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  1. Torrent25

    Welcome back @Bodhi, Hope to see you in game soon.
  2. Torrent25

    @Bauer Vapor Donations are tracked Via Paypal email , not IGN so it wouldn't affect anything , Thats why when you sell a donation it still linked to your paypal email and not the buyer name, otherwise there would be a ton more Plat - partners I get what everyone is saying and i do see how this could pose some issues.
  3. Torrent25

    I like the idea of revamping treasure hunter chests, however @Cjbear has already suggested almost the exact same thing here
  4. Torrent25

    I didn't know you much, but from what I could tell you seemed like a nice and friendly person, it was a shame I didn't get to know you in game but nonetheless I'm sad to see you go 😭 @HC Canada
  5. Torrent25

    Welcome back, hope you enjoy your stay
  6. Torrent25

    No vouch, I would have to agree with @Cjbear if they ended up trading everything over then the eco would be in such disarray
  7. Torrent25

    What is the content called: Name ChangeHow does it work? A member can request a Name change to a name that is already taken by a member, If said member has been gone for xx about of months/years, The unactive account will be given a (1 or any symbol/character) freeing up their name so it can be given to the player who requested the name For example, I request a name change from Torrent25 to "Ninja", If Ninja has been inactive for xx amount of time, Who ever had permissions can add a character/number to Ninjas name "Ninja1" , Opening up "Ninja" which will be allocated to me (the requester) I tried searching for "Ninja" and their posts but couldn't find any 😕 so i dont know if hes inactive or not What rewards does it give? This gives active/current players a little extra incentive to remain active as they will eventually be able to ditch a name they might not like to a new/cooler name How will it benefit server/players? Players who might be after a specific name will be able to request a Name change and get the username they wanted, This could potentially help make members more active if they want a certain name How could it be expanded in the future? N/AWhat negative effect could this have? None
  8. Torrent25

    IGN: Torrent25 Exited for all these events
  9. IGN: Torrent25 This is gonna be awesome
  10. Torrent25

    Thanks for the updates, Very very keen and that Hades set tho....
  11. Torrent25

    What's the current issue? Prod/Owner/Exec Capes when you try to fight a boss/monster You need to take of a the cape and throw on something else What's your suggested way of fixing it? When you fight a monster/boss that your respective cape cannot 1 shot, the cape should dial down to the stats of current BIS (Infernal Tribrid cape) Or "Very OP stats" like on a custom set/weapon (double stats) How will this benefit player/server? It's Just a QOL change that would help player with these ranks and capes to not need to change capes when fighting monsters that they aren't able to 1 hit, also we get to keep wearing our sexy capes How could this be expanded in future? N/A What negative effect could this have? N/A
  12. Changing everything to inferno 😛 , want to get my hands on that pocket slot 1in5 5x dmg this is one juicy update, thanks guys!
  13. Torrent25

    As embarrassing as it sounds, i have died 1 too many times there cause pathing will mess up and im just being constantly slammed by the tentacles and i die ( I dont bring food anywhere cause i never need it) if pathing doesn't mess up too badly i will survive with 30-40 hp and just heal right back up from Sire, then i rinse and repeat but i can't see myself doing this for 4.5k crystals, honestly
  14. Torrent25

    Nice to meet you max, as this is our first time meeting 🤧 I would like to extend an invitation to the discord VC were it lit every night, maybe you could sing us a Song But on a serious note, slide into my DMs, I haven't chatted with you at all 😂 Also what drove you to become wiki editor/manager ?
  15. Torrent25

    Anyone else finding the parking in abyssal sires annoying? I click on the receptor thing and then onto the one just over the divide and it my character goes crazy running back and forth until finally dying to the tenticals:/