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  1. In-game Name: Audacious Yt Why you want the sets: I'd love to win the sets because I have a set goal for 10,000 partyhat sets. Extra Info[Optional]: Good luck everyone!
  2. Audacious

    I thought I entered.’ IGN: AUDACIOUS YT
  3. Audacious

    Good luck, everyone.
  4. Welcome to my Goals/Achievements, here I will consistently update this to inform you all on all of the following: V0.1 Fixed Disgusting Layout. Added 2 more goals. Added Goal Specifications. Color Codes: Green = Completed! Orange = In the Process of completing. Red = Have't started. White = Achievement Dates. ------------------------------------------------------- Goals Soulflare drop. Youtuber Status. Max PvM gear set up. Kill 100,000 MageGray. Acquire 100Q bank/100Q Cash. Prestige 10 times. Collect 10,000 partyhat sets. 50Q Giveaway. (1q out of 50 given) 5000 Forum Posts/100 guides created. (Currently at 28 forum posts)
  5. Audacious

    A Really appreciate the suggestion bob.. I think i'm going for all of these.
  6. Audacious

    Forget skilling. We all know the fastest way to maxing is through lamps. Well, I created not only a video, but a thumbnail, that I believe is extremely useful, if you want to grind out a easy max cape. It's pretty self-explanatory, X2 Ring = Double XP ring which is obtainable by: 1. Mystery Boxes 2. Squeal of Fortune 3. Donating ________________________________ There are two ways of getting lamps. 1. ::starterboss ( F2P | Not Recommended ) 2. ::donorboss ( Donator + | Highly Recommended|
  7. Audacious

    I would like to enter. Good luck boys!
  8. Audacious

    So, as a youtuber, I want to be able to create different styles of videos, and honestly, I want to set some goals for my accounts: HC Audacious Audacious Yt ___________________________________ If you have any decent ideas for a youtube series/goals for me leave 'em in the comments below, and I'll definitely check them out! :D
  9. Audacious

    So, I've been working on a youtube intro for the past 4 days, and I've been unsuccessful, in being able to create a functional, decent intro. If you can help me, I would appreciate it.
  10. Audacious

    You have owner cape bro?
  11. Audacious

    In game name is ZodProdigy.. Gl everyone!
  12. Audacious

    Hope you enjoy! Make sure to watch in highest quality settings! Read description as well
  13. Audacious

    I am Audacious. Joined back 2 days ago, Forgot my old username, so I’m starting fresh. Can’t wait for this fun journey.

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