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  1. Bob

    Good luck my friend! Some hard ones already done here, very nice.
  2. Bob

    Welcome to Dreamscape! very glad to see you joining the forums. If you ever need anything you can reach me via Discord or in-game and I would be glad to help!
  3. Bob

    We have been actively searching for a solution for this problem, and will continue to until we get it fixed, but we are aware and this is the wrong section for bug reports. For the future please go to the community support section of the forums
  4. Bob

    Congratulations everyone, thanks for the votes
  5. Bob

    We can probably come up with a system where there is a dangerous clan wars portal or something like that, but the idea that we make the wilderness a risk zone again is highly unlikely for multiple reasons. We get tons of reports of players luring others, one-hitting pvmers, etc. and the combat system in the wilderness is way to unbalanced, putting unprepared players at risk. You have to bring your high valued items to the wilderness to kill world bosses, vorago, etc. but you can only bring so much gear and food and this is a disadvantage for players with a full set up of OP armor, trying to kill bosses. Players are just massacre happy in the wilderness, and will kill players with OP gear (even though those items disappear on death, another issue) for no reward other than the feeling of being a troll. Our wilderness system is highly imbalanced at the moment, and we do not plan on fixing it because only about 0.1% of the server actually PK actively all day. It's unfortunate to a player like you because you PK a lot, but I have also seen you lure people, including myself, a manager, you posing as a player who actually needed help and requested I TP to you (stupid move). I hate that I have to bring it up as well, but you did attempt to lure me and I did jail you for it. I'm sure you can understand that we would rather appeal to the majority of players who complain about these everyday circumstances, rather than a small group of people who enjoy ruining other's progress for little to absolutely 0 gain. I'm sure that a system for PKers is a possibility, but for now this is how this will stay.
  6. Bob

    Ayeeee, dope content my friend. Really hoping to see more from ya, enjoyed this
  7. Bob

    FASHION SCAPE, HECK YEAH. I'm always here for the fashion scape, I /vouch/ for this.
  8. Bob

    I can see this being a good implementation, but can you give more info? How much should it cost to enter an instance? How long does the instance last? What are the pros and cons of instancing? Would like to see more information, nonetheless, /vouch/
  9. Bob

    Congratulations everybody well deserved and thanks for contributing to the community
  10. Bob

    AYEEE sweet video bro! Enjoyed it, thanks for the content and can't wait to see more.
  11. Bob

    ayeee this is sick man. Can't wait to see more drops on here, I will be checking in occasionally to see your progress
  12. YESSSS! what a juicy update. Cannot wait to see all of the players getting their hands on some of the new items and enjoying the new content.
  13. Bob

    What a dope suggestion! Love the neatness, love the format. I will definitely drop a /vouch/ for this because it is very innovative. Hope to see more suggestions from you
  14. Bob

    Dude, this would be absolutely awesome. I can't believe this actually isn't in the game HAHHAHA. I would absolutely love to see this, one of my favorite suggestions I have seen to be honest. /BIG VOUCH/
  15. Bob

    Hey dude! You seem like a BAWS. Haha, thanks for your service my friend, and welcome to the server. If you ever need anything, PM me in-game or on discord