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  1. Jamial

    Ingame name: Jamial Rank: Sponsor
  2. Jamial

    Congratulations Road, well done all of you, you've all made a huge amount of effort to help the game grow!
  3. Jamial

    Good point but I feel if they introduced different capes weekly or monthly with different abilities e.g. +1000 str or +1000 attack people would be more interested in the capes themselves rather than them just being a decoration. If we introduced a cash prize that would also depend on how many waves you complete e.g. Wave 1 100B Wave 10 1t etc. I think the problem with BG at the moment is to do with the increase in money in the game as the 1t prize is not desirable to most game users who aspire to get good weapons. I think an update on rewards is needed as the economy grows to avoid people loosing interest.
  4. Jamial

    Very good idea, either a cash reward or a high reward after a large amount of point. Also I feel the reason that CW and BG are dead is because you can't use OP items in the game mode which would cancel out a large majority of the desirable weapons in the game being used. Unless the rewards were cool untradeable rewards like armour or capes. I think either would be a good idea!
  5. Jamial

    I was thinking more along the lines of ::bg but instead of killing each other it's last one to survive waves of enemies. I get that it would be a lot of effort to set up just a little idea. I'll go back to the drawing board lel!
  6. Just a thought, maybe we could bring a game mode in like Nazi Zombies to spice a new game mode up? Not sure how easy it would be to do but just a thought for discussion. Let me know if you think it's stupid :3

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