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  1. dsnickds

  2. dsnickds

    My new years went great. got a promotion at work spent time with my family and had some drinks with friends and the wife. we had some fireworks and other things so ya great new years i hope everyones was just as good:)
  3. dsnickds

    congrats guys
  4. dsnickds

    welcome back
  5. dsnickds

    Username: DsnickdsRank In-game: trusted host or trusted dicerProof (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/ead8c63c4beabba4b64454aa25668fb4
  6. dsnickds

  7. dsnickds

    can you make one with a hooded wolf rolling dice purple smoke and words saying dsnickds? tell me how much u want i pay ppl for work:)
  8. dsnickds

    how much do you charged ?
  9. dsnickds

    my wish list would be for drax to do all the bosses with a reg account till he got a good drop from every boss in game and vid it lol that would be funny:P and it would give him a challange:)
  10. dsnickds

  11. dsnickds

    good work once again guys. thanks for letting us know:)
  12. dsnickds

    nice that would be great
  13. dsnickds