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  1. Awesome idea, been seeing more people killing other monsters instead of seeing people kill the same raid over and over. Love it. Joined
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    Bumping this thread and comment for visibility. This should be an easy and quick fix. Make the default left-click option "walk here" for all pets including your own.
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    I don't want to just parrot what everyone else has already said, so instead I'll offer this change: remove the rule of buying/selling in help cc (pro-tip: rename "help" to "home" cc) and just limit spam. I don't know if there's a hard 'n fast definition of spam for staff here (number of messages per length of time) but I know it can be coded in that you couldn't submit three of the exact same message in a row (and this can be tweaked! you can add features like: same messages in some length of time, but if you go over that time it resets; does/n't apply to ::yell; or only works if detecting "buy"/"sell" or popular variants), maybe that would help not getting rules muddled up.
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    I might show my face, lose some bank while I'm at it. IGN: Candi?