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  1. Ninja

    I have bad gear, so my max hit is only 1k 😞
  2. Ofc thats all you took out of that quote, My point was every other server gives everything listed in the benefits Bro you salty af, Just cause i went from helper and got promoted fast upto GM while it took you years to get mod, Bruh chill ...... ever since i got mod and became same rank as you you became salty af, Then you become useless and logged in like what ? once a week for an hour to farm sponsor zone? while i did all the work? Talk to me when you aint salty af, now stop replying, You're an eyesore
  3. I play on a few server, be more specific , all of which im top donator rank in and got everything listed and havent quit , so you'd need to be more specific (watch out for advertisement 😛 )
  4. Whats perks are you talking about? out of all the perks listed, we have less than half We have all the in game benefits associated with the platinum rank/title thats basically it , We dont have "regular" calls with Chuck and drax(or any Co owner now that drax left) , We dont have. -Exclusive regular voice call consultations with Chuck, Drax and the development team discussing new content and unreleased projects. ( Never , Legit only knew about this stuff due to being staff/fmod to see hidden posts) -Private direct communication and support with high ranking staff and the development team ( Never , Not sure about other plats but this perk is kinda ........ eh , anyone can simply pm a staff on Discord for a reply) -A 10% Discount code valid on all donations throughout the store and custom donations (valid for 1 year) (Took Almost one year for the joke to even work) -12 x monthly Platinum loot boxes with exclusive items and juicy custom items (each containing a minimum of 500$ - worth 6000$ total) (Never seen a crate more then "3k" and first batch of plats are about to lose their plat) -A statue of your character added in game for all to see (Still waiting) Platinum Raids ( Executive raids is better, Sure we can 1 hit with plat glaive but getting the glaive is a grind and a half, its also single where as executive raids is all raids in 1) -2x faster ELO each day! (2%) ( Was an amazing perk till the elo nerf , Once you reach ur max multiplier it pretty much becomes useless) Sorry you where saying something about all our benefits and being entitled ? Na i just prefer getting what i paid for tbh...... As much as we are friends but ........... Spend 5k+ and get this crate, and see how you feel then.
  5. 100% Agree this is the worst crate i have seen since becoming a platinum, the only thing a plat Could do with this crate is sell the boxes (if they sell) used to get rainbow 1 hit items (useless and use for cosmetics = discontinued) platinum weapons (useless, not even used as cosmetics = possibly Discontinued cause its not in this crate Pretty much every plat has a Shadow pet or eaily destroys bosses in game to get the pet drop with their high DR/DDR so this Vorki pet is imo also a useless addition to this crate, at best we've made like what ? 2-3b cash from a crate worth 1.5k? I would have much rather preferred a 1k custom scroll to add towards stats or something (seeing as how there is a cap and prices are expensive) or even store credit, we could have just bought the boxes in this crate and used the $300 from th pet to get perfect enchantment stones or something sigh VERY dissapointed in this crate, not even going to sugar coat it.
  6. Oof, suggested this so so long ago, Glad to see it finally being implemented. Let fashionscape BEGIN!!!
  7. Ninja

    If bonds were left unchanged , then they would never fall below 40-50m as people will continue to compete to buy bonds to buy items from the donator shop. Take buying donation for example, only $30 is capped , a lot of players were competing with prices to get the donos, now the prices have soared through the roof and are now 1.5 -2x the original price. This is what I think will happen to bonds if they don't become untradable, they continue to sell for 70-100m this also affects the server as no one wants to sell $30 donations as much as before due to the fact that bonds yields more than 400m for $30
  8. Ninja

    Welcome to Dreamscape @Poetry, if you ever need help feel free to message me or join the help cc Also fee free to check out this awesome all in 1 guide. https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/23939-cjbears-all-in-one-guide-for-everyone/
  9. Ninja

    Was short lived, but i was the arcade king . Nice monthly as always 😛
  10. Amazing update, thanks for listening to our suggestions Keep up the awesome work.
  11. @GadgetClick on your Name on the forums, Top right of your screen Then click on Account Settings , Then click on "Display name" Hope this helps you out.
  12. Ninja

    In my head It was more as a show case of dreamscapes customs , what's possible to get As I've had quite a few people ask about customs either because they look amazing or they can deal immense damage , and I thought showcasing them might even help players decide on going for customs But I get what you mean.
  13. Ninja

    What about a Page to Showcase everyones amazing Customs? Could even add in the items examine info and stats?
  14. Ninja

    @Elymentia Please fill out the required template below as to why you believe/want Iron instances for Ironman For revamps What's the current issue? What's your suggested way of fixing it? How will this benefit player/server? How could this be expanded in future? What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) For new content What is the content called How does it work? What rewards does it give? How will it benefit server/players? How could it be expanded in the future? What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered)

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