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  1. Michigan

    Keep up the good work man!!
  2. Michigan

    I like turtles
  3. Michigan

    DSGANG, I want to let everyone know I will be resigning as a staff member on Dreamscape. This is not something I wanted to do nor did I see coming to an end so soon but it is something I need to do because of everything I have going on in my personal life. As many of you know I am in the military and right now my job has been very overwhelming and stressful. I currently don't have the time or energy to contribute to the server as much as I wish. I will still be around on my alt account and hopefully I can help out in the dice zone if possible. I absolutely love this server and this community so I want to stay apart of it as much as possible. I personally want to thank everyone I have met on the staff team for everything I have learned and for all the fun times. The staff team here works hard and they play harder. I am excited to see what amazing things this server does and where it goes in the future. I will see you all around! K3 -Michigan
  4. Haha love the videos as always. Especially the gambling ones because you get so into it..
  5. Michigan

    Congrats bud that fashionscape was on point though! You have a pretty decked out iron man account now!
  6. Michigan

    I'm in this for the memes!! haha kidding.. but really they better be dank! This is awesome.
  7. Michigan

    There are many of us that can relate to this luck all too well Haha. Keep your head up bud luck will swing your way. Always does.
  8. Great work on all of this! Amazing patch and I am so excited to get my hands on some of those Ultra boxes!
  9. Amazing prizes! Thank you everyone who participates!
  10. Michigan

    Yo this is pretty awesome. Will definitely point people to this guide. Good work.
  11. Michigan

    Congrats to the winners!! Awesome stuff.
  12. Nice video! thanks for sharing. Those boxes are insane!
  13. Cold hard cash!! Everyone loves cash right? Good luck to all those who participate!
  14. Michigan

    Ay great video bud. Like how quick and to the point it was! Got some great loot there too.