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    I am all the way interested and dedicated to my channel/gfx. I enjoy nothing more than making videos and creating Gfx designs. Dreamscape is also at the top of that list. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to play Dreamscape and help out my fellow YouTubers, and Gfx designers! If you ever need help or advice etc. Pm me asap! :)


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  1. MonoBeast

    Very nice homie, was interesting helping you with this! You will no doubt get better as you practive more.
  2. MonoBeast

    Awe lol thanks for the votes guys! You gonna make me shed tears on forums!! ❤️
  3. MonoBeast

    Ing: MonoBeast TimeZone: EST
  4. MonoBeast

    Loved the live stream man was there for the whole thing!
  5. MonoBeast

    Very nice request. I can't wait to see what is made for you. Thank you for following the format!!!
  6. MonoBeast

    Lol i never place on these? Congratz everyone! Your wins are very well deserved!
  8. MonoBeast

    Regardless of anything else my man, you did a good job with making the video. Editing wise it was up to standard. Very well done.
  9. MonoBeast

    As always your streams are liiiiiit!! I love em mane!! Keep em coming!
  10. MonoBeast

    You know i'm coming!! #DSYTGANG ign: Monobeast timezone: EST
  11. MonoBeast

     Dear Dreamers and Graphic Designers! With the Picture of the month event going so well and everyone participating I have decided to up the stakes on this months event! Meaning giving even bigger rewards for those that participate! I do want to mention we are looking for more Graphic Designers, if you would like read up on the requirements or you believe you meet them please check out the application and apply! ***Only if you meet the requirements*** Anybody can enter this event and anybody can win! So make sure to enter for your chance to win! We do have some requirements as well that must be met: - The picture must be your own work -Stock images are NOT acceptable - You must follow the monthly theme - The image cannot be larger than 1500x1500px or 10mb - You can only submit pictures taken in DreamScape - Do not show any form of inappropriate content in your entry - Voting for yourself is strictly prohibited and will result in an instant disqualification - Post your submission down in the comments below This Months theme is: "Live, Laugh, Love" We should all be familiar with this quote. The idea behind this is to incorporate this quote into your design that represents each word. This no doubt will be a challenge! So good luck!!  I want to wish every participant good luck. This thread will be open for entries until the 20th of August. The voting thread will be opened on the 20th, and it'll close on the 28th of August as many players may not be able to vote if the time limit is smaller. The winners will be announced on the 1st day of September. The Prizes will consist of 3 winners (as long as there are enough entries) Currently, we have these for the top 3 COMMUNITY rated Pictures! First Prize will be: 1 Minigun, AND Picture Of The Month (potm) + POTM Winner Second Prize: American Boxing Gloves + 1q Cash  Third Prize: Soulflare(u) + 500T Cash
  12. MonoBeast

    With many entries and loads of amazing Gfx I am glad to announce this months winners. Gfx is also a BIG part of Dreamscape, and for that we host a Picture of the month event specifically for those that create Gfx. Hopefully the event continues to grow and become bigger with in the community. I would like to thank all of you for entering this amazing event! There were many amazing and complex entries from everyone and after closely evaluating each Gfx picture here are the results. Remember if you need any Graphics done please contact our very own @Beethoven ! He is amazing and captures exactly what you are looking for!! If you are interested in a new forum picture, thread header, signature etc. All you have to do is contact him!! Taking home the First Prize: Choas Ele Pet, YouTuber Icon AND Picture Of The Month (potm) + + POTM Winner @Beethoven Receiving the Second Prize: Soulflare @YCGamez Receiving the Third Prize: Phoenix Pet @Macmayham @Host Dean @oooga booga Congratulations to the winning members. Remember if you would like start your Dreamscape Gfx but not sure how you can always pm me @MonoBeast. I offer free Gfx software that you can use, as well as 1 on 1 teachings. I hope that the Potm continues to grow, and improve throughout the following months!
  13. Remember if you need or want more tutorials regarding photoshop or camtasia9 please comment below. I hope to see your thumbnails grow!
  14. MonoBeast

    This is the official community request format, although requests won't be denied etc. for not following this, it would be greatly appreciated if it is! This will not only make it easier for the designer, but faster for you to receive what you are requesting. I noticed that people are having trouble with requesting signatures, banners, avatars etc. without a proper format which is needed and can help the Graphic Designer as well as your self. I heavily advise using it. It isn't required for people requesting art to use this format, but it's a great asset for the designer that is working with you. This only takes a few moments of your time to copy, paste into the comments of they're thread and fill out. As i said before it will not only help out the designer but it will also help you in getting what you are requesting faster. Format: *DISCLAIMER* Of course most of the points in the format is optional, but there are key necessary points needed; Size Render Style *Style - Theme and overall color scheme *Render - Image without a background *Other information - If you have something specific in mind feel free too add it Sincerely, MonoBeast
  15. MonoBeast

    "Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. The purpose of constructive criticism is to improve the outcome. In collaborative work, this kind of criticism is a valuable tool in raising and maintaining performance standards." This is a quote about what constructive criticism is, and I would like you all to keep that in mind when commenting on people's work. Usually people just type "Seems nice. Good work" and Instead you could say something like so "Very good work, I enjoy the affects you add into your design although I would etc etc." This compliments the person and at the same time constructively adding your criticism. Notice how it was not in a rude, or aggressive manner. Constructive criticism usually begins with either a compliment or an opinion, following that is usually the compliment or criticism. The point behind this is you state your opinion, and at the same time taking the time to appreciate they're work and effort put forth, Complimenting the work and design. Leaving your opinion in the comments can possibly help the person improve and evolve from they're first attempt. You want to build the person with constructive criticism not break them down with your opinion. For example: Good Constructive Criticism "Wow I really like this design, but in my personal opinion i would have added a gradient overlay to make the letters really POP! Good work man" "Personally I would have added a drop shadow, not only would it make the image stand out from the background but would have attracted The attention of the viewer to it. Either way you did a REALLY good job! Keep it coming!" For example: Bad Constructive Criticism " Wow this terrible..." "You did okay, i would change the color theme tho..." " nice work, hopefully you can do better next time" These are good examples of how you should/shouldn't post and comment your thoughts on another's thread regarding anything. Constructive criticism is asked of you so that the person knows what they could do to improve and build from your feedback. Your opinion and compliments are always a big part of it. I can't force you to put more effort into your posts and add some constructive feedback, but I would like to ask you to at least put what I've said so far, into consideration. Sincerely, MonoBeast