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  1. THE HYPE!! Love this new content, awesome job and thanks for giving 5% luck for sponsors 😄
  2. HC beatz

    Username: HC Beatz Rank In-Game: Sponsor
  3. HC beatz

    WOOP WOOP it's my 25th birthday today aka 1/4 of a century old… 😅 I wanna thank all dreamscape members/ the community for wishing me a happy birthday today in-game already! 😘 Love you guys, and I hope someone finally sells me that 400$ donation i've been looking for haha 😀 Much love from me (left) and my fiancé (right) ❤️ ❤️
  4. HC beatz

    What is the content called - Donation ticket for example 200$ donation card/ticket/voucher or ownercape donation ticket How does it work? - People buy and sell donations constantly, so people who want to sell a donation of like 100$ but can't find the right buyer or T/$ for the donation could just buy some sort of donation card/ticket in the ::donate store and than put it in their POS for the amount of money that they want for it. Works the otherway to, people who wanna buy a donation can just look in POS at different donation tickets being sold and don't have to wait till someone finaly sells a donation in yell What rewards does it give? Nothing How will it benefit server/players? Server will probably get more donations and people don't have to wait weeks to find a donation seller. How could it be expanded in the future? I don't think this will need to be extended What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Only negative point I realy see here is the ::deals part, because people than will be able to use a ticket when there is like a double deal going on or a triple boxes deal so maybe make donation tickets/vouchers not included in ::deals and people can still choose if they wanted to donate for an item for themselves or for a voucher to sell on the server.
  5. HC beatz

    After I got seers boots x2 @ Olafs I wanted to use the keys with the scroll of souls equiped, but it didn't realy help much..
  6. HC beatz

  7. ooooh booyyyyy oooohhhh booyyyyy!! Cool event guys :D
  8. HC beatz

    Haha the more beautiful cars, the better Thanks!
  9. HC beatz

    Granted, but Kim Jong Un and Trump are now married and they adopted a son with an even worse hairstyle than the both of them. I wish I could solve peoples problems by just touching them
  10. HC beatz

    Thanks man and haha cool, what car do you drive? This is mine
  11. HC beatz

    Hellooo guys, So my name is Jeroen (IGN: Beatz63 and HC Beatz), I'm 24 years old. IRL I'm a System Engineer (mostly on Server level), I do support for some major companies like Mazda Europe, Bacardi-Martini and INEOS. In my free time I like to play Dreamscape, spent some time with my girl or driving my car. On dreamscape you will mostly find me at magegrays or chaos elementals camping for some loots, or at raids If you need to know something else or just want a chat, hit me up with a PM in-game See you all in-game!
  12. HC beatz

    Thanks for the giveaway man! IGN: HC Beatz