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  1. Lilhype

    Thank you for your support!
  2. Lilhype

    Thank you for your feed back! I will be adding more goals as I become more aware of the game. Have a good night
  3. This is just my list of goals that I wanna accomplish In DreamScape [x]Rainbow Chest Plate [x]Rainbow Legs [x]Rainbow shield [x]Rainbow weapon of any kind [x]Rainbow Wings or Cape [x]Rainbow Boots [x]Rainbow Scarf [x]Rainbow Hat or Helmet []Gold Ak47 []Gold Chain (Donation) []Make A Donation to Dreamscape []Earn 1q []Defeat last boss []Earn 99 In all Categories []Prestige While Being Hardcore Player []Hit Prestige 5 []Acquire a 100t+ Donation []Acquire a 1q+ Donation []Have 1 Hit Gear []Become A Mod/admin []Become Well Known in Dreamscape {°White with [x] means completed, Blue with [] means not completed°} *If there is something I should add to my list of goals to accomplish, Please feel free to leave your comment and I'll be sure to add it xD*
  4. Lilhype

    thank you for giving me a warm welcome! I feel at home already lol. and I will keep you guys in mind when I come across any problems I cant solve! you guys have a good day!
  5. Lilhype

    Hi. My name is Lilhype and i'm new to this Server. Today is the first day of me playing this and it already has me hooked. I hope to see everyone whos playing real soon! If anyone is looking to friend me, or join me. feel free to message me in game Have a Blessed day Dreamscape!