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  1. Ninja

    No Vouch This would defeat the whole purpose of Dreamscape, why play and grind when you can open up a "Beta world or instance etc" and just spawn in items to kill things?
  2. Ninja

    Congratulations to engy, well deserved and keep up the good work.
  3. Ninja

    Vouch From me, I know you basically live in ::dicezone and well respected and known there, Nice amount of Payouts 😜 , and your bank is next level
  4. Ninja

    Welcome to the DSGANG, I hope you enjoy your stay . If you have any question or need help then feel free to message me or join Help CC
  5. Insane update , keep up the fantastic work.
  6. Ninja

    These are some insane deals, best time to join sponsor rank and get a ownercape, the cape is almost an insane 50% off
  7. Ninja

    @twicstix Welcome to the #DSGANG family, If you ever need any help then Join the help cc or Pm me ingame or on discord , I hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. Ninja

    Thanks @Rangers , That means a lot and i'm just happy to be able to help out where i can. I will continue to try my best for the #DSGANG family.
  9. Ninja

    Best of luck mate, the grind never ends.
  10. Fantastic update, thanks for the hard work guys!
  11. Ninja

    I just feel that Some people still wouldnt get any at all, Instances is the best way to get the donators away from the Normal players
  12. Ninja

    I personally don't like the "top damger" gets the drop, but that's how it was made, they intended to have a group of people fighting Hades, Solo combat won't change much, besides people having click wars trying to claim the Hades for themselves
  13. Ninja

    //Vouch// I have burnt myself out farming the same bosses and would love to add new ones , the only issue is how tiny the zone is, you couldn't add much to it unless we could someone how pay to increase the zones size
  14. Ninja

    Neutral - While i know the pain of not being able to farm Hades (ask @808raptor ) about the 4+ Hours I waited every day since Hades release just to farm them , however I inevitably need to leave due to my duties and responsibilities A better solution would be to either give ownercape zone and executives/plats their own Hades inside their zones/instances which already completely fixes the problem but it also makes Hades(Boss teleport) how it was intended, quote from drax about Hades "we had hoped for a more group combat feel to the boss." Single combat would completely go against what they were aiming for.
  15. Ninja

    Congratulations @C h r i s , All your hard work has paid off , I think you'll fit into the role nicely.