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  1. Soilds

    Noticed that support is easy to use and works well but I noticed one thing that could be useful for both user and staff. If when you submitted a support ticket you could see your place in queue then I believe it would have fewer questions coming to staff and also give some clarity to users on how long it might take. This way they could go and check every now and then and see how far away they are from getting there support ticket answered. If this is already a feature and I completely missed it. I'm dumb and I'm sorry.
  2. Soilds

    This is a very true post. I used to play DS alot and like you spent 99.9% of my time at dicing and most of the time would end up losing most of my stuff. One tip I can give to people is only gamble what you can afford. Never gamble your PVM gear as this just results in people just begging for stuff at the dicing zone. All in all its only a game and its only pixels don't spend on the game if you can't afford it and don't gamble it if you can't afford it.