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  1. dsnickds

    my wish list would be for drax to do all the bosses with a reg account till he got a good drop from every boss in game and vid it lol that would be funny:P and it would give him a challange:)
  2. dsnickds

  3. dsnickds

    good work once again guys. thanks for letting us know:)
  4. dsnickds

    No Vouch 1. i have seen you on and in the gambling area. but your communication skills need to be worked on just abit. if you want tips on how to improve just ask me in game.
  5. dsnickds

    nice that would be great
  6. dsnickds

    congratz guys
  7. dsnickds

  8. dsnickds

    this would be cool to see in game but ooof sounds like it would be a pain to make:P but i think it sounds fun
  9. dsnickds

    welcome back and yes use the ::wiki its a great way to relearn things
  10. dsnickds

  11. dsnickds

    Design type : hooded wolf rolling dice Main Text : DSNICKDS Main Text Color(s) : dark purple Sub Text : whatever you think looks best Sub Text Color(s) : whatever you think looks best Extra Text(s) : none Font(s) : Background (Optional) : anything you can make it look good Render(s) : What ever you could come up with Effect(s) : What ever you could come up with Other : What ever you could come up with Price (Can be discussed) : pm me in game
  12. dsnickds

    message me in game abought pricing please ign: dsnickds
  13. dsnickds

  14. dsnickds