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    I am all the way interested and dedicated to my channel/gfx. I enjoy nothing more than making videos and creating Gfx designs. Dreamscape is also at the top of that list. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to play Dreamscape and help out my fellow YouTubers, and Gfx designers! If you ever need help or advice etc. Pm me asap! :)


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  1. MonoBeast

    @Phetish Check it out here
  2. MonoBeast

    Not a bad video homie. Just make sure the content is up to date!
  3. MonoBeast

    Welcome fellow DSGANG players! We encourage you to follow us on our social media's Where we connect with you, and SOMETIMES share sneak peaks!! We also occasionally host social media events, where only those that are followed can enter! We hope to see you commenting, sharing and liking soon! Make sure you follow our official Facebook page as we do BIG giveaways!! > Facebook Follow us on Twitter to know when we update and release special events for those who follow! > Twitter Add us on SnapChat to chat with friends, staff, and get special hints on new JUICY content! > Snapchat
  4. What a champ lol I love how you tied in that alert, i had the DSGANG comin for you !!
  5. lol i love seeing you rage when playing bg
  6. Very nice video my man, nice luck on the chest
  7. I wonder what the stats are on that sword
  8. Was a very nice video on the update homie i loved it! Didn't beat deans tho
  9. MonoBeast

    Bro nice video glad to see you back and making videos!! Please ask about giveaways homie.
  10. Nice video, and ofcourse groudon is worth killing!
  11. MonoBeast

    IGN : MonoBeast EST
  12. MonoBeast

    I agree with Beethoven, i like it homie. I wanna see more.