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  1. Beethoven

    He already posted to but as for the addup to the portfolio here's yet another tag enjoy @darklordrrr Taking more requests, i'll make you the ultimate sexy permanent tag for a wealthy ingame offer.
  2. Beethoven

    Enjoy bro, thanks for the patience. Enjoy your new sexy tag 😄 taking more requests for fair permanent charging
  3. Beethoven

    username: beethoven Rank ingame: Extreme donator (SECONDARY USERBAR, DONT REMOVE MY GFX LOL) Proof: Everyone on DS lol.
  4. Beethoven

    Nice entries everyone, Goodluck and may the creativity be with you all 😄 Here is my entry
  5. Is it me you've been looking for? I can see it in your eyes, i can see it in your smile 

  6. Beethoven

    IGN: Beethoven Europe
  7. Beethoven

    Nice oldschool sigs, i like the simple lightcontrasts in your style. Makes them more authentic cause they all fall in the same kind of style Always room for improvement, curious for progress. kiu
  8. Beethoven

    They look like some good oldschool signatures, but very basic. Thats nothing bad, but i see images that lose their quality because they are over-stretched, and as YCGgaming said, dont be afraid to try new things you are now in a beginning stage where your creativity can go many ways, lets hope it evoluates well in the future.
  9. Beethoven

    It looks fine to me? Maybe because i tried to create a realistic athmosphere around the tag itself, like the text is hovering inside of the thundercloud. That was the idea lel and yeah the red glowflashes are maybe a little bit to hard i just wanted the colors to pop out
  10. Beethoven

    Lower color contrasts version. Testing visuals
  11. Beethoven

    On request of @I Willy I, and a sweet payment. Enjoy the new magical tag @I Willy I
  12. Beethoven

    Made on request of @Bowzah, charging ingame value is discussed in pm. Enjoy the new signature @Bowzah Feel free to request a tag for yourself.
  13. Beethoven

    Congratulations, big prizes. Keep up the great work guys, it will always be appreciated 😄
  14. Beethoven

    I like the simplicity in your text signatures, which makes them original. But be carefull i saw some pixelised glitch, and try going for better color blendings and lightning work. Also don't use watermarked images!! Because everyone could make these kind of basic tags, just simple layers above layers so theres just always time to improve, learn, experiment. The concept is nice, and the style you keep yourself at, just needs some effects and stuff to make it shine even more. Like the Gif you made that looked dope, so keep up the nice work and i hope i see the future evoluating progress.
  15. Beethoven

    The Joker Deviantart Link