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    SOULS, beautiful idea, didn't even think of that. Added to the main post, thank you for your support!
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    Hey all, sorry I haven't been active in about a week or more. I've been busy buying and playing Diablo 3! Great game for anyone who likes the dungeon-crawlers. Within the game is the "Kanai's Cube," one of its properties allows you to "transmute" some "set" items into other "set" items of the same "set" at a cost. For DreamScape this would mean that if you had Olaf's Legs, Olaf's Platebody and Olaf's cape, you're not wanting that cape, you want that helmet. For anything but Ironman that's an easy sell the cape, buy the helm assuming you have the money. This update wouldn't just pertain to ironmen, but could be used in conjunction with further updates to the ::upgrade chest for lower-tier items into medium-tier items. What this would do for you Ultimately, especially on ironman, the grind getting your last piece of a gear-set is demoralizing. I personally never got a shadow torva platebody, an american torva platebody, a chaos helmet and certainly no pieces beyond any better sets. I'm proposing we have a new object interface VERY SIMILAR to the ::upgrade chest, but for "transmutations", turning one item of a set into another item of a set. I had 3 shadow helms, two legs, no platebody (and no platebody until I luckily got elemental plate from a world boss!) This would mainly be geared towards full sets like emperor's set or sets with bonuses for full. How it works We would have a new NPC or object (my personal vote goes for one of the mystic orb-looking things from Mage-Training Arena in RS) with an interface much like the ::upgrade chest I imagine. You'd be able to input one or more pieces of a set item PLUS either cash, the appropriate souls or maybe some other new resource, and have a percent chance to roll into your desired piece. For EXAMPLE: The Emperor's set is 5(?) pieces, but you have 6 pieces. None of which are the boots. That's damn unfortunate, especially if you're an ironman who donated all that money getting not-even a full set. Tsk. Tsk. With this system, since the set is 5 pieces, every piece you are willing to sacrifice with cost will give you a chance to roll it into your selected specified piece. This would mean that putting up one legs and one helmet (TWO pieces of emp set) along with whatever resource cost is chosen, you get +20% chance of a successful per item for a total of 40% chance of getting the item you requested. This resource or cash cost would be removed for every attempt. The sacrificed set pieces as well as the cost to pay for the transmutation will be 100% removed and replaced with the set-item of your choice if it is successful. Any resource/cash cost does NOT apply to a +% of success, only just the fee to try to do so. On unsuccessful rolls, considering the same scenario of putting in TWO set pieces from a set that is FIVE, each piece gives +20% chance to succeed for a total of +40%. When that is to fail I believe you should have either the same +20% per item chance or a flat 50% chance per item to receive the "sacrificed" item back. This is for two reasons: On emperor's sets or sets to be discontinued in the future, if they're 100% sacrificed and removed from game, we may see a lot of uniques just being gone, "never" to return; Second is to utilize transmutation as a money/resource sink. You MAY keep the items (might not, too) but if you were to keep them, you'd probably try again or grind the money/resources for further attempts. Sets this would/could work with American Torva and (U) variant (3 pieces); Shadow Torva and (U) variant (3 pieces); Dream Armor (at a higher cost, maybe?); Elemental Armor (3 pieces); Chaos Armor (3 pieces); Olaf's Set (3 of 5 pieces); Justiciar Set (3 pieces); Emperor's Set (5? pieces); American Pernix and (U) variant (3 pieces); Devious Set (3 pieces); American Virtus and (U) variants (3 pieces); Inga set (3 pieces); Oblivion set (3 pieces); You notice that in infernal set (5 pieces) is not on this list, because at one point it may be entirely too profitable to change out the helm/top/bottom to attempt for gloves/boots for the higher magic %. Current concerns: Using money (trils, bils, quads) to pay for these attempted transmutations devalues the ::upgrade chest which has no cost other than the potential sacrifice. My solution to this was grindable, stackable "resources" that you would need to use X (or some number) of per attempted transmutation. These could be ANY stackable item that I guess might fit the theme. Second, if we were to use grinded/stackable "resources" as the currency to allow these transmutations, what mobs drop them and are they tradable? I'm concerned and haven't crunched the numbers on current prices, but it would need some tweaking to make sure that the benefit of getting a different set item outweighs the potential profit of getting it. BIGGEST CONCERN is whether or not you could SELECT the item you want to attempt to roll into. Just as the upgrade chest has only one possible item you could receive, the transmutation could either: A) Use the items and resources sacrificed and you could only get a piece you didn't put in your sacrifice, should you succeed. B) Use the items and resources sacrificed, and if successful, you could gain a piece you already put in for sacrifice. Personally I don't like B, I have 3 shadow torva helms and 2 legs and no body. If I put up 2 helms, 1 legs at +20% each (+60% total chance), paid my cost for my transmute attempt and got A HELMET BACK? ON A SUCCESSFUL TRANSMUTE? I'd break my computer. All in all, I'm sure this benefits more than just the ironmen in the game, especially our mid-level players who haven't quite reached higher than AM Pernix + MG. THIS IS GAMBLING YOUR ITEMS FOR A POTENTIAL RETURN OF NOTHING, NOTHING IS GUARANTEED AND ALL OF THE PERCENTAGES I HAVE LISTED HERE ARE VERY DOUBTFUL TO BE FINAL PERCENTAGES IMPLEMENTED IF THIS GOES THROUGH. PLEASE GAMBLE AT YOUR OWN RISK AND BEST OF LUCK GETTING YOUR ITEMS. Please leave feedback on specific points you'd like address or have me amend. I put a fair amount of time into typing this up, and it can always be modified. Saying "no support" without addressing any particular part (or articulating on the whole the suggestion) is spam. Thank you for reading, best of luck on loots today -Joined
  3. Awesome idea, been seeing more people killing other monsters instead of seeing people kill the same raid over and over. Love it. Joined
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    Killed a few world bosses/mega enraged world bosses on my ironman, and I have a few notes. *Can we remove the ability to use OC/Executive cape on the world boss? The point of World Boss was the challenge of the weapon + whatever gear you had lying around, since you gotta get there and deal damage to get in the top 5. Having the cape is automatic that you'll be top5, which if there's 6 people, you just booted someone out because of the cape, not the weapon required to kill it. I know this is probably an unpopular suggestion, especially since having someone with the cape can really help speed along the high HP bosses, but it also means anyone with Exec/OC + Seers Horn (or knowing the less-common locations) is able to take down the boss before others are able to find the portal. I completely understand that someone with OC/Exec has PAID for those benefits, but we've made one-hits not allowed elsewhere, too. *Expanding on this, Mega Enraged Helicopter World Boss was ONLY killable with a friend's executive cape, and even if he took it off for a moment he would be one/two hit before the helicopter turned its turrets on us plebs. I've only seen this with the Mega Enraged Helicopter, but it two-shot all of us, outhit even on prot. range + tuna potatoes for food, while still having super high HP and a damage cap of 500 (regular soulflare required). I think taking down some of its offensive strength would make it more enjoyable and less "die, tp, run back, enter portal, hit twice, die" rinse, wash, repeat. I do NOT know other Mega Enraged bosses that brutally murder like the helicopter. Let me know any tweaks to this, and please comment any other Mega Enraged/Regular world bosses that are seemingly way too strong at the moment.
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    Bumping this thread and comment for visibility. This should be an easy and quick fix. Make the default left-click option "walk here" for all pets including your own.
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    I don't want to just parrot what everyone else has already said, so instead I'll offer this change: remove the rule of buying/selling in help cc (pro-tip: rename "help" to "home" cc) and just limit spam. I don't know if there's a hard 'n fast definition of spam for staff here (number of messages per length of time) but I know it can be coded in that you couldn't submit three of the exact same message in a row (and this can be tweaked! you can add features like: same messages in some length of time, but if you go over that time it resets; does/n't apply to ::yell; or only works if detecting "buy"/"sell" or popular variants), maybe that would help not getting rules muddled up.
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    Two days later, I hope you have solved your issue by now. If not, you have 1 construction.
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    I might show my face, lose some bank while I'm at it. IGN: Candi💜