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  1. Iron Lord

    Vouch. Its only 500 clicks ? tell me what you will do with 10m magegray souls, it would be fun to see how long it will take you to turn 10m magegray souls into keys 😛
  2. Iron Lord

    Good Luck every one 😛
  3. Iron Lord

    Heh, Finally i won Iron man of the Month 😄
  4. Count me in [ Probably my alt account : Mr brand ] will be there to gamble.
  5. Iron Lord

    Sponsor : Redecorate owner cape zone, like changing npc locations. Also could add Sponsor+ chilling zone where can use Dice bag, and Mithril seeds. Point increase on Sponsor zone. since all sponsor zone is non-multi combat place, and killing 75k olaf's to get American Torva U set isn't fun at all. There is so many sponsor rank players, but when i go to Owner cape zone, only like 1-2 are there, most of other Sponsor players go killing different bosses such as ::corp, that can make more money than killing 1 by 1 olafs on ::ownercape with melee weapon.. small rework of Sponsor shop will not hurt 😛 Executive : Recently became this rank. Guardian of Am'orths - add that executive ranks when killing this npc in Executive Guardian place give Executive points. Since this place is non-multi combat place, and you have kill 1 by 1, as Owner cape zone. Also could add Souls for this npc, since a lot of players have big dry streaks on this boss. Executive shop : Donator boxes cost from 5k-7.5k Executive points that is like 3-5h grindig of Executive zone. but by doing Arcade on Event day you can get 2 dynamic boxes per run or 3 super mystery boxes. and runs are like 20-30 min each.. Executive daily reward : same as Extreme and Sponsor daily reward Should add timer when next daily reward is Available. -- Change location of Executive raid portal to middle of Executive zone -- Like Jumping into void to get to Executive raid. Removing poles whats next to Magegray's and olaf's.
  6. Iron Lord / Mr Brand - ingame Discord : Iron Lord // Leq EUNE
  7. Iron Lord / Mr Brand - ingame Discord : Iron Lord // Leq EUNE
  8. Iron Lord

    Well idea is the same of Leauge of Legends Skin shards - reroll to get random chance of perm skin. I think this would explain his idea, but item value is hard to do so, because there is so many items ingame and than staff only because of this idea should rewrite code with item prices. This only could work if staff doing this reroll .
  9. Iron Lord

    Welcome. Hopfuly for staying :) For some peeps not understanding why this name is so deam op..
  10. Iron Lord

    Heh lets give a try
  11. Iron Lord

    Why you need middle man for trading like flame pernix sets, just use Player owned shops. Buy 28 sets ::bank, repeat..
  12. And now raid 2 get buffed, but raid 3, is still not touched... -_- Cmon drax, how many months it will take it? Raid 3 is worst drops, only raid 4 before this update was somehow good...
  13. Iron Lord

    New to in-game? Start your journey from 1-99 Thieving [ Located behind home bank, Edgeville or Rimmington ] Once you get enough money - around 1T to 5T cash [ 1000-5000 1 bill tickets ] Visit ::market and search for items. Phoenix bones White glass wings //Melee Royal sicle U / Ice Katana Flame torva set Dragonbone glvoes, boots Ring of wealth // Range Flame pernix set Assult rifle //Mage Inga sword ............................................... Train your prayer lvl up to 92 for Soulsplit // Take some Super restores and go to ::kings and turn off - auto attack Locate your self at side of Dagn Supreme, so Dagn rex and Prime don't attack you. Kill Dagn Supreme with Melee gear. And after kill switch to Range gear and with long range kill small symplings to heal up. Reapeat all process till you get After receiving This drop, you can sell it over 800T, and buy your self lovly Soulflare [ 500T around ] and Inga set [ 100-150T ]. And you wouldn't spend weeks trying to kill magegrays
  14. Everything is cool but where is Og dragon drop tavle update? :( Still Oblivion scythe is bugged.. :(
  15. Wow greate content update, but no mention about Oblivion Scythe bug on chaos elementals, may even be more monsters with that glitch that when you kill more than 2 npc at one kill count only count one. Also you also need start to disable bots, duo people may have turned public chat/ private chat off or admin can be added on player ignore list, so when admin is checking peeps of botting and they dont answer they got instantly banned. // Replay made from phone.