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  1. Can't wait for new update, finaly going to get my lock status removed than lol

    1. suomitank


      dont think ya will homie

  2. woooot hype 😄 IGN: HC Beatz
  3. HC beatz

    Very nice idea, sponsors are the only left-out still 😮
  4. HC beatz

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you guys know that this happend 😮 😄 So yeah, me and my fiancée are expecting our first child 😄 Another DS member coming soon - June 2019! I will post updates on how the pregnancy goes!
  5. HC beatz

    Welcome Back man!
  6. HC beatz

    welcome back, it's a bit diffrent, but in a good way 😄
  7. HC beatz

  8. HC beatz

    wow not bad, you should make me one 😄
  9. great video, will really help the players who don't have like 20Q to spend on armour or weapons!
  10. HC beatz

    Nice guide man, keep it up and make some more 😛
  11. HC beatz

    Nice suggestion, I would love to see this, I'm sitting with a lot of boxes and rarely get a key
  12. HC beatz

    I support this suggestion but like darklordrr said, something in those lines tho
  13. THE HYPE!! Love this new content, awesome job and thanks for giving 5% luck for sponsors 😄
  14. HC beatz

    Username: HC Beatz Rank In-Game: Sponsor
  15. HC beatz

    WOOP WOOP it's my 25th birthday today aka 1/4 of a century old… 😅 I wanna thank all dreamscape members/ the community for wishing me a happy birthday today in-game already! 😘 Love you guys, and I hope someone finally sells me that 400$ donation i've been looking for haha 😀 Much love from me (left) and my fiancé (right) ❤️ ❤️