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  1. Cnk

    welcome bud, you will enjoy it, this is the greats rsps out there and the most unique!
  2. Cnk

    welcome! hope to see you ingame soon!
  3. Cnk

    granted, but you will now have super excessive urination! I wish I had friends!
  4. Cnk

    not bad man lucky on the emperor!
  5. Cnk

    very nice my friend! keep up the grind!
  6. Cnk

    wow this is awesome very impressive! KEEP IT UP
  7. Cnk

    I dig it man!
  8. I love that this server has this lol, introducing new players and stuff this is awesome!
  9. Cnk

    Cnk Thanks for the giveaways bud!
  10. Cnk

    thanks buddy! and I cant wait for my kid
  11. if I could change a few things I would, REVAMP the squeal spin rewards and add it so you get + 2 spins per day, and I would also adjust the drop rate some, needs some work