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  1. Beethoven

    no idea exactly, I created my forums acc a lil later
  2. Beethoven

    decent work.
  3. nice updates guys, keep them rolling
  4. Beethoven

    Nice work but very casual and commercial, I'd love to see out of the box concepts from you, either way very nice and qualitative work
  5. Beethoven

    Very nice showcase, potential vibes the way I like, very nice eye for visuals
  6. Beethoven

    Nice updates homes, I hope I can get online back soon
  7. Beethoven

    its fixed no worries, thanks for informing tho brother, greatly appreciated. Now we can go back to the joy 😄
  8. Beethoven

    I'm still pending... But the initiative is great, so i also wanna thank the staff for the manual refund effort Hope to see you all ingame again soon
  9. Beethoven

    nice but something seems strange about it. The light effect brushes on the text dont feel necessary to be that hard and that much. Your text becomes barely visable as it is from an existing logo i wouldnt put on there it also feels like its less input from you to create your own blending with something more original than just the existing logo For the rest i personally like the composition, the color picks blend well. Keep it up and remember every sig your make ais a step towards progressing. Theres alot that could be fixed on this sig. Heres how i'd make it out of my point of vision, to get an idea for lightning and color blendings, and a better atmos my reboot:
  10. nice job, as expected. well done devs
  11. Beethoven

    Thank you all for the positive comments!
  12. Beethoven

    Hello fellas, the past months ive been making signatures for alot of requests mostly of my staff or sponsor/dicer friends. Today heres a little gallery of all of these signatures in the line. Enjoy the view @izuchi @Dreamz40 @Chong @inject v2 @Treyway @kalleknud1 @Slicin @darklordrr @I Willy I @BowzahV2 @Cue 2.0 Thank you all for the faith
  13. Beethoven

    thankyou all! only love
  14. Beethoven

    More sexy sigs for more sexy people @Dreamz40
  15. Beethoven

    nice work, keep impressing me canada

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