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  1. HC beatz

    love this 😄 I do a similar thing, but it's a 1 month drop tab thing, where i collect all exec drops from 1 month and see howmutch pieces/sets i can complete 😄
  2. HC beatz

    Goodluck to all 3 of you, you all deserve this rank! Love you guys! 😄
  3. HC beatz

    Welcome back man, always nice to see "oldies" return to DS. If you need any help in-game, you can always give me a PM! Enjoy your stay and I see you in-game! 😄
  4. HC beatz

    Welcome back man, I hope you are in for the long run now 😄 Have you verified your discord name already, because I think that may be the issue. Type ::verifydiscord in-game
  5. HC beatz

    Nice thing of you to do man! Would love to join a raid or two when you are online 😄
  6. HC beatz

    welcome back man! I've been here 2 years ish, so maybe you know me? 😛 Also hit me up in-game if you need any help!
  7. HC beatz

    Welcome to the #DSGANG! Haha "Yes i'm girl uumh yes I play games." I love that part 😅 I don't even see wy girls wouldn't play 😄 If you need any help, pm me "beatz" or orfcourse join our "help" chat!
  8. HC beatz

    Heeey welcome man! Hope you enjoy your stay 😄 If you need any help in game, you can always pm me "beatz" or ofcourse join our "help" chat!
  9. HC beatz

    Swearing it self like saying "fuck" if you receive a drop you didn't realy wanted is ok IMO. But like you said, where do we draw the line? Sometimes it's hard for us (staff) to know when 2 people know eachother and they are just laughing with eachother. So it's easier then that they just use PM's instead of yell to "curse"
  10. 😮 so happy about the update 😄 And ofcourse my awesome custom is here 😄 thanks again for the hard work! #DSGANG!
  11. HC beatz

    Username: HC BeatzRank In-game: ExecutiveProof (screenshot):
  12. HC beatz

    I'm in lol 😛 HC Beatz GMT +1
  13. I agree with @Athene, again alot of donation updates (try 1 update without extra donation updates). you guys make enough money already. now the new falador massacre raid also isn't your finest hour 😛 takes waaaay to long and you still get the same normal loot as the other raids and the other "new armour" parts are also at the same rate as the other raids, so not even worth doing that raid. My suggestion is to reduce the waves on the falador one OR make it so we can use our own armour and blessings, else this update is just for the dono part and the new raid is going to fail like king kong