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  1. Congratz to winners!! All deserved ❤️
  2. rangezeze

    Nice suggestions you have there mate. -Bank notes should be added. I have so much junk i want to drop but cba to drop them all one at time. -PK Skilling area sounds cool. And to make things more spicy there, maybe add some XP Boosts depending on how much you risk. And yes, Prestige Shop Looks absolutely disgusting.
  3. Hey! I know you from ingame, but welcome to the forums!
  4. rangezeze

    Big vouch for collect all button!
  5. rangezeze

    Omg you need custom costume like that in first pic 😁
  6. rangezeze

    Congratulations! Very impressive indeed!
  7. rangezeze

    Thanks! These are much better than old Wheel Spins
  8. rangezeze

    Damnnnn more please! 👺😜
  9. rangezeze

    Welcome to DS Dennis!
  10. rangezeze

    Not anymore, thanks to new gambling skill ;D