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  1. That was a Juicy Plat crate for me
  2. Iron Lord

    Why its always Torva, pernix, virtus that been changed by customs? Spice things up Drax, Be creative 😛
  3. Iron Lord

    No vouch, since my iron man account is way to op, and idk if i will ever de-iron account. By means There should be Rank that desinged to be Non-donation/trading the ULTIMATE Iron man account - with no donations and no trading wat so ever - Starting from 0 - bank.. Its even possible to get Executive rank by long shot with Dynamic boxes ( xebos invitations ), for OG Solo play.
  4. Iron Lord

    Seems like massive Cyber attack in my eyes..
  5. Iron Lord

    ApplicationForum Username: Iron Lord Rank Requesting: Veteran Amount of Months since user joined Forums: This account 2018 March - but i am already here since 2015 september. Screenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation:
  6. Iron Lord

    Play ::DSGO - Ez 100$ Donation scrolls 😄 😄
  7. Iron Lord

    Copy Paste 😄 - Ehh They get lazier and lazier every day. 😄 Cant even re-read text 😞 😄 --Congratz to Winners.
  8. Iron Lord

    Drax dont have time, to even edit correctly all thread 😞 @Drax - Ask staff member to edit thread for mistakes than need to be fixed 😛
  9. Iron Lord

    What shame, didn't mention me ;( ehh mby next time 😛
  10. @EvilFX - If its for free, hit me with something good 😄

  11. Ingame - Iron Lord Discord - IronLord || Leq Eune Bdw pinjata most dmg never have given me 3 event boxes even i do most dmg.
  12. Playing since 2015 September. Where is my Veteran Rank huh? 😄 

    P.S Drax - Still got 2 Awards waiting for to be redeemed 😛 - ( Best IronMan of /March-April/ ) 

  13. Iron Lord

    Thank you every one ❤️ - As part of this community of 2015, i am actually really happy to be Iron Man, and Because of this nomination, i actually don't want to De-Iron account anymore. Will try to do my best as Iron Man in this community. If you are fellow Iron man Player, you can PM me in-game for some advice and tips for future gameplay
  14. Iron Lord Date : 13.05.2019 - 01:47 ( UK Time line ) 21 - 22 entry 😛