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  1. DvilSeanx

    Im good brother thanks for asking how are you?
  2. DvilSeanx

    You need to be holding the previous tier embs for the game to get the next teir from it. but its better to just sell your embs at tier 3
  3. DvilSeanx

    Congrats brother!!!!!
  4. DvilSeanx

    I never find the ::yell as problem tbh I don't think limiting would be effective at all.
  5. DvilSeanx

    Totally agree with this idea i feel they should be reduced in rain points
  6. DvilSeanx

    Welcome to the server glad to hear your enjoying it 😄
  7. Thank you got the new content lets get grinding bois!
  8. DvilSeanx

    Isoulz he runs me threw it sometimes if he has time
  9. DvilSeanx

    Nice guide !! This will be very useful
  10. Great detailed guide good job brother!
  11. DvilSeanx

    Overwatch, League of legends, Black Squad, Diablo 3 and that's all at this moment I always rotate on the games I play 😄
  12. DvilSeanx

    Ahh I was wondering what this was for aswell thanks for the information look forward to see what happens
  13. DvilSeanx

    I've been off and on since 2016 I believe.
  14. DvilSeanx

    Mine is drop party after event so I can actually win sumit 😛
  15. DvilSeanx

    Welcome brother hope to see you ingame!

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