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  1. rangezeze

    Not anymore, thanks to new gambling skill ;D
  2. Awesome updates once again! ? Centurion boxes was big disappointment ?
  3. rangezeze

    Gz Bowwow
  4. rangezeze

    Congrats! Very underrated job, lots of stuff needs to be added/updated in wiki. Goodluck.
  5. rangezeze

    Who cleaned you? ?
  6. rangezeze

    Hey what, Bowwow is out of top 3 currently ??
  7. rangezeze

    Forum Username: Rangezeze Rank Requesting: Veteran Amount of Months since user joined Forums: 6 Screenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation:
  8. rangezeze

    Ohh i have same goal for quest cape but no motivation to play osrs atm. Had quest cape in Rs3 but need like 50 points now to get it back. This will be interesting to follow, goodluck!
  9. I think thieving should be only skill allowed to bot because it doesn't hurt anyone. But even without bots, they should revamp all donator zones and add more skilling releated content to them.
  10. Yeah it's impossible to chop there with all bots running. They should add trees on donator zones.
  11. rangezeze

    Agreed. Need something more cooler than Dragon hatchet.
  12. rangezeze

    Leaving for good now. Didn't get completely cleaned or anything, just don't have motivation to play anymore. I feel like there is nothing to do beside gambling. Enjoyed playing these 6 months but now it's time to move on. Ill open up my decision on quitting below. All "bosses" are just too easy, drink prayer once every min and grind,grind,grind without any good rewards. Im happy for new bosses coming almost every month, but they are all too easy. Just put soulsplit on and start watching youtube/netflix. After few days you might get one drop. Latest update gave some light to skilling, but i still think it's useless in Dreamscape. You can make absolutely zero cash with skilling. For example there is no need for fishing or any other foods, because only thing you need in pvming is prayer ( Thieving is only useful skill and that's only for starters). All you get for achieving 99 is 10m (!?) cash. Make harder gamemodes and skilling somehow more rewarding. Minigames. What minigames? We have no active minigames. Bg is fun, but it's active only if staff member does event there. Now for my favorite part, Gambling. Dreamscape is definitely number one gambling server. Im not sure if i like the new or old dicezone more. Developers had vision of flowers and dices being on different sides of the gambling area and that clearly failed. Cool idea, but we just don't have enough players for that. You can't divide 15-30 gamblers on two places, it makes dicezone graveyard. Im sorry to say this, but it was sad moment when @Chuck became Gambling Manager. Since then gambling in this server has gone downhill. When @Lil Bowwow was Gambling manager, dicezone was crowded. No hate towards current staff, but haven't seen too many events recently. I miss time when @Michigan & @Listy420 were on staffteam. They did events frequently and they were LIT. @Chuck Don't know what's your situation irl, but im pretty disappointed how rarely you log ingame. I saw in gambling tournaments that you are a good guy and you should be involved more with this nice DS community. If you are busy as it looks, please make somebody else gambling manager to keep DS #1 Gambling server. @DRAX Always fair guy. Working hard towards the community. Thanks for keeping gambling alive with tournaments. @Supreme Very helpful, always replies in all pm's immediately. @pkant18 My favorite staff member! Thanks for all help you have given to me bro, keep rocking! @Lil Bowwow Cleaned me 3-4 times but no hate man. I promise to come back if you manage to get cleaned some day @Feeds Haven't seen you much because of different timezones, but you have done good work in News Team & ::deals. @Stuart My favourite guy on ::deals! @MonoBeast Nice guy and very active with community. @YOda Is here Friendly spacemaniac. May the force be with you! @Greenrune113@Inject@CylorV Each of you fellas deserve mod, goodluck! Big thanks to all developers for awesome updates! And thanks to all my buddies @ dicezone ❤️ My favourite Td's @pkant18@mboxie@decipLe( You owe me 100q for all those merches )