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  1. Legacy

    Theres a lack of quality, the bases are good and ideas are creatively put together i see alot of standard things text+pngs layer above layer with some effects i see some pixelised things here and there, so work abit neater i'd say, try not to break your images, but focus also on keeping the qualitative
  2. Legacy

    Nice signature, i looks a bit like my header xd only small thing i think the coloring glitched a vbit of your colors like this
  3. Very nice updates, good work to the team! Very exciting content 😄 Hope my titles are nice
  4. Legacy

    Congratulations fellas! Enjoy those checks
  5. Legacy

    Nice work man, i like the oldschool sig style you brough back here
  6. Legacy

    Interesting style, looks somewhat abstract'ish. Which i really love to see, 'd love to see more
  7. Legacy

    Dreamscape's inferno! I did a small manipulation of my character for my entry, goodluck participants non-gif
  8. Legacy

    Still sticking to the basics ehn, i like the original text work and stuff. But this doesnt prove alot tbh But i see you improved qua effecting use and stuff compared to your application in 2015, which the vouches were absolutely misleading cause your old stuff was pretty whack haha 😛 But i believe seeing this recent bump of your workings have become more presized which is good, its not messy at all everything i see here looks clean and sober, from this point on i hope i will see some more improved stuff More custom, more exciting
  9. Legacy

    For a youtuber, made a few days back
  10. Legacy

    Thanks for participating beautiful fellas, headed towards the next potm contest!
  11. Legacy

    Tried some gif stuff, fully customised.
  12. Madness, sick content!!!! Im stunned, thanks for these amazing updates, thanks for the dedicated team!
  13. Legacy

    The only thing i'll roast is the bread in my toaster.
  14. Legacy

    ing: beethoven europe timezone