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  1. dunte11


    bg used to need just 6 people but some reason it changed to 10, now its even harder to find a game, I believe it should be lower due to the fact no one even plays the game anymore sadly unless its a event, but most times you easy have 6 players and everyone, would leave because you don't have 10 people.
  2. dunte11


    getting them now wtf
  3. dunte11


    yh im just very unlucky I guess and I have redone it now like I said above, but took me hours to get 1 nest I could not get due to a bug
  4. dunte11


    I been wood cutting a while and after around 2k dream logs I finally get my first eagle nest and I could not pick it up or anything, then a player told me to delete cache, so I did but when I came back it was gone 😞 proof in chat can see it on map under my pet but it isn't there, also see it that it dropped in chat, ontop of that I have a full screen shot if u need more proof,
  5. ign dunte11 time: gmt
  6. nice vid that cape is crazy
  7. dunte11

    good simple guide
  8. dunte11

    very helpful guide and nicely laid out:)
  9. dunte11

    pretty simple guide if I'm honest
  10. dunte11

    this is a very helpful guide. good work and thank you
  11. dunte11

    dunte11 gl guys
  12. dunte11

    dunte11 good luck all <3