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  1. Listy420

    Invisibility for obvious reasons.... giggity lol Idk man hahaha when I fall asleep I dont wake up high so like 24 hours Haha. I will beat that though easy
  2. Listy420

    Congratz! Awesome dedication man!
  3. If you could permanently ban someone right now who would it be? (Doesnt need a reason lol)
  4. Listy420

    Nice goals!!! Goodluck!!
  5. Listy420

    Uhm absolutely. Gonna dye my hair rainbow so it makes more sense haha
  6. The bow of death is in there? LIT update guys
  7. Amazing prizes what a lit event! Goodluck everyone
  8. Listy420

    I would want to be hugh Hefner is his prime. Make everyone sit on my face ahahahahahaha
  9. Listy420

    Turtle for president
  10. Listy420

    Who is your least favorite staff member? And should they be demoted? :P
  11. Listy420

    What a great guide! Thanks for the shout out but you did all the work! This has everything someone needs for arcade and is very thorough. Great work!!
  12. Do u consider cereal a soup?
  13. Listy420

    Noob. Welcome back
  14. Listy420

    Shh yurtle that's our secret business lol Athena cause she is badass Ahaha well that's kinda personal. We will say it was a nickname in highschool
  15. WOW! what a lit update!!! Looking forward to all this new awesome stuff!!!

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