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  1. Bear in mind the staff has dealt with over approximately a 1,000 tickets by now, done by a few staff members. They didn't even have to do it all if they didn't feel like it. Stating "they're a joke" won't help you any further, I even think they'll let you wait longer.


    Be patient, I've been waiting 1,5 weeks now for a reply, and i'll see it coming whenever.

  2. ticket responses are a joke me and a ton of others have been waiting 5+ days, get new staff members that actually have time.

    1.  CJ


      hi guys, i know all of you are impatient and want to get back to playing back like how it was.. but please bear with us and understand that the support team need to investigate every single claim thoroughly to avoid giving people more than what they really have. i hope you understand that all these is very time consuming and it is not easy to do. so make sure your claims are all well supported with documents of your purchase or items you can verify that it is yours with screenshots ingame or transcation receipts. also please do not pester admins or any staff members about your tickets. whether it is ETA or Where are you queued at. We do not know. there is NO shortcut to getting your tickets resolved immediately by pm-ing the admins on your tickets. If your ticket has been closed without any refund happened. it means your claims have been declined because you do not have enough supporting information about your claims. please resend another ticket with solid evidence or documents that can support your claims. thank you and have a nice day :smiley:

  3. can you PLEASE help me w my ticket

  4. WhiteBerry

    I hope this is a fantastic update!
  5. WhiteBerry

    Dear Mr. Santa, I still believe in you and i am 17. I always record the tree overnight to see if you're real. I have 5 items on my wishlist that i hope can come true! 1. Obviously a Khiones staff because I've always been to poor to afford one 2. Maybe some of that good ol inga set 3. I want to win a @didyscape giveaway 4. I want a super donator ticket to giveaway to the community (hosted by me) 5. I want everyone to get along and be respectful to eachother.
  6. WhiteBerry

    wish i had a signature like that thats amazing!!!
  7. WhiteBerry

  8. Cleaned to the bone. Nothing to grind with :/


    1. ChilladinYT


      Aww :/ One of the reason I don't gamble 

    2. WhiteBerry


      Im back on dreamscape bitcccccchesss

  9. Just chucked my whole bank and lost against @Lil Bowwow Nah jk turn of events i actually WON lol. Updated Bank: https://gyazo.com/e5f585a134accacdd2e49ea69ddbbd41
  10. Im going nto get addicted! Nice work!
  11. WhiteBerry

    cool goals. need some more green ones ;).
  12. WhiteBerry

    Huge goals. goodluck bud
  13. WhiteBerry

    just saw this happy late birthday
  14. WhiteBerry

    Congrats my guy!

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