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  1. Iron Lord

    Yea like one man donated for that set, and lost it on dicezone.. Just dont do it.. Not worth lol.
  2. Iron Lord

    That is actually really nice Outfit you have there.
  3. Some of this content is enjoyable like those sexy as royal boxes
  4. Yet in grinder should add more items. like these Defender lvl 1, attacker lvl 1, healer lvl 1, Skoto pet, Vorki pet. Items that are on grinder is basicly up to Sponsor rank that can obtain. even so community now consist of alot of Executives and Platinum Members. Also Chaos Tantacle I-VI, worthless but have over 1700 of them 😕
  5. Iron Lord

    I do my self so i am Best SQUAD EVER . "KAPPA"
  6. Iron Lord

  7. Iron Lord

    So there was question how we helped in this situation. By playing game it self and stayed home.. Because we can't be infected if we stay at home or ether we can't infect someone alse.
  8. Iron Lord

    Ehen younpost that you wanted decimators and few min later you get one for free from forum event. Thats idk ehat to call prediction? Or just Lovly karma.
  9. Good luck to everyone on Forum giveaway!

    1. lewis99300


      Yeah good luck iron lord😡 jk K3

    2. Javier


      Rich get richer lel grats my man

    3. Iron Lord

      Iron Lord

      It was like savage moment to tell everyone that i will win. :D Posted 1 min before giveaway ended :D 

  10. Iron Lord

    Probably to get Skull decimator custom items
  11. There will be a few things we ( The Development Team ) will cover in this short post This will mainly cover all feedbacks received mainly from suggestions, Bug reports, Platinum Partner's Feedback and more. even personal pms to me. Bug Reports - Sadly i don't see any revelent thing in this post CJ
  12. Nice and not a nice update 😄 A lot of game bugs that been mentioned before still havnt been fixed Like Infinity gauntlet U dont give dr,ddr.
  13. Iron Lord

    Welcome. and have fun! And hopfully will see you in server, but doubt it since i come in once in few days 😄
  14. Iron Lord

    Cya mate, hope i see u soon back. Because noone ever leaves someone forever. even so i havnt played Ds for a long period of time, writing farewell would be pointless when next week i could come back 😄
  15. Iron Lord

    WB. Pleb nation greeting you!

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