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  1. rangezeze

    Ign: Rangezeze Timezone: EEST
  2. rangezeze

    Welcome back! Goodluck rebuilding.
  3. rangezeze

    Goodluck dude looking great so far!
  4. rangezeze

    Nice looks awesome! Might want own tag soon
  5. rangezeze

    Username: Rangezeze jr Rank In-game: Sponsor Proof (screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/P3ivXJi
  6. rangezeze


    Huh 2k logs to get one nest? I got like 20 nests in 2k. You should be able to pick up all new nests now.
  7. Username Rangezeze Total In-Game Time Timezone EEST UTC +3 Payouts Bank Why Should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host I love nothing more than hanging out in Dicezone and gambling all kind of bets. Currently playing +10h per day and most of that time being in Dicezone. I have lately noticed lack of Trusted Dicers in European timezones, especially in mornings (there is always gamblers in morning times too). I think i could do good impact on current TD Team. Helpers are asked too often to mm because of no TD's around and i think that they should be able to focus on their own duty more. If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation First i would hear both sides for their own view of the situation. After that possibly contact any staff for help solving the problem. Remind them to ALWAYS video every gamble and use middlemans.
  8. rangezeze

    Hey welcome back!
  9. rangezeze

    Love all these new suggestions coming up lately! Vouch!
  10. rangezeze

    Big vouch! Extreme island is too small and new npc needs to be added.
  11. rangezeze

    I don't know anything about making these, but looks amazing for sure!
  12. rangezeze


    What makes this even better, you are an ironman. Congrats!
  13. rangezeze

    Hello and welcome to best server!
  14. rangezeze

    Any news about wheel? It's been down for several days now and i can't wait to get back rolling it.
  15. rangezeze

    Hello and welcome back!