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  1. Legacy

    yes most of them go into that direction lookup my post history in this section ot: thx all for comments
  2. Legacy

    Since of the rank change, we made some changes
  3. Legacy

    yeah the shakey effect was maybe too much of the hard side ot: thank you for the comments
  4. Legacy

    Nice stuff Canada, i like to see you coming with more things keep up the good work Simple and clean qualitative concepts always become biggers ones
  5. Legacy

    Simple creative ideas, i like how you effort actually making good compositions Hope you will bring more to us, and improve with this way of work
  6. Legacy

    Long time since i did a showcase! Due to laptop issues but here it is Made for my homie @Cue
  7. Legacy

    Interesting, lets cut it and talk about the quality and to improvise, I see theres slight a lack of quality like overall a lack of sharpness, i see most of your pieces fade into a slight pixelised result and the blending is hard to notice, cause there is barely blending So what i think, you just basically put backgrounds, and just add text on them with some effects, But most of the people without vision for it cant see it nonetheless any contribution is appreciated. I can follow you up a little if you want, because theres always room to improve and learn, i was gonna say your Cinema4D intros are more interesting, but they could be templates aswell who knows Please take this constructively and not offensively, its really intended to brighten up what your could do better. I suggest you can do the next things: - Create better compositions - follow some basic lightning /sharpening tutorials - look up how to make a better depths and blendings Editing it more than just text on images, so i hope you take the best out of my words, and i also wish you success during progress i hope to see more stuff soon, with the tips i gave you, keep it up buddy
  8. Legacy

    nice, did you smudge the bg yourself?, maybe use a harder brush and more variated movements, and then sharpen it up these are some smudges i did 3-4 years ago you see what i mean? as for the lightning, find a tutorial how to do a good basic lightning with brushes and effects. will make your piece even more alive with the right lightning work 😄 nonetheless, i appreciate your contribution, all work is good, and there is always room to improve, i believe you can built it up! keep it up
  9. Legacy

    now thats going to a more interesting way, i'd love to keep the spacey idea in them, which match super dope with the DS house theme style, therefor i dont know who designed the current ones @DRAX ?
  10. Legacy

    No? i dont agree on this idea, takes away the originality of the DS theme, this is also very basic. Keep the spacey clouds for sure, unless this is not applied on those various ranks, like i dont have a profile background
  11. Legacy

    Tell me mate, i thought your work looks original and nice, untill i found out that Nora logo is exactly like an existing logo from another server? Can i see your portfolio please, with all your work? unless you're the designer with a professional service ?
  12. Legacy

    Theres a lack of quality, the bases are good and ideas are creatively put together i see alot of standard things text+pngs layer above layer with some effects i see some pixelised things here and there, so work abit neater i'd say, try not to break your images, but focus also on keeping the qualitative
  13. Legacy

    Nice signature, i looks a bit like my header xd only small thing i think the coloring glitched a vbit of your colors like this
  14. Very nice updates, good work to the team! Very exciting content ? Hope my titles are nice