus it gives a reason to do it, if u put in the time, it would give the player great benefit, people always complain how long it takes to get drops, well this could help towards that, make it a little easier, if your willing to put in the effort of doing so.
  2. dunte11

    Existing Content Name: frostbite staff Content type (e.g. boss/minigame/skill/donation perk etc): weapon/staff Current Problems with Content: considering there isn't as many of theses staffs as any of the other staffs, and it looks so cool also, I think it should be seen more have a inpact in the game more. also raiden drops best armour in the game, and in the same ultra rare it drops this staff no one uses, or knows about its kinda sad. Explanation of proposed revamps (please give as much detail as possible): I recently seen this staff for the first time and I am disappointed, I got me thinking I have never seen anyone with it to begin with let alone use one but why, so I thought I would test it out. so I have been using this staff, it only has 10% more magic damage then a sfu, how ever even if you have better mage gear on, you still hit less then a soulflare u, how is this possible, only other difference is it does aoe damage that's it, so you trade some damage for aoe, also this staff drops from raiden, in same category as crystal, ie best mage armour in game, yet in my opinion the weapon is more weaker then a soulflare u, that's so common. so I been thinking back to the other staffs already in game. first you start out with a soulflare, you then upgrade to soulflare u (more damage). then you go to oblivion scythe, (why because its faster and aoe meaning more damage faster and can attack more then one target) from there you go to maybe infinity gloves. (same again fast, aoe damage and slightly better), then khions staff (same thing fast, aoe damage, and better), then you upgrade that for eternal khions, (little more similar thing as sfu where you upgrade same weapon for more damage output, yet again still same pattern after soulflare u where all staffs have aoe, fast attack speeds and more damage output). after soulflare u the staffs in game all pretty much the same just do more damage , well how about having a staff that isn't as fast as khions, still has aoe damage, however its slower, but hits harder, giving players a alternative choice of maybe a end game staff, or very close to it maybe between khions and enternal kions. for example when the skill dungeoneering came out in runescape and people would always fight if chaotic sword or rapier is better raiper was faster, however sword would be slower but makes up for it with its damage. there would not be a clear answer. to me that's a good thing. it gives players choices. with range we already see this. like you have gmg fast gun, u have that other gun (I forgot what it is called) that has aoe and fast. then u got a bazooka that is slow but it hits hard. I feel like this staff would fit in more nicely and give something different at high end magic staffs. also this would be useable with just some stat increases. It would be like a upgraded sfu/ slow but hard hitting with the bonus of aoe damage. creating another weapon like it in game, as far as I know soulflare is only magic weapon like this. I just feel like this weapon has so much to give. it is just left out the game and unused. I don't think I have even seen anyone even use one in face of combat. partly due to not many being in game, two not many people even know these staffs exist. three it lacks stats considering its slow and stats don't make up for it. I have had a few people ask me. what drops that? or what is it? or how good is it?, its just a huge question mark to a lot of people. and I think, it just needs a revamp and make a good looking and a nice weapon, useable, and a reason for people to use it. after all raiden drops crystal armour, the best mage armour in game. and next to it, it drops this frostbite staff just as ultra rare, due to no one donating for it there is not many in game to begin with. for a staff that drops just as rare as crystal. I think it just left in dust mainly in peoples banks. like yes it would not hit as fast however its damage don't let it lack behind, of course this weapon would need to be tested over and over again, to make sure it don't become to op in the process, however I do think it could make another viable option at raids, bosses etc. What is required to be added (npc’s/objects/items/areas): mainly just stat changes, maybe even a nice new special ice attack and special attack, instead of ice barrage if you got more time to spend on this. Added rewards/benefits to players from Revamp: this would benefit players by just giving them another option. I see everyone rocking with the staffs I listed above, however I never see anyone rock with frostbite staff, I just feel like its a item, not many people even know about, considering how sexy it looks, and the fact no one uses it, also for its price you can buy a better weapon due to the fact its slow attacking making a good looking weapon useless and forgotten or unknown about, not only this there is not loads of them even in the game currently. I'm not saying there is only 10 in the game. but compared to the rest of the staffs. in game it is. I mean. I think its such a cool staff going to waste. I would (not) like this added for the money listed above, but for the staff it self. if you do give it better stats, and make it worth using like I stated above, I would not want no prize for suggesting this revamp, due to the fact I just would really love this to be a thing, also I feel like this should be apart of the game already, that's how much I would honestly love this to happen, it just needs better stats in my opinion, not only this, it would bring light to the weapon it self and gives players another viable option for mage.
  3. dunte11

    Existing Content Name: upgrade system Content type (e.g. boss/minigame/skill/donation perk etc): upgrade system Current Problems with Content: add more items for lower players, and more combination items Explanation of proposed revamps (please give as much detail as possible): many things I could suggest like turning normal ak-47 into golden ak-47s also, add dragonbone magic armour, due to the fact its only dragon bone armour you can not upgrade, this would also add more items into the game, I also think it would be cool to upgrade the spirit shields, as you can get them but they are kinda left out the game after, mid and late game, you only thing about for example ely spirit shield during early game from the spins ect. so ability to upgrade them into something useable for new players, would be a nice feature in my opinion. could also go into other things like, upgraded gloves that has not been added at all into the game. also upgrade boxes, for example ability to turn a mystery box into a super mystery box for example, giving even more reason to buy mystery boxes, this would also help new players. What is required to be added (npc’s/objects/items/areas): all that needs to be added is items, or reskins for some. Added rewards/benefits to players from Revamp: I strongly thing this would help everyone, I think it would give people more reason to push there luck with the upgrade boxes, for example if you are really lucky and go from a mystery box to a dynamic box, then you get lucky enough to open it a get a kaons staff, how happy would that person be. of course each box would upgrade chance be harder the more expensive the box is worth ect, but it means a new player can win a box from a event, have chance to upgrade it for chance at better loot. this would also give more content to the new players, for example the upgraded spirit shields. would help new players understand the system easier, with less risk ontop of that. would bring up the price of ak-47 giving them a reason to buy and try upgrading them, gloves for example, there isn't any upgradable gloves.
  4. dunte11

    sign me up ign dunte11 timezone: gmt 0
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    I suggested things like this to the donator zones already, so yh I agree, however there there busy due to people botting them all day every day, leaving there pc on to wc for them all day, come back to 200 nests plus, that's why its so busy, more trees would not fix this issue a lot, due to more people would just bot. however if they ban botting, then this would help a lot, due to more trees.however this is just my opinion
  6. dunte11

  7. dunte11

    Content Name: masters armour Content type (e.g. boss/minigame/skill/donation perk etc): pvm gear Explanation of content (please give as much detail as possible): when a player gets all skills to 150, he gets rewarded with non tradable masters armour, what this armour does, is give a reward for taking the time to get 150 in all skills. giving you motivation and a reason to go for 150 in all skills What is required to be added (npc’s/objects/items/areas): just items ie armour Rewards/benefits to players: masters armour giving you a armour set gives you the chance to get double birds nests. double drop rate % and luck % all at same time rewarding the player for putting in the time to get these stats, also gives all players a reason to go past 99
  8. dunte11

    Content Name: Dark Falz Content type (e.g. boss/minigame/skill/donation perk etc): Boss/event Explanation of content (please give as much detail as possible): I know this would take a while and isn't a small thing but it would be a cool addiction to the server. there would be a announcement in chat that.:: great evil is close by type ::Falz to join it would teleport you to a lobby, where a countdown would start kinda like bg minigame, with out player count, there would be a npc in this lobby, explaining the epic battle the players about to attempt. also with a bank. after players are teleported to a big area, a boss would spawn and attack all players with aoe spells, and range attacks, it would have two special attacks. one mage, one range, it would show in chat, falz charges his power, (for example this would be a mage burst attack) or it would say, Falz is aiming his spikes, (this would be a range attack) if the player fails to change his prayer to the correct one, he will get hit a 600-900 plus the incoming damage onto of that,( if possible if the player uses the correct prayer it would reflect the damage to falz instead, with everyone using correct prayer would do a lot of damage to Falz, helping to kill him) what makes this boss different is anyone can join, due to being a server boss not a common event, maybe once in 1-2 days it would be a hard battle that can only be killed when people work together, due to it being a timed boss and a strong boss, ie bring server together for a goal, this boss would act kinda like vorago, where it says in chat weak to ranged attacks, or melee attacks, or weak to magic attack, and would change through out the battle, if you use the correct attack at the time, it would increase the damage, if you don't use the correct attack, you can still do damage but it would be less then if u switched, (giving a new breed to hybrid gear, and bosses in the future) therefore not just one style of combat viable to kill it. this is a event for every player, due to the fact that, all players who do damage and is in the area when Falz dies gets a reward, when a player dies, they get teleported back to the lobby, where they can just bank, and teleport back with in the timer of course. if players fail they just get teleported home and receives a one chest that has a chance for all boss loot, also it would say in chat, Falz manages to escape, if players manage to kill it, every player that was present would get, between 1 and 3 keys depending how fast the boss dies, they keys would be untradable, when a player opens the chest, they get a chance at the new loot as well as other bosses loot, making it worth doing, so you could get a item such as nox ammy worth 100t to new gear devious gear, that's worth way more. due to boss not being farmable, it is not something you can just farm to get rich fast, this is also good because it rewards active players, it can even help new players with basic gear get a huge boost. also due to the boss being hard to kill the rewards would have to be big, including a untradable pet. all the new gear , would only be obtainable from the event, the pet would be untradable, making it a pet to show off, and a pet you would have to earn. as it would be a server boss only pet. it would reward everyone, no matter how rich or poor you are, due to the fact you would just have to try your best. I know rewards seem op, but it would be impossible for just a few people to beat this boss, The difference between this and world boss, is you need way more people as 10 people can not kill this boss alone. reason for the big loot. that's if players even manage to kill it. ,of course some of this will have to be tweaked to work but I'm just giving a rough idea how it would work What is required to be added (npc’s/objects/items/areas): Npc: 2, one to give instructions, and the boss Objects: 2, bank, teleport, chest of some kind. items: 5+, one key, new hybrid armour set, new weapons, non tradable pet to show off. areas: 2, one area to originally teleport to, and when you die, and another the boss area, maybe the room opposite corporal dragon could be used for boss room, or somewhere else like it, if not the desert could be used, as its a huge area, of the map that is not currently used for anything. Rewards/benefits to players: The reward would be key to open a new chest, in chest would have almost all boss loot, new hybrid gear with set bonus, new weapons, new pet non tradable, super rare but good. all new items would only be obtainable in this event, or sold once a player gets lucky to obtain such item. everyone gets rewarded. bring all the server together. in this automated but rare event. benefits every player. yes new players would struggle. how ever they still be rewarded for contributing and being there. a reward for active players. and a fun boss for everyone
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    Existing Content Name: bg/castle wars Content type (e.g. boss/minigame/skill/donation perk etc): minigame Current Problems with Content: no reason of doing them and no one does minigames unless events. Explanation of proposed revamps (please give as much detail as possible): I would like there to be more reason to play these minigames, from more rewards, making them more worth doing. a event would show in chat, if the player / team wins, they get a spin, for a chance to win a reward, or they earn minigame points, and them points are used to the chance of a random rewards What is required to be added (npc’s/objects/items/areas): items,npc Added rewards/benefits to players from Revamp:  random box, or custom gear made specially for this, could be new hybrid gear, pvm gear, skillers gear, a pet that gives double drop for example, just a reason to do them
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    I like the idea of this, would give people to continue killing bosses to get to that 1k kill count, rather then just giving up at 900, for example
  11. dunte11

    recently I am starting to see a huge issue with, bots at dream and lava wood cutting area, every time I go there, I can not wood cut one tree for a second before it gets cut down, due to the fact people are on two accounts botting dream and lava trees, getting hulk rings ect that making them bank, not even playing a game, I also hear a guy saying he got two hulk rings botting, ie around 60q at the time, not even playing the game, this is unfair to everyone who wants to wood cut, as there is not a lot of trees to begin with, also players are selling this bot for 10q in game, crating a market for making bots, this will also slowly spread to pvm bosses ect, I know its against the rules, but many bosses ect, people don't talk so how would you know there botting them. this botting is getting out of hand, and I think it should be against the rules, this is the only server that botting is allowed on, and due to the latest update, woodcutting is worth doing and botting, its best money maker in game at the moment and it can be botted all day. people can go bed on 2 accs and wc, and come back with 100 nests on each account. this allows 100 chances of a ring, 3 rings each one worth 1q plus each, just my opinion but its getting crazy now, people making fresh account just to wood cut. thanks for reading dunte
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    getting them now wtf
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    yh im just very unlucky I guess and I have redone it now like I said above, but took me hours to get 1 nest I could not get due to a bug
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    I been wood cutting a while and after around 2k dream logs I finally get my first eagle nest and I could not pick it up or anything, then a player told me to delete cache, so I did but when I came back it was gone 😞 proof in chat can see it on map under my pet but it isn't there, also see it that it dropped in chat, ontop of that I have a full screen shot if u need more proof,
  15. ign dunte11 time: gmt