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  1. HC beatz

    Haha the more beautiful cars, the better Thanks!
  2. HC beatz

    Granted, but Kim Jong Un and Trump are now married and they adopted a son with an even worse hairstyle than the both of them. I wish I could solve peoples problems by just touching them
  3. HC beatz

    Thanks man and haha cool, what car do you drive? This is mine
  4. HC beatz

    Hellooo guys, So my name is Jeroen (IGN: Beatz63 and HC Beatz), I'm 24 years old. IRL I'm a System Engineer (mostly on Server level), I do support for some major companies like Mazda Europe, Bacardi-Martini and INEOS. In my free time I like to play Dreamscape, spent some time with my girl or driving my car. On dreamscape you will mostly find me at magegrays or chaos elementals camping for some loots, or at raids If you need to know something else or just want a chat, hit me up with a PM in-game See you all in-game!
  5. HC beatz

    Thanks for the giveaway man! IGN: HC Beatz