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  1. Bob

    Good luck my friend! Some hard ones already done here, very nice.
  2. Bob

    Welcome to Dreamscape! very glad to see you joining the forums. If you ever need anything you can reach me via Discord or in-game and I would be glad to help!
  3. Bob

    We have been actively searching for a solution for this problem, and will continue to until we get it fixed, but we are aware and this is the wrong section for bug reports. For the future please go to the community support section of the forums https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/forum/81-community-support/
  4. Bob

    Congratulations everyone, thanks for the votes
  5. Bob

    ayeee this is sick man. Can't wait to see more drops on here, I will be checking in occasionally to see your progress
  6. YESSSS! what a juicy update. Cannot wait to see all of the players getting their hands on some of the new items and enjoying the new content.
  7. Bob

    Hey dude! You seem like a BAWS. Haha, thanks for your service my friend, and welcome to the server. If you ever need anything, PM me in-game or on discord
  8. Hello #DSGANG! First of all, I would like to thank all of you, players and staff, for making all of this possible. Without you guys, I would never have made it this far, and with that being said, I am extremely proud to announce my new position as Community Manager, along side with my good friend @MarkDS. Part of my new position as community manager is making a direct bridge between the community and the staff. With that being established, I am going to offer you guys, the players of Dreamscape, FREE MONEY AND FREE ITEMS just for making suggestions. I hear tons of players come to me in-game with suggestions on how to fix small bugs or glitches, but when I ask them to make a forums suggestion post, they usually brush it off and say it's not worth it. This is why I am offering 200T cash and a donator box OF YOUR CHOICE for your suggestions, ladies and gentlemen. How To Enter: It's really simple. All you have to do is post a suggestion below in the replies section, regarding a common Dreamscape bug or glitch that you encounter pretty often as a DS player. In one week, I will be choosing the best 7 suggestions, and the 7 winners will be receiving 200t cash and a free donator box! Also, the bug can be anything! It can be a graphical glitch, an interface bug, a teleportation bug, a broken item, broken content, ETC. The limitations are endless! BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR IN-GAME NAME ALONG WITH YOUR SUGGESTION. I'm Looking For: Convenience - How annoying is this bug? How many players does it affect? Importance - How important would this fix be for Dreamscape? The Impact You'll Be Making: After the end of the event, the 7 winners suggestions will be added to the development list and your suggestion will make it into the game!!! How awesome is that, you win free money, and you get to help the server and see your bug fix implemented into the game! THE WINNERS: 1. @hcwhy 2. @seventyfifth 3. @Yung Turtle 4. @Framed 5. @Quakesz 6. @akarev2 7. @Hereticial CONGRATS EVERYONE! PM me in-game to claim your prizes
  9. Bob

    The community interaction is on a whole new level now... Awesome idea, love to see the #DSGANG interacting through other means of media platforms
  10. Bob

    Cats suck, dogs comprehension skills are A-1. And they don’t rip up your furniture if you train them well. Let me know if you need help homie.
  11. Bob

    Man, I just want to take this time out to thank not only God, but Jesus. As you all can tell, it wasn't easy getting all those votes, and the competition was tight, but I came out on top. That pie chart proves it all. HAHAHHAHA. That is hilarious. Jokes aside, all rewards are well deserved and congratulations to everybody
  12. HI EVERYONE! I am back! My sincerest apology for being gone for the past few days. I have had to deal with an insane amount of stuff going on within my family, including losing someone who was very close to my heart over the holiday weekend. However, I won't get too much into it, those who are close to me know what happened. I would just like to state that I am back from my small down time, and will available 6+ hours a day for everyone I am extremely excited to be typing this, because I have missed Dreamscape more than anybody could imagine. You guys are like a second family to me, and I am so grateful to have you all by myside. #dsgang for life.
  13. Bob

    Solid work brother. I love both of these from you and I used them on my profile. Thanks
  14. Bob

    I love this man. This is a great post, I can feel the love. If you ever need anything let me know #bobsplan
  15. Bob

    Hey welcome back bud! Love to see our legends back in action. If you ever need something, let me know I will assist you happily.

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