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  1. Emilee

    IGN: Emileee Thank you so much for hosting these giveaways for the community!
  2. Emilee

    Hey Everyone! I'm Emileee! One thing that I love about DreamScape is meeting new funny people! I love hanging out in the Discord with everyone even though I don't have a mic. :\ But DreamScape is a great community, and events like this one is what draws in new players and keeps the current players around! :D Something I don't like about DreamScape is the lack of early and mid-level money making! I've done a fair share of grinding (no where near some of you), but I find it extremely difficult to progress further in the game without having necessary stuffs! :P Thank you for these giveaways! Happy Birthday!!
  3. Emilee

    ign: Emileee Goodluck Everyone! :D
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